Tattoos and Mayhem

Raise your hand if you like a tattooed god! Now don’t be shy. Even if you’re a conservative person, many of you probably like to ogle the art on a fine man’s body. Mmm-mmm.

My latest release HEART TIES book 2 of the Club Ties series is all about the rougher brand of men–the guys who live on the edge while remaining true to their real passions in life–riding fast, living to the fullest and loving hard.


The MC–or motorcycle club–got popular in the 1950s when certain clubs didn’t want to be under the umbrella of The American Motorcyclist Association. They bucked authority and were considered outlaws–above the law. Now only a handful of clubs are considered outlaws–or 1%ers. Many biker clubs participate in charity fundraisers and raise money by taking rides for cures such as cancer or childhood diseases.


Now don’t these guys look more deee-lishhhh-usss?


I’m giving away a photograph of Jax from Sons of Anarchy! Signed by…drumroll…Charlie Hunnam! Enter rafflecopter here.

AND I’m giving away a signed poster of gorgeous, hunky country boy model Gary Taylor if you sign my guest book.




That about sums it up! Now who’s ready for a taste of Drake?



The only thing keeping Ex-Marine Drake from drinking himself into an early grave is his love of leather, horsepower, and his motorcycle club. Battling to adapt to a world where he isn’t blowing everything up, he roams the highways to keep his mind off his past. But after a mission to kidnap the curvy, tattooed goddess, Delta, he finds avoiding the bottle a little easier. Especially since he can only dream of finding solace against her silky body.

Delta would do anything to escape a life where pain and fear control her. She’s lived as a slave and outsider since she could walk. When a scary biker clan storms into her life and introduces her to her long-lost sister, she’s shocked to find warmth and comfort. While Delta knows better than to hope for a life she can’t have, Drake refuses to let her slip back into the hell she knows.

Plunged into a world of gambling, guns, and drugs isn’t her idea of paradise, but hunky Drake makes her pulse pound. Is it too much to believe that Drake can save her from her torment? And what can she do about extinguishing that burning, haunted look in his eyes?



“Drake, you can’t be here. If they find you, they’ll kill you.”

“I’m aware. But you know what they say about me?”

Her hair fell around them, shutting out the night and the rest of the world. She shook her head.

If he lived to be a thousand, he’d remember the silkiness of her hair against his cheek. His throat tightened. “They say I have nine lives.”


“But I only have two left.”


For some reason he found her cuss funny. His chest vibrated, and he narrowly clamped off the sound. She hovered over him, and even in the dimness he made out her confusion. Finally the corners of her lips twitched up.

He sobered. “You’re coming with me.”

“I don’t have nine lives.”

“I’ll protect you.”






Thanks for stopping by!

Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~



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