Please allow me to introduce myself

Alice-0943-LR-ColorHello, my name is Alice Gaines, and I write smut. Moreover, I’m a white-haired old lady who writes smut.  Not what people normally expect.  I started writing smut in 1990 and was published In the first volume of Secrets from Red Sage in 1995. That was the first volume of erotic romance ever published.


Here’s what it looked like at the time.  secrets


A pretty far cry from Secrets volume 31.

secreys 31






I’m not only a white-haired old lady, I’m a church-going old lady.  Definitely not what people expect.   I never tell people what to believe, but I do talk about my church all the time because I love it. Everyone in my church knows what I write.  They even know about  The Adventures of Wonderslut (more on that later). In fact, here I am with my friend, Amber Belldene, giving a talk at my church called “God and Sex.” It was very well received.



I’ve written just about everything–historical, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, shapeshifters, humor, short stories, novellas, full-length books. I write whatever strikes my fancy. One day, I decided men who could shift into motorcycles would be neat, so I wrote some of those.DriventoJustice125






sinful wagerAnother time, I set a story in hell, which was a casino where the clients always won and the prize was sex.  Lucifer was the sexy hero.






Lately, my fantasies have roamed to an exclusive club where women can have exactly what they want from the men who work there. Those stories were released by Avon Impulse in September.TotalAbandon






Alice Gaines_Kiss Frog_500x750Next year, I plan to move more into self-publishing. I have a series of books set In a lovely Eastern European country I made up. Each hero is a Prince of Danislova, and each becomes Prince Charming for an American woman. They’ll be out in January, February, and March.

I look forward to discussing books and writing with you in the coming months. I have my own blog where I post announcements at Every Friday, I post an erotic excerpt at On the fourth Friday of the month, I post a new installment of The Adventures of Wonderslut, Avenger of the Non-Orgasmic. I’m on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter as AliceGaines. Say hi the next time you see me.

My e-mail is Drop me a line, and I’ll add you to my e-mail list. There will be giveaways. (Did I mention I knit?)



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4 thoughts on “Please allow me to introduce myself

  1. Jasmine Haynes

    Welcome to the group, Alice! I love your books!


  2. suzlyne

    Nice to meet you! I had the first Secrets book. After loaning it to a friend I never got it back. LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Alice! Welcome to 69! I loved your post. I really enjoy your stories and I look forward to reading Kiss the Frog. 🙂


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