Halloween is Hotter in Deadwood! Get Randi Alexander’s All Flash No Cash only $.99

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Here’s the book blurb for All Flash No Cash: When bar owner CJ Overton hires Pete Gonally to paint a motorcycle for a charity giveaway, she expects him to do it her way. After all, he’s a small-time rancher, and graphic arts is just his hobby. But Pete comes back with his own ideas, and sparks fly as tension builds between them. The only way to relieve the pressure is one hot night in her bed. Just one. But Pete wants more.

Pete lets CJ think he’s just a farm boy, but working on the oil field for years, he’s accumulated a small fortune. CJ’s dream future includes selling the bar, leaving Deadwood, and traveling the world. Attaching herself to a hayseed like Pete would only ruin her chances. How can Pete convince CJ that falling for a “dirt-poor farmer” will make her happier than anything she’d ever find outside of her small town of Deadwood, South Dakota?


And here’s a sexy excerpt for you!

“Fucking…” Pete murmured the word against her mouth, his hand on her wrist twisted her arm behind her, tugging her flat against him. Opening his mouth, he lashed his tongue between CJ’s lips, past her teeth, and deep into her mouth, rolling her tongue with his.

Against her belly, his hard erection pressed hot through his jeans.

His kiss turned frantic. He found every crevice of her mouth and tasted it, he sucked her tongue into his mouth and bit it lightly.

Her stomach jittered as heat flooded her down low, tightening her insides, swelling and pulsing in her pussy lips, juicing slick and dangerous between her thighs.

His free hand grabbed her breast, palming it roughly, pinching her nipple between his finger and thumb.

With a cry, her head dropped back, breaking the riotous kiss, breaking any willpower she had left for resisting this dirt farmer. “Show me, Pete. Take me now.”

His growl shook along his entire body, transferring to hers in sweet, naughty chills. Releasing her, he tore open her blouse, buttons popping and skittering along the floor. Then her bra, rended in half with one tug, and her breasts chilled in the cool air.

When she looked at him, everything heated again. He stared at her breasts, his eyes dark, his breathing fast, and his body stiff. “You sure now, CJ?”

“Yeah, I’m fucking sure.” She grabbed his hair and pulled his mouth to her nipple.

He immediately fastened his lips around it and suckled, bending her back over his arm.

Letting go, she closed her eyes and just felt. Nips and bites, laps and sucks, that sent bursts of desire flooding her bloodstream.

Suddenly, her feet weren’t on the ground, he sat her on the dining room table and stepped back. With one tug, he popped all the snaps on his shirt and tore it off.

CJ wanted to reach out, touch the light furring of blond hair on his strong pecs, grip those big biceps and play in the crevices of his ab muscles. She reached for his belt and he stepped closer, pushing her legs wider, tightening the denim of her skirt close to ripping.

“Go ahead, boss lady. Do what you want.” His words came out almost nasty.

A quick gaze at his face showed CJ he was watching her hands. Maybe she’d misinterpreted his tone. But did she care? Right now, she wanted into his pants. She unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped, then shoved his jeans down.

His cock pressed tight to his red briefs, and he tugged them down, too, releasing a beautiful hard-on, eight inches of thick, pulsing, creaming delight.

Stroking a finger over his slit, she stared into his eyes. When she sucked her finger, his whole body vibrated. “Mmmm.”

“You’ll get your chance at a taste. Right now, fast and rough, me inside you.” Pete tugged the hem of her skirt up as he pushed her backward.


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2 thoughts on “Halloween is Hotter in Deadwood! Get Randi Alexander’s All Flash No Cash only $.99

  1. If you haven’t read this one or if you haven’t gotten it your a day late and a dollar short(as my grandmother used to say)…it’s fantastic!!!


  2. Thank you for the excerpt and all the links, Randi!


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