Coming Soon! Bound to Submit

Halloween is fast approaching, the perfect time to re-release what had once been a Halloween Quickie. I always thought I would like to do more with this couple and after I got the rights back to the short novella, I revised and expanded it, doubling the length. And since it had originally been part of a special call, it didn’t get it’s own cover the first time around. It has one now! I love this cover by the talented Lacey Savage.


Mason’s dark good looks and dominating personality stirred up Kelly’s forbidden fantasies, frightening her so much that she broke up with him.  When she agrees to help out at the community haunted house, she never expects to be tied to a bed, playing damsel in distress to Mason’s masked, whip-wielding villain.

Mason knows Kelly is fighting her sexual needs and he hopes that a few hours of playing out her fantasies with him will prove it to her. Bound and under his control, she can’t run away from him this time.  

Previously published as Nothing to Fear, but has been significantly revised and expanded.


His hot gaze ran over her and her breath caught in her throat. Oh God, it was like all her sick little fantasies coming true. Of course, she knew this wasn’t real. Mason wasn’t going to ravage her body while she was tied to that bed, but her panties got wet just thinking about it. Her breath came in short pants, her mouth suddenly dry.

She ran her tongue over her lips to moisten them, but when she noticed Mason watching her, she clamped them together. Oh, she was so in over her head here. How had she let this happen?

“I’ve missed you, baby.” His words were soft and sincere. Tears prickled her eyes. She’d never seen Mason look so vulnerable. He’d always been the strong, confident…Dom?

Yeah, she’d done the research. Read the books and surfed the ‘net after their breakup. Those BDSM things might have pushed his buttons, but that stuff wasn’t for her. Couldn’t be for her.

“I’ve missed you too,” she admitted, because no matter what, he deserved that much of the truth. “But that doesn’t mean anything about this is right.”

“We’re just playing.” He was still holding onto her upper arm and led her over to the bed. “We’re acting out in a haunted house. It doesn’t have to be any more than that if you don’t want it to be.”

She backed up against the high mattress. “I don’t know.” She didn’t want to admit that the BDSM stuff had pushed her buttons too.

“It’s too late to change your mind now.” He ran the rope along her bare arm and she shivered. “But then you like to run away from things that make you uncomfortable, don’t you.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Mason, please. I don’t want to get into this now.”

“You’re right, we don’t have time. Get on the bed.”

If all goes well, Bound to Submit should be available early next week. You can check with your favorite ebook vendor, or sign up for my mailing list to be notified when it’s released. I love being able to give some of my older stories new life!


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