THE COTTAGE NEXT DOOR Releases Sept 16th!

I’m so excited for the release of The Cottage Next Door, my second-chance-at-love beach romance. No, it’s not an erotic romance but it’s sexy and emotional and the hero and heroine definitely get it on! I hope you’ll want to give it a try.



It’s tough to grasp a second chance at love when you’re holding on to the past.

After his wife died in a car accident, bestselling author Hunter McCaffrey stopped writing—and stopped living. He’s rented a beachfront cottage to try to get his head on straight, and start the long climb up from his pit of despair.

Instead of pounding out a first draft, though, he runs the beach, drinks away his pain, and tries to ignore the vibrant woman in the cottage tucked next to his.

Still floundering months after the loss of her adventure-junkie husband, Sylvie Chase hopes some beach relaxation will help her decide what to do with the rest of her life. Instead she’s wondering what to do about her unexpected attraction to Hunter, who makes her body long for the feel of his arms around her.

As Sylvie drags Hunter back to the land of the living, soon they’re agreeing to a short fling. Just to get past their sorrow, not because it means anything. But when emotions get in the way, it’s a struggle to leave the past behind and dare to love again.


Hunter ran his lips along her jaw and over her throat. “Your skin is so soft,” he murmured. His hands rested on her hips, heavy and warm, but he didn’t move them over her body. His lips were all that were moving. He didn’t slip his fingers beneath her shirt to feel her bare skin. He didn’t slide a palm up to cup her breast. She ached with the longing for him to do just that. Her breasts felt heavy. Her nipples prickled.

He wasn’t rushing her. Sylvie supposed she should be grateful for his consideration, but she’d wanted this for days. Nights. She grabbed his arms, right below the edge of the short sleeves. The hard, warm skin nearly burned her hands. She curled her fingers into his flesh, holding on tight when her knees began to tremble.

God, she needed this so badly. To feel like a desirable woman again. To slake this need with a hot, hard man.

She whimpered and tipped her head to the side to give his mouth better access to the sensitive crook of her neck.

“Easy,” he murmured. Then—finally—he slid his hands beneath the hem of her shirt. He settled one large hand in the small of her back and let the other skim her ribs until his fingers found her breast. He squeezed her through the bra. “You have pretty nipples,” he told her. “I couldn’t help but notice earlier.”

She groaned, felt her face grow warm. “I was so embarrassed when I remembered I was wearing that nightshirt.”

“I’m not complaining.” He withdrew his hands from beneath her shirt and she was disappointed for a moment until he grabbed the hem. “I’d love to get a better look.”

“Okay.” Sylvie raised her arms and Hunter stripped the shirt from her body.

His eyes flashed. “Take off the bra.”

She reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. She let it drop to the floor, not taking her eyes off the appreciative look on his face. Her heart pounded. “I’m not very big.” She’d never had much on top.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered.

The awestruck tone in his voice made her actually believe it.

He stepped close and cupped her breasts. Shivers of delight spread over her skin. “A perfect handful.”

She swallowed. “Your turn.”

He grinned and pulled his shirt off. Now she could appreciate the male body in front of her. He wasn’t as hard and lean as Matt had been, but Hunter was definitely trim and obviously in good shape.

She caught Hunter’s face in her hands and pulled him in for a deep kiss. His lips were firm, and he wasn’t shy about using his tongue to drive her crazy with need. It was almost enough to push Matt completely out of her mind. She didn’t want to think about him when she was getting naked with another man.

Sylvie grabbed Hunter’s hand and drew him into the bedroom. The sheets were still rumpled from her restless night. They silently undressed the rest of the way, their heavy breathing the only sound besides the roar of the ocean. Both primitive sounds, as old as man.

Hunter took her hand and led her over to the bed. The room was so small the double bed had to be pushed against the far wall to make room for a dresser. He stretched out beside her and let his hands and mouth roam over her body. She did the same, learning him by touch, by taste. They slid closer together. Her nipples brushed his chest. His erection rested heavy on her hip. Her sex tingled and softened, readying her body for him to take her. To fill her. To ease this ache inside.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her body flush against his. Incredible sensations ran over her body, so many she was overwhelmed. It had been so long.

He slid his hand between them. One finger, then two slipped easily into her slick center.

“Hunter,” she cried, arching her body into him. “Yes. God, yes.”

Hunter froze. “Shit.”

Sylvie stared up at him, her eyes passion-glazed, her confusion clear.

“Condoms,” he groaned. “I don’t have any condoms. Do you?” Hunter had thought he might drink himself to death while he was here, but he’d never expected to have sex again.

You can pre-order The Cottage Next Door now and have it show up on your e-reader Tuesday morning!

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I hope you enjoy Hunter and Sylvie’s story as much as I do.


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