Love Is…

I’m thrilled to tell you about Love Is… a 40 author short story charity anthology – the proceeds will benefit Reach Out and Read, which promotes literacy for families and children. I’m so excited to be part of this project. The reviews have been outstanding and I’m proud to be associated with such a fine group of authors.

Love is… has a Facebook page here.

And you can check out the reviews on the Love is… Goodreads page here.

There are a variety of sub-genres included in this anthology, as well as varying heat levels. Each story is labeled with its heat level 1-5, so you can choose hot or sweet or anywhere in between. My contribution is a contemporary romance in my Her Royal Romance world. The story can be enjoyed without reading the first two books, Her Royal Masquerade and Her Royal Bodyguard, but they are available if you’d like to catch up on the characters.

Her Royal Rendezvous
Heat rating: 3

Love is…
reunited lovers risking their hearts for a second chance.

Two years ago, Liliana Gullotti broke off her engagement to Tony Barone, head of royal security, because his job took over his life and left no time for her. But when she sees him at the prince’s wedding reception, she knows she’s never gotten over him. And she agrees to meet him at their old rendezvous spot one last time.

Tony never stopped loving Lil, but has honored her request to stay away from her. But once she approaches him at her cousin’s wedding, all bets are off. He’ll do whatever he can to show the sexy physician she means the world to him. And that a single rendezvous will never be enough.


She stepped out of the puddle of fabric and turned to face him, wearing only silky red panties and those heels that hurt her feet. Her dark eyes were wide and blazed with desire as she looked up at him. Her red lipstick was smudged and he wondered if he was wearing the remnants on his mouth. The thought made him smile. He never thought he’d be smearing Lil’s lipstick again.

“What?” she asked. “Why are you smiling?”

“Can’t I be happy that you’re here?”

She lowered her gaze, then lifted it again and returned his smile. “Sure. I’m happy I’m here too.” She shifted on her feet. Either he was making her uncomfortable or her shoes were.

Tony swept her up in his arms and carried her over to his bed. “Let’s get rid of these heels,” he said. He set her on the edge of the mattress and knelt in front of her. She was so short her feet didn’t come close to hitting the floor. He slipped off one shoe and then the other, tossing them somewhere behind him.

He lifted her foot to his lips and kissed her toes, the ball of her foot, the tender instep, and then went higher, sweeping his mouth along her ankle and up the calf. She was so soft. And as he licked his way up her thigh she became even softer.

The scent of her arousal grew stronger as he neared the juncture of her thighs. Lil had spread her legs wide of her own accord. A quick glance showed him that she rested back on her elbows, gazing down on him with a smile.

“Hey, handsome.” She lifted one leg and draped it over his shoulder.

Her panties were darker between her legs. He skimmed a finger down the damp center and she rocked her hips and cried out his name. Tony smiled and slipped his finger underneath the elastic. Oh yeah, she was slick and ready for him. But first he had to taste her again.

“Raise your hips, Lil.” He slipped her panties off and tossed them on top of the rumpled dress on the floor beside him. He lifted her ankles and rested her feet on his shoulders. She was still looking at him and he caught her gaze and gave her a wink. Then he swept his tongue along the length of her crease, tasting her cream and pleasing her the way he’d always loved to do. He dove in, licking and sucking the slick flesh.

“Yes. More. Just like that!”
Lil had always been vocal during sex. Tony had never had to wonder if she liked what he was doing. He gripped her hips and focused on her clit, swirling his tongue in tighter and tighter circles around that tiny bundle of nerves.

He’d missed the way she thrashed on the mattress. Missed the way his name echoed off the walls. And when he lightly scraped his teeth along her clit, he remembered how much he’d missed watching her come apart under him.

Love Is… is available now:
All Romance ebooks

Love is… is only 99 cents for over 300,000 words! And the money goes to promote literacy! How can you lose?

Love is… – available now!
The Cottage Next Door – coming Sept 16th

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2 thoughts on “Love Is…

  1. A wonderful charity. The book sounds wonderful. I will get it and have a blast with it!!!! Thank you!!!


  2. natashamoore

    Thanks, Elaine! Enjoy 🙂


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