A Little This and That

I tell ya, I’ve been busy. I forgot how much attention little people require and I haven’t sat down for any length of time. Ya know what? I’m lovin it! Do I miss my solitude and trying to find more than just writing to fill my days. yeah, but spending time with my nephew and my new “adopted” children has been a lot of fun.

We made a whole family.

The house comes alive with laughter and chatter. Don’t get me wrong teenagers do the same thing, but it’s not the same as having the patter of little feet and the so and so won’t let me watch cartoons or play the game or whatever the issue is at the moment. My nephew goes home in a couple of days and though I’m not the arts and craftsy type I tried for him. And I seem to be staying up later as well. Still get up at the same time in the morning, but ten eleven o’clock at night seems to be the norm for going to bed now.

Oh and I haven’t forgotten about the work stuff either. Breaking Delia’s Rules is now available at Sugar and Spice Press as well as Amazon. And I have a release date for Sex, Lies and Joysticks a sexy ménage from Loose Id. August 19, 2014. No cover yet, but as soon as I see it, I’ll post it on my Facebook page and everywhere else I can.

Did I say Breaking Delia’s Rules was out? If you haven’t read it check out and if you have read, buy a copy for a friend and let them know it’s a good. 🙂

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires.


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