Edits, Edits and More Edits

Oh my when it rains it pours. I received edits for Love’s Submission last week and have only worked my way through the first chapter and a half. Then last night I received edits for Sex, Lies and Joysticks. I glanced over the first chapter and the edits weren’t too bad, but there are several more chapters I haven’t looked at yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like edits because of the end result. A better book. The process not so much. As a writer I’ve spent so much time crafting certain scenes and pouring my heart into it that when an editors asks for more, deeper point of view to give the story more emotion or perspective or whatever it’s lacking at the moment, it’s a challenge. If that editor asks to cut the scene *gasp sob* my whole world comes crashing down and it’s a valid reason and will make the story stronger, well I go ahead and hit that delete button.

Editing is always about digging deeper about finding just that little bit more that will allow readers to better connect with the characters. As I go through this first round of edits for Love’s Submission and  Sex, Lies and Joysticks I hope to add greater depth to them. Even if you’ve never experienced their exact situation maybe the emotions they go through will knit them closer in your heart.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires

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