Tomorrow is the official release day for all the RED HOT AND BOOMS – but mine and Ryan’s is out there in all of its spectacular red hot sexy glory


Lacy spends her time planning events at a country club. Her latest and greatest project is the big Fourth of July celebration. Fireworks lighting up the sky – Red Hot and Boom! She loves the excitement and the spectacular display of sparkles and heat gives her a thrill. The only problem is… Lacy has never had any fireworks of her own. Despite having to listen to her friends tell of their sexual escapades, she has never experienced the big ‘O’. According to the only man she’s ever given herself to, Lacy is frigid. Is something wrong with her or has she just not met the right man for the job

Jake is the manager of the golf course at the country club. He’s designing and overseeing a building project and the sight of him shirtless and sweating and flexing…has given Lacy ideas. Jake has a certain reputation of being able to handle almost any task he’s given. Rumors of his sexual prowess are legendary. Now, every time Lacy sees him working with his hands, doing some heavy lifting, his body gleaming with the sheen of exertion – she begins to hope that Jake can give her what no one else ever has. 

IF – she can just figure out how to ask him. But what Lacy doesn’t know is that Jake has ideas of his own. His outlook on love and life has been molded by the mistakes of his family. He doesn’t think true love exists, there’s just sex. Until he meets Lacy. This Fourth of July celebration proves to have more explosions in store than those in the sky, for Jake sets out to prove that he can give Lacy exactly what she needs. In fact, Jake intends to show Lacy that what she needs – is him. 

Break out the fireworks and get ready to kick off your summer with this HOT new collection of Stories. Come With Me is part of the Red Hot and Boom! multi-author series. 

Here’s an hot excerpt – and I’ll give 3 away to a lucky random commenter – it’s just 99 cents for a limited amount of time and will be available on all venues. – All my books have went to itunes and such lately – i’m branching out. But thank you to all of my supporters – my sales have been better in the last month than ever before. 

Sable – your friendship means the world to me


“Hey.” Jake picked her up and swung her around the room. “I have my priorities straight.”

“I can feel something else that’s straight—and hard.” She ran her hand down between them and fondled his hard as steel erection.

“Find something you want?” He growled as he pushed himself helplessly into her palm.

She leaned over and nipped him on the neck. “I found something I need.”

“Oh! I see!” Jake whooped. “I’ve created a monster.”

He set her on her feet and they began tearing at one another’s clothes. It was as if Lacy was trying to make up for lost time and he was more than happy to enable her in this quest. Hands, lips, tongues, they feverishly caressed and kissed as they shed the last few pieces of clothing and stood before one another for the first time—naked. There was no fault in her, none. “My God, you’re perfect!” Jake ran his hands down her body, learning and memorizing every delectable curve.

“I don’t even know what to do with you,” Lacy confessed as she allowed her palms to trace his pecs, his abs, then down to cup his cock and balls.

“Love me,” he said before he realized it. “Make love with me.” Jake realized at that moment, he’d never said those words to a woman before.

Lacy actually whimpered, stood up on her tiptoes and launched herself into his arms. “I want that too.”

He caught her to him, then walked her backward until she was pressed against the door. “This is going to be fast. I’m too far gone. You drive me crazy.”

Lifting her leg, he stepped between them and rubbed his cock head into the moist heat of her vagina, much as she had their first time together. But this time, he was in charge. And he liked it that way. Over and over again, he dragged the wide sensitive head of his dick up and down her slit, rubbing against her pussy lips, coating himself with cream, bumping and humping against her clit until she was mindless for him. Then he picked up her other leg, both of them draped over his forearms and he nailed her to the wall.

Lacy’s gasp of complete pleasure echoed in the room. She was hot, wet, unbelievably tight and he couldn’t slow down. He rammed into her over and over again. Sex had never been this good. Angling his head so he could latch on to a nipple, Jake suckled at her breast while he pumped his hips, thrusting in and out, over and over until they were both right there. “Come with me, baby. Come with me.” Feeling her flutter around his cock as she came was the best feeling in the whole world. One he wanted to experience again and again.

Lacy dug her fingernails into his back. She felt wild and hungry. God, how had she lived without this so long? It felt so good. He felt so good. “Jake, I’m coming!” She cried as she shattered in his arms.

“I’ve got you, baby. I’ve got you,” he groaned into the side of her neck as he gave himself over to the most mindless pleasure imaginable.

That night, they slept better than they ever had before. Lacy woke up before Jake and just basked in the feeling of being close to someone. His body was so big and strong, she could just curl herself around him, fitting her body to his. For a few moments, she just luxuriated in the reality of him. She had her head on his shoulder and one arm wrapped around his waist. His leg was bent and fit in between both of hers as she lay on her side facing him. In fact, her pussy was open and kissing the hard muscle of Jake’s thigh and it occurred to her that all she’d have to do would be to move ever so slightly and it would feel so good. Just the thought of it made her wet. Running a hand across his chest, she wished he’d wake up. The sun was rising and there was a little light filtering into the room between the curtains. As her eyes adjusted to the breaking dawn, she saw that there were parts of Jake that were alert and at attention. Biting her lower lip, to contain a giggle, she saw that he was hugely erect, hard and tenting the sheet. “Good morning,” Lacy whispered.

Dare she?

Never before had she been privileged to have someone in her bed, in her arms, at her whim and pleasure. All of those romance novels she’d read and all of the research she’d done to learn more about sex came pouring back and she couldn’t resist. Kissing his shoulder, ever so lightly, Lacy slid her hand under the sheet until she could wrap her hand around his cock. Just the feel of it in her hands made her excited. Would he mind?

Ah well, she couldn’t ask permission without waking him up…so…

Jake laid there and tried to be still. He really tried. Opening his eyes to the narrowest of slits, he marveled as Lacy began to pleasure herself, and him at the same time. With the cutest, sweetest little grunts, she flexed her hips and rubbed her pussy on his leg. At the same time, and not with the smoothest rhythm, she began to jack him off. Jake continued to let her think he was asleep, the only move he made was to push his head back into his pillow and curl his toes. His thighs involuntarily stiffened because the pleasure was un-fuckin’-believable. Jake had to steel himself to not capture her mouth, flip her over and bury himself balls deep in her tight little pussy.

Lacy’s eyes were crossing. She had this tremendous urge to bite him. Ah, what the hell, it was time for him to get up anyway.

When Jake felt her little teeth sink into him below his collar bone, he lost it. He simply lost it. “Morning, sunshine.” He smiled, grasped her by the waist, rolled her over and entered her, all in one fell swoop.

“Jake. My, God!”

“Just Jake will do,” he muttered as he captured her mouth, crashing their lips together. Rising over her, he began to fuck her. There was no other word for it. There would be plenty of times he’d make love to her, he had big plans, but right now he needed to fuck. The little wild cat had set things into motion, things that she was gonna just have to deal with. You don’t poke the bear unless you want to get bit, and this bear was ready to devour her.

A ferocious satisfaction took hold of him and he began to move inside of her, claiming, mastering, pummeling her body with stroke after stroke. She loved it, he could tell, because she clenched him tight with her internal muscles, her body raining its approval all over his cock. A delicious tension seized him as he pushed into her, pulled out, his body caught up in a primal rhythm. Sliding his hands under her ass, he raised her up, angling her body to receive him even deeper. “God, this is so good, so good,” he gritted the words out through his teeth.

Lacy lay beneath him, completely dominated, completely controlled. And there was nowhere else she’d rather be. “Jake, you’re so good, so big. I love how your cock moves inside of me.” She just wanted him to know how he made her feel.

When Jake heard her words, he lost it completely, hammering into her. Lacy was so primed, so excited, so intent on Jake that she let her hands rove over him, rubbing, caressing, letting her nails score his skin. Her lips weren’t still either. She kissed his mouth, sucking on his neck before finally giving in to her erotic curiosity and licking his nipple which was right in front of her face.

When Jake felt her soft little tongue, he went wild, thrusting and bucking, fucking her so hard the top of her head hit the bedstead. Automatically, he placed his hand between her and the head of the bed to protect her, but he didn’t let up, he couldn’t. And when she shimmered in his arms, clutching his shoulders, burying her face in his neck, he spilled himself inside of her, shaking with the most powerful orgasm of his life.

Jake held himself over Lacy, remaining inside of her, kissing her lazily. “I’m glad we got all this worked out.”

“You’re so romantic.” She was teasing. Honestly, she was just thankful to be in his arms.

“I could be, if I had the sufficient motivation.” He teased back, but in his head, he was already thinking of ways he could charm her. From what little he knew of her past, romance hadn’t played a big part. Maybe it was time for that to change. They had a lot to talk about. He suddenly wanted to know everything about her he could. Which, Jake had to admit, was not like him at all.

“What kind of motivation would that be?” Lacy couldn’t think of anything she didn’t want to do with him or for him.

Cuddling her close, he sighed. “I think I’d do just about anything for one of your smiles.”

Lacy felt all the breath rush from her lungs. Face it, she’d just fallen in love with Jake Knight.




Thank you, SABLE

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  1. Thanks for the excerpt! I thought I’d picked up / pre-ordered all the Red Hot & Boom books yesterday during the ARe rebate sale, but I missed this one. Is there a list somewhere of all the titles?


  2. not yet, there will be tomorrow – but you can try the RED HOT AND BOOM readers site


  3. Annie B

    Oh boy! I just got my copy. Sounds hot and deliciously sexy.


  4. maria cantu

    I can’t wait to read this onw. Love all your books. Thanks.


  5. OMG…..I will be up at midnight just hoping it goes live that early!!!!! Y’all did it again!!!!! Awesome and so hot!!!!!! Loved the excerpt!!!!!


  6. Cinzia

    Holy cow! So hot! Thanks for the excerpt Sable!


  7. Danielle Elliott

    I can’t wait to read this! I love all your books 🙂


  8. Lisa Barker

    I can’t wait to read this! Loved the excerpt!!! 🙂


  9. Tracie

    Hot hot hot..can’t wait to read!


  10. melissa

    Love all of your books. Can’t wait to read this one!


  11. Gail S

    I just purchased your book! 😀


  12. Stephanie O.

    Wow!! Loved the exerpt of Come with Me…oh so hot!!


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