Slow Monday

Hello dear friends! I had a little shock when I sat down this morning and found it was Monday the 19th–my day to blog! I look a little like this…




Although I’ve already done about 12 things to prep 4 kids for school, my mind is elsewhere. Know why? Today I’m taking Daisy to the groomer, which means drive time. For me, driving is a religion. It is a way to refresh my soul, and more than one storyline has come from burning up the miles. I drive a black SUV (sounds more glamorous than it is, believe me). But this is what I’d rather drive.




or this



Yes, I’m serious! My dream is to drive cross-country, meandering through small town America and talking to people. You know, normal people. Ones I’d find in the coffee shop on Monday morning. The cashier at the deli. The new mom sitting on a park bench. And of course, this guy.

A muscular man in a cowboy hat


I just know he’s out there on the plains somewhere, driving around and looking for a country girl. I just might puncture a tire and see where it leads!

Do you love to drive? I’d love to hear from you! One lucky commenter will win a $5 GC to Amazon or Barnes and Noble! Read a little from my upcoming June 10 release PUSHIN’ BUTTONS!

PushinButtons72lg (2)


The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 1

Sexual dysfunction. The words make Sybill cringe, but after one too many failed relationships, she has to face reality. Her O-button is broken, big time. Sick of sitting on the sexual sidelines, she books a week at Boot Knockers Ranch. If a passel of rugged cowboys vying to bring her bliss can’t get her off, nothing will.

Hugh had planned to sit out this week’s rotation of sexual therapy, but when he spots sultry Sybill, he pulls rank. His bone-deep urge to possess her isn’t enough to coax elusive orgasms out of her body, though. And his resolve to give the lady whatever she needs wavers when she shyly makes a mind-blowing request.

Riggs stepped aside when Hugh muscled in to claim Sybill, but he jumps at the chance to fulfill her ultimate fantasy—a threesome. But once they come together, all barriers are stripped away, exposing his love for the one man—and woman—he’d break every last rule to make his own.

Warning: This ain’t your daddy’s ranch. Contains cowboys administering sexual therapy to frustrated ladies—and each other. Fresh batteries recommended. You’re gonna need ’em!


“Remember, cowboys. Keep your hands in your laps and your peckers in your pants. At least until it’s time to play your part.” Hugh paced down the line of twenty cowboys and dropped a file in each man’s hands.

The manila folders held a profile sheet containing a different woman’s photo, personal information and everything that man needed to know to rock the lady’s world, Boot Knockers style.

Hugh stopped in front of Riggs Archer, his best friend and the only guy not to follow protocol in the past. “Keep your—”

Riggs tugged the brim of his hat lower to avoid Hugh’s gaze. “I know, I know. Hands in my lap. No pushing the button until my lady comes up.”

“And keep your—”

Riggs shot him a glare. “Pecker. In. Pants.”

“Thass right, Archer.” Hugh grinned and nudged his friend’s hat with his knuckles, shoving it back enough to see the smoldering sparks in Riggs’s dark eyes.

Hugh’s stomach clenched and he passed Riggs his folder to cover his reaction.

Once the information was all distributed, Hugh watched the guys flip through the paperwork. The twenty women were hand-selected by the female production manager, Isabel. She was great at matching the men’s sexual strengths to the women’s needs.

A virgin needing deflowered? Jack was her man. He’d singlehandedly popped over thirty cherries in the four years they’d been running the Boot Knockers Ranch.

Ty excelled at treating women with body dysmorphic disorder. The women who spent a week under his care—and under his muscled body—left with the confidence of a supermodel.

And Hugh…well, he wasn’t playing this hand. Twenty women. Twenty men. He only filled in when necessary. His balls clenched at the idea of a celibate week, but he could tough it out. Maybe some lady would get kinky and ask for a voyeur.

“They’re lined up backstage,” Isabel whispered, and he gave a nod of recognition.

“You heard her, boys. Get to your seats. Fight over them a little. The show’s only for the ladies, but give ’em a good one. Make them feel special, because they are.” Hugh waved his fellow Boot Knockers toward the front of the auditorium. In three minutes, the lights would dim. In five, the first woman would walk onto the stage.


Thanks for reading!


PUSHIN’ BUTTONS releases June 10, 2014. Preorder here.

Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~


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17 thoughts on “Slow Monday

  1. maria hall

    i love to drive just do not get to do a lot of just driving anymore,i miss that when we where young to picked a direction and went to see what we would find always loved those weekends


  2. nope….have had too many surgeries on my stomach and wearing a seatbelt for any length of time hurts (seatbelts are compulsory in my country)


  3. Stacy Wilson

    Oh. My. Goodness! Want!!!

    Driving…..does having your then 5 y/o say…mommy’s not speeding she’s qualifying count?? LOL! I drove most of the way from Massachusetts to Georgia. In some cases it was fun. Others not so much. It was one loooong trip.

    Last summer, hubs and I drove the kids to Disney. That was a fun drive. Seeing all the different sights. Looking forward to this July’s trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, to Great Wolf Lodge. Indoor water park. Not far for you to drive to after school ends!!

    Driving can be very cathartic. Until I hit traffic. Sometimes I can deal. Other times, Rob Zombie goes in the cd player. 😛

    Stacy Wilson
    dragn_lady@yahoo dot com


  4. Vickie Hawkins

    I love taking long drives with no particular place in mind to get to and special time to be there by.


  5. I love driving! When I was little we didn’t have a lot of money to do stuff but grandpa owned a gas station so we always had gas in the car. We would pile in and just drive around the countryside. Loved it! Then when my parents jobs were better, mom, me and my brother would pick a destination for vacation then just drive with no set plan on how to get there. I read the map and mom drove. If hubby would travel I’d do it every vacation. He doesn’t. Darn it! LOL!


  6. C.V. Madison

    I love to drive now that I’m older. When I was sixteen and had just gotten my license, I hated to drive. I was afraid everywhere I went that I’d kill someone or ruin the junker I drove. Then when the job market dried up in my hometown, I would drive two hours south for work. Two hours down, two hours back. I had a friend I stayed with for the three or four days I worked in the week and spent the rest of the week at home. Two hours down, two hours back. And all four of those hours let me have conversations with my characters, plot out storylines, listen to really loud music and dance like a moron while cruising down the highway…

    I miss the driving, but I really don’t miss all the time I lost in the commute.


  7. I have always loved to drive, out on the highway and country roads, but I hate driving to work in the city!! It turns me into a raging lunatic. Someday I would love to take off and just drive more often.


  8. wrongwaymichelle

    One of my best memories was driving from Texas to Ohio by myself to visit a dear friend. It was my first trip alone and I loved it! When my children were younger, I drove all over for sports, Scouts and school events since I had a big van at the time. That was fun too but being alone was fabulous!


  9. Trix

    I’m not much of a driver…the California traffic and highways make me pretty jangly! It might be different if I were out in the country.


  10. Layna

    Don’t feel bad. I missed my day last month and didn’t realize it until a week later. O_o

    That’s one hot snippet girl. Looking forward to reading this one!

    I love driving, but not long distances (I get motion sickness beyond one hour of driving–weird, I know). I’m the only driver in our family too, which really sucks.


  11. June M.

    I don’t like to drive. For me it is a necessary evil but if I am in a car too long, either driving myself or riding with someone else, my back and hip hurt way too much 😦


  12. Nancy Hall

    Can’t think of anything better to do on a warm sunny day than to go explore the back country roads and see where the next turn takes me…just like one of your books and my big chair on a good reading day😊


  13. Can’t wait for this story, pre-ordered last week.
    I enjoy riding when hubby drives. We vacation by cat a lot.


  14. Driving is ok as long as I have my XM radio and A.C. I love driving my Camero she is my Baby!!!!!! This book sounds wonderful!!!! I can’t wait !!!!


  15. girlfromwva

    I love to drive! it is fun taking a “side road” next to the highway and driving through the towns. you see so much more when you aren’t on the highway.


  16. Riding is a blessing. It gives me a chance to think, sing and just veg. Now if I can write while I do it… well you know!!


  17. I like to drive but NOT when the freeways are crowded. Great excerpt, sounds like quite a ranch! Good luck with the release.


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