Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box!
That’s how I like to write, in case most of you haven’t figured that out by now. I don’t like to write anything traditional at all and refuse to do so. Just like I really don’t enjoy toeing that fine line which has you asking, is that what I think it is? No! She didn’t write that, or did she? That’s me.
Take for instance my Guardian series. Sure, another vampire is what some are saying, but if you’ve read anything of mine in the past you should know that this series isn’t going to be like the normal vampire books that are out there. I took time to think how I could make this different than what you normally read. Sure, one rule that you sorta have to keep is the sunlight, but does the other stuff have to be the same? I say NO! Mine can eat food, have children, and sadly can die. Like I say many times, bend the rules, the readers will like it.
The Guardians! A vampire series that will grab your heart and refuse to let go, at least that’s what I think and have had a few tell me. The first book starts out with Julian’s story. He’s had a rough time of it. One of his closest friends just sort of took off on him, never said a word that she was leaving. Yes, I said she, but nothing romantic came out of their friendship. Anyway, he’s been searching for her, because of one simple little fact…he misses her. But he just can’t find her and the one person who knows refuses to tell him where she is. However, even though he wants his friend back there is something else missing from his life. His bloodmate!
Now a bloodmate in the series is a special woman born with a special mark and a very unique body system. When she comes of age her body changes in ways you just wouldn’t think of. See, to understand that you must also understand that she is born specifically to be with a vampire. Why you might ask? Because her body produces extra blood to feed one. Now the unique thing is, she’s on a sort of time frame, and once she becomes of age she must do what is called bleedings to rid herself of the extra blood until her vampire appears. If she doesn’t, she can drown and die, not to mention live with extreme pain. So it’s very important to find her right vampire. Now it’s not all one sided either. A vampire without his bloodmate is just as lost and can’t find peace without her.
Back to Julian!
He’s been searching and stops to go ‘home’, if you will, to his other close friend for a short stay, only to learn the friend and his bloodmate have a child and all hell is breaking loose. Elders are dying, things are being made up of a mixture of human and vampire blood (note, a human doesn’t turn into a vampire in this book…it isn’t possible). Anyhow, Julian learns that he’s needed to help fight and track down someone who is being very naughty. So he goes to his friend, and that’s when things really start to get interesting.
Just to tempt you, he’s hunting for a psycho, wants a bloodmate, still thinks about his lost friend, and has a Guardian tracking his every move. Then surprise!!! He stumbles upon his bloodmate.
The rest you have to just read for yourself!! But I will give you a nice clip from the book, to whet your appetite

Jaden Sinclair


Julian brushed his lips over her throat, tilting her head at an angle, making sure he was gentle yet firm. Using the tip of his tongue, he licked at the artery pulsing with what he assumed was both excitement and fear. His gums throbbed with an ache matching the quick growth of his cock pressing against his jeans. Fangs extended to their full length; all Julian had to do was open his mouth and bite down.
He sank into her flesh and moaned when the first hot drop of her honey sweet blood touched his tongue. Sucking harder, he pulled in as much as his mouth could take. With each strong pull, Serina’s tension eased more. She leaned against his chest and squirmed on his lap, digging the fingers of one hand into his shoulder. Her breathing rate increased, the fingers of her other hand dug into his side, and she pressed herself against him.
“Julian,” she whimpered.
Julian moved his hand down from her neck and cupped one of her breasts. Serina moaned and dropped her head back as much as his hold on her throat would let her. He squeezed the flesh and brushed his thumb across her hard nipple, but it wasn’t enough for him. Julian needed to feel her bare skin. But her damn shirt was in the way, and he couldn’t seem to get his hand under it.
“Do something. Touch me,” she whispered.
He ripped her shirt off her shoulder and closed his hand over her bare breast. Julian moaned against her neck and squeezed harder, loving the sounds coming from her lips while he touched and fed, but her squirming drove him insane.
Julian growled low, his hand moving from her breast to inside her sweatpants before she could voice a rejection. Cupping her pussy, he growled again at the heat and dampness he discovered. Two fingers slid deep inside her, and he almost came in his jeans from the tightness he felt. He fed deeply from her neck and fucked her with his hand.
Serina didn’t seem to mind, either, boldly moving on his lap to face him. How she did without breaking his hold, Julian had no idea, but he loved the position.
The arm around her waist slipped up to hold the back of her head, and he pulled even harder at the artery while Serina rode his hand. He could taste her pleasure sweetening her blood, encouraging Julian to take things even further, but a promise was a promise.
Julian reluctantly pulled back and closed the wound. He moved his head back, resting it on the sofa. “If we don’t stop now, I’m not going to be able to stop later,” he growled.
Serina wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder. She tugged at his shirt until her lips touched his bare shoulder, and the whole time she moved her hips on his hand, riding him with tiny gasps.
“I’m not sure if I want to stop,” she whispered against his neck.
Julian stopped all movement and pulled back to see her eyes. “You sure?”
Serina also pulled back and even though she looked scared and uncertain, she grasped her shirt and pulled it over her head, tossing it on the floor. Julian removed his hand from her pants, clasped her face and kissed her. He moved his lips over hers, sipping and nipping on the bottom one before plunging his tongue deep inside her mouth.…/dp/B00ICT883C/ref=sr_1_5

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