Inspiration on the Road

While I was traveling a bit ago I had lots of time to think. Sixteen hours in a vehicle will do that for ya. Anyway I had time to think about a couple of different plot lines and if that weren’t enough  a few of the old stories I have rattling around on my hard 20140510-084748.jpgdrive.

It wasn’t all work we did stop and see a few things. We stopped in St. Louis. A city I’ve always wanted to see and I wished we had more time. A visit to the Arch, a farmer’s market and one of the best barbecue places I’ve eaten at since last year.  So now that I have the proper inspiration I can go ahead and write those sexy stories while I’m waiti20140510-084905.jpgng to hear back from the publishers I subbed to..

In the meantime show mom how much you love her and don’t forget to Indulge Your Inner Desires.



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2 thoughts on “Inspiration on the Road

  1. What BBQ joint did you visit? We’re in STL a lot & I was just wondering. I’m assuming you were at Soulard Market…?… so did you hit up Bogarts? I always covet their flying pig chandelier… LOL!


    • Yes. We ate at Bogarts and the food was worth standing in line for. OMG! When we got there, there wasn’t a line, but by the time we left, it was out the door and around the building. I’m not sure of the name of the market, but it was right across the street. I can’t wait to visit again.


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