A Little This n That

Life will not let me sit still long enough to do much of anything except live. Of course this could be a bad thing if I were one of those rigid, inflexible persons who can’t roll with the punches, but I’m flexible. I’ve learned how to use iCloud and sync Pages. (That’s what I use on my Mac, I refuse to put Microsoft Word on my Mac) So while I’m on the go I write.

On my recent trip to Houston, I may have managed about 300 words, if that the entire time I was there, but I had so much fun. I got a change to meet long time crit partner and friend, Emma Lai along with a few other people. While I was there I got lots of ideas. A mystery comes to mind. Yep, a mystery with romantic elements. That’s rattling around in my head.

Oh and check this out. I was able to submit two stories to different publishers. One requested to read the full manuscript. Fingers crossed folks, I’m waiting to see if my menage has a home. 🙂

And you know I gotta share the new cover for Breaking Delia’s Rules. It’s all shiny and pretty. I didn’t change the storyline, but added a little to the story. Delia is still sassy and Jace is as romantic as ever. Look for it in July from Sugar and Spice Press.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires


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