Should Men Shave It All Off…Down There?


By Em Petrova


Well, should they? Let’s explore this fun topic today. I’m looking for lots of comments on this post, so get those fingers poised!


This is a common subject amongst erotic romance authors and smutters. When talking manscaping, exactly how much is too much?


While lying in bed the other night, staring at my man’s hairy front, I have to admit I did some mental waxing. Yes, it’s true. I’d contour the belly hair a little, trimming it to a perfect love trail. But other than that, I wouldn’t touch him. To me, being all bare might rank up there with carrying a man purse. (Mama likes to nuzzle!)


As an erotic romance author, I look at a lot of…um…inspiration. *wink* It’s impossible not to be influenced by publishing’s vision of the perfect man. After all, romance book covers typically sport shirtless heroes. But have you ever, in all your life, seen a hair? No wonder men feel compelled to shave, right? Women are lounging around devouring these books about hairless men, while our significant others wonder what those images have that they don’t.


In movies, it’s not that often you see a real hairy man chest. I’m sure these actors are subjected to torturous hours on the waxing table. I guess the good thing is they aren’t forced to have all their hair plucked by clam-shell wielding old women like some of the American Indian tribes, where hair was considered unsightly.


Some guys think that shaving their lower parts makes the tool look bigger. But in my opinion, when it comes to grooming the nether-regions, I’ve got one word for you—CACTUS. That’s right, guys. Ain’t no woman willing to take a ride on that.


What are your preferences? I can’t wait to hear your juicy comments!


Em Petrova

~where words mean so much more~


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12 thoughts on “Should Men Shave It All Off…Down There?

  1. Great post, Em. I must admit, I’m a fan of the man hair. Unless dude is absolutely covered in it, I’m all for it. I like to be reminded of the things that make my man a man, of the little differences between them and women. Too much manscaping is the death knell for me.


  2. Honestly nicely trimmed or bare is a lot more fun! 😉


  3. Love the man fuzz, fuzz not carpet. Most men develop hair at some part of their lives, they don’t stay bare as a baby’s butt when the testesterone kicks . A bit of man fuzz is nice!


  4. janelovering

    I’m all for the love-trail, but no more hair than that. And lower down? Well, they expect *us* to be smooth or neatly trimmed, so return the favour, guys!


  5. I admit it, I like bears.
    Cactus … (snort) that’s gonna haunt me all day.


  6. I don’t mind hair…as long as it’s not out of control. We’re expected to keep it neat, so they should too. Men don’t have to shave it all off or wax, but a small pair of scissors and a little time will do wonders.


  7. depends on the man some men look good bare others i like a bear in my bed


  8. The only stubble I want to see or feel is on his face. Like my husband says “The only thing a real man waxes is his car.”


  9. I love the tickle of his chest hair on my nipples.


  10. My first husband used to shave his chest since there was more on one side than the other. He did manscape the other parts. I know the cactus, and it made me want to cringe a little. Once you sit on it, you don’t forget it.

    My second husband was really hairy and I would call him a werewolf. There was no trimming that, since it just grew right back.

    Jolynn uses an epilady that rips the hairs out. I prefer to shave personally, since ripping hairs out is a hard limit.


  11. I am just gonna say it…there is something to be said for a lack of hair when you are sucking and nibbling the lower extremities. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to stop and pull out a hair that was in danger of tickling the back of my throat. Trimming and even shaving puts an end to that. As far as a cactus goes, I’ve sat on it, nibbled it and kissed it. Doesn’t hurt. He likes me bare (so do I or I wouldn’t do it). So why not him? He does leave the sprinkle of chest hair alone. I like to twist it in my fingers. TMI? Sorry , but you asked 😉


  12. Charlotte

    I like him to be well groomed leaving a bit of a landing strip, but generally it doesn’t make a huge difference if he shaves or not.


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