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I’m a romantic at heart. So when I see people separated by circumstance, through no fault of their own, I can’t help but wish them back together.

I came across this pin on Pinterest:

Sex, when preformed correctly, is a series of blissful fleeting moments of joyful ecstasy. But love, real love, is spiritual, eternal, limitless, and of course radically dangerous; because love, in its purest form, is much deeper than any primal act and more meaningful than any sexual crescendo….


Writing erotica is beautiful. Eroticism is inside all of us, even inside those who deny it. Heck we’re all sexual creatures. We’d be in a perpetual vegetative state if we didn’t feel even a smattering of lust or hear Sex’s siren call. And when we have fallen in love with someone taken away from us, we pine for that person not knowing what to do with our lives.

This was what happened to Roarke and Deanna in Forever at Midnight, but Roarke is a man who never gives up. Especially when it comes to Deanna.


With an intensity which thrilled her, Roarke kissed her again, backing her to the bed. When Deanna felt the edge of the bed behind her, she eased herself on it, pulling Roarke down with her. When he parted her legs with his thigh, she sighed in pleasure and mewled when he cupped her mound and rubbed her clit. The friction of the slacks and the lace against her pleasure button made her arch in delight. She was in a vortex of carnal bliss with Roarke’s mouth sliding down the column of her throat, his tongue flicking at the erratic pulse at the base of her neck, down to her sternum, then to her breasts. She unbuttoned the waistband of his jeans, and oh so slowly unzipped him. Roarke stood up to shuck his shoes and socks before he removed his jeans. She looked at his erection with hunger. It stood hard and thick and bounced a bit as he moved.

Slowly Roarke bent down to remove her slacks. She saw his eyes widen before his gaze scorched her with his lust. She lifted her buttocks and felt the material slide first against her lace underwear, then down to her lace edged stockings. She sat up to take off her hose.

“Leave them on,” he growled.

Suddenly, it was as if they went back in time. His words gave her the oddest sense of déjà vu. He had said this to her before—before everything. Deanna panted, her entire body sensitized by the desire in Roarke’s eyes. God, she was about to come and Roarke hadn’t even touched her!

Roarke knelt down at the edge of the bed. He grabbed her hips and pulled her closer, his eyes never leaving hers.

“You’re beautiful,” he said. Slowly, he removed the tiny scrap of lace which covered her mound. Then he looked down, reverently. “Everywhere.”

As a slow smile lit his face, so did the slow burn begin in her sex, making her hips writhe beneath his gaze. He held her thighs, spreading them wider before his fingers trailed a hot path toward the apex. She watched mesmerized as his mouth followed his fingers. Nipping, kissing, licking her inner thighs. Her womb tensed. Desire coiled toward her centre, and her whole vagina throbbed. This was the only man who’d ever mattered to her. All the pent up passion she’d had stored up in her heart for decades came pouring forth. Deanna bit down on her lower lip.

She was about to come.

Then Roarke’s mouth was on her. His tongue parted her folds. He laved her from bottom to top, flattening his tongue against her throbbing clit before swirling it round and around. His hands gripped her hips, holding her steady when she just couldn’t be still. He speared her sweet channel, dipping his tongue as far as it would go before going back to suck on her swollen clit and labia lips. She looked at him. His eyes locked with hers as he continued to pleasure her.

She threw her head back as wave upon wave of incredible bliss brought her closer to the edge. She panted and moaned, nearly delirious with ecstasy. She didn’t know whether to hold on to his head or to grab the silk sheets into her fists. A powerful current in the centre of her sex threatened to drown her. Roarke’s tongue and mouth were voracious and she loved every minute of it. His tongue made languorous flicks around her clit without let up. Then he inserted two fingers into her, rubbing hard and fast inside, and she combusted. Her cries of release merged with his growl of passion. His fingers and mouth continued to pleasure her until her orgasm subsided.

She floated in a cloud of bliss, boneless but not sated. She felt the bed dip. When she opened her eyes, Roarke was hovering over her. The gold flecks in his eye more prominent, and she knew his lust had grown. She purred as her hands caressed the hard planes of his chest.

“There is no one like you, no one,” he said.

Deanna’s mouth curved into a pleased smile when she heard his sharp intake of breath. Her hands continued to trace down the length of his body, lower to his rock hard stomach, his hips, circling around to clasp his taut buttocks before ever so slowly moving to the front to wrap around his turgid erection. She pumped one hand up and down while the other gently cupped his balls, rolling them between her fingers.

Roarke thought he’d stopped breathing and gone to heaven. As soon as Deanna touched his cock, he pulsated, becoming so rock hard he didn’t know if he was feeling pleasure or pain. His stomach bunched at the intensity of the sensation. And her taste! Ancients! How he’d missed her taste. Her touch. Her scent. The only scent that could drive him out of his mind with lust.

“Kiss me,” she begged, her eyes deep blue pools of desire. Her lips parted to cover him with her sweet breath, inviting him to partake of her mouth once more. He nibbled on her upper lip, her lower lip, then her entire mouth. Sensual. Languid. He felt her open up to him. Lust surged fast through him as she greedily sucked on his tongue, tasting herself on him. Roarke wanted her mouth on him, but that could wait. Deanna raised her legs, parting them wide and enticed his cock toward her opening. With one thrust he sheathd himself into her. Their mixed groans of pleasure filled the room, his cock enveloped in Deanna’s wet warmth. He closed his eyes, giving a guttural growl when Deanna arched her back in ecstasy.

“Roarke,” she gasped, her pupils dilated with desire. “Take me hard. I want you deep inside me. I missed you.”

Roarke didn’t need further prodding. He held her hip while his other arm held his weight. He groaned when Deanna encircled his waist with her legs allowing him to go deeper. He hissed as lust swirled around inside his bloodstream. Each thrust was a step up the passion ladder. He felt his wereblood pulsing through his cock, making him thicker. Harder. Longer.

“Oh, God, yes!” she cried out.

He watched Deanna as pleasure suffused her face. Her head thrown back on the bed, her breasts with their hard peaks arched as delectable offerings to him. Her channel, wet and wild, squeezed him.

“More Roarke! Please!” Deanna whimpered.

He rode her hard like she asked. His balls slapped rhythmically against her bottom as he thrust in and out of her slick heat. He groaned as his cock revelled in Deanna’s velvet sheath, covering him with her delicious cream. Her whimpers spurred him on. In and out. Deeper and deeper. He rotated his hips, branding her.


He kissed her hard. His tongue in her mouth imitated his thrusts between her legs. Suddenly Deanna pushed against his chest and rolled him onto his back. He looked at her in surprise, but pleased she was taking the initiative. In the glow of the lights from below, she looked like fire and desire personified.


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