Silken Canvas Giveaway

My erotic romance, Silken Canvas, is one of my favorite books (don’t tell my others, they might feel bad) Full of sensual imagery (when the hero is an erotic artist and the heroine is posing for him-how could it not?) and strong emotion (It’s also a reunion story, another favorite of mine) and really hot sex (ropes and pearls and more, oh my). And it has one of the most beautiful covers I’ve ever seen. I asked the art department to make it like a piece of erotic art and they delivered.


Brendan kept losing his focus as he shot pictures of the snakes slithering around Ashley’s body. He knew he should be seeing the whole picture. The lighting. The composition. The images he wanted to capture. The art he was creating.

Instead, he kept seeing the woman.

It could have had something to do with his tight jeans. He was so hard, it was damned uncomfortable to crouch down and get a good shot of the greedy snake trying for her center. He’d like to have his tongue there right now. He shifted to try to ease the pressure. Didn’t work.

He rose to his feet and zoomed in on her luscious lips. He swallowed, his mouth dry. He should be able to turn off his attraction to Ashley. Hell, he’d been attracted to most of his models. He’d even had sex with some of them despite what he’d told her. But when he had the camera in his hands, it had always been all about the art. The models ceased to be women and became his canvas.

So why did he find himself focusing on the pulse point at the base of Ashley’s pale throat? All he could think about was the way he’d pressed his lips there in the past and felt her pulse leap in response. He’d eagerly licked that tender spot, right there, where the green and gold snake appeared to slide over her body. He zoomed in on her throat, capturing the way the snake collared her.

“Lift your hair up. That’s right, stretch your arms high but keep your elbows back so I can get a clear shot of your throat. Can you feel the snake wrapped around your neck? Is his skin smooth or rough? Does his body ripple as he slithers along your throat? Does he nibble on your ear while he whispers those words of temptation you don’t want to hear?”


No, he didn’t want to hear her musical voice, the one he still heard in his sleep. “Shhh. I’ll be done soon. You can drop your arms. Clasp your hands behind your back.” He could tell she was tiring. He’d worked her hard and she’d complained very little. But he had to shake off this unsettling lack of concentration and finish the shoot.

He swung the camera around to capture her breast, the one the second snake was prepared to devour. Brendan swallowed as he zoomed in on the tight bud, on the fangs ready to bite into the tender flesh.

“How does it feel when he nibbles on your nipple? It’s all puckered and tight and tasty. Is it a sharp sting, an intense pain you wish would stop? Or is it the good kind of hurt that makes you feel alive? You know what I’m talking about. The kind of aching pleasure that leaves you begging for more.” He tried to ignore her breathy moans and clicked shot after shot, wishing his teeth were there, nibbling on her beaded nipple. He remembered the way she used to cry out when he scraped her sensitive flesh with his teeth, the way she’d clutch him close so he wouldn’t ever stop.

Why were all the details still so vivid, five years later? Why didn’t the women he’d had in between dull the memories? Why couldn’t he remember the taste of any skin other than Ashley’s? Any scent but hers?

He dropped to his knees in front of her. “Spread your legs.” A few more pictures. “He’s hungry for you. He wants to taste you. It’s like an ache inside him. He wants to lick your center. Tease that slick flesh until he sends you over the edge. And then he wants to lick you some more.” She moaned again and spread her legs wider. “Yeah, you want it too, don’t you? You want a tongue between your legs.” Brendan saw the glistening of moisture on her pretty flesh. “You want to stop the aching, don’t you? You want to give in to the need.” He got a couple more shots before the scent of her arousal nearly sent him over the edge.

He lunged to his feet, his cock throbbing so much he could hardly stand it. “We’re done.” He dropped the camera to the counter. She stood there, naked and crawling with hungry snakes that were touching her like he wanted to.

He wanted her more than he wanted his next breath. He almost reached out and touched her. Almost drew her into his arms. Almost plunged deep inside her so they could both relieve their aching need. The only thing holding him back was his stupid promise to her. It had to be her choice.

So Silken Canvas is available now in both ebook and print. And I happen to have a few of these gorgeous print books sitting on my bookshelf, doing nothing, waiting for someone to read them. So why not give a few copies away? Right? So comment below with what you think the sexiest kind of bondage equipment is. I’ll choose three random commenters – so be sure to leave your e-mail addy to so I can contact you with your mailing info. (And a really sexy idea may make it into another book!)

Oh, and if you want to get a heads up on my new releases and a chance for some mailing-list-only info – you can sign up here.

Playing for Real – Paolo’s Playhouse book #5 – available now
Her Royal Masquerade – available now
Her Royal Bodyguard – available now

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11 thoughts on “Silken Canvas Giveaway

  1. Mary Roya

    That tease was intense. Sounds like a great read, I purchased and its on my to read next list. I just told myself to stop spending on ebooks. I have a ton to read. But I couldn’t resist.


  2. Kristina

    Gorgeous cover and fantastic excerpt! 🙂 Adding it to my TBR now!

    Sexiest kind of bondage equipment would be either strips of silk or handcuffs!


  3. Kathy Lewis

    I absolutely loved this except. I want to read this one. I think the shibari rig is so sexy. I can be bond in a number of different positions. thanks for sharing.

    coach4kat at gmail dot com


  4. Armenia

    I have to agree, that is one gorgeous cover.

    Anything that has to do with an erotic display of red rope or black silk ties evokes the sexiest feelings for me.

    armiefox at yahoo dot com


  5. Tina B

    Wow!! That was an very erotic photo shoot! 😉 Loved it (though I don’t like snakes).
    The cover is beautiful.
    The sexiest kind of bondage equipment to me would be a spreader bar and Shibari rope tying your arms together behind your back. Shibari is just so pretty in my opinion.
    Thank you for the opportunity to read this story.
    trb0917 at gmail dot com


  6. Trix

    Some of the male chastity devices look intriguing…

    vitajex at aol dot com


  7. Jenny Dauksa Schaber

    I do think shibari is beautiful, but the sexiest would be having your arms bound in silk/rope stretched up to the ceiling – spreader bar optional. Completely open, exposed, vulnerable and giving of complete trust and control. Heady for both parties.


  8. Ashley

    Wow! What a tease! Red rope is super sexy on everyone. 😉


  9. donnakerr



  10. natashamoore

    Thanks to everyone who commented! I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

    Shibari, ties and cuffs, even chastity devices. Great ideas, all 🙂

    Now…the winners are…


    Congrats, ladies. I will be contacting you for your mailing addresses.


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