Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Playing for Real released on Feb 4th! Even though it is book #5 in the Paolo’s Playhouse series, it can be read as a standalone. I love this story. Love the characters. Love the beautiful cover.


It received an awesome review from Harlequin Junkie which says in part:

“Playing for Real (Paolo’s Playhouse) by Natasha Moore is a real scorcher. It is a tastefully done BDSM romance with an engaging plot, interesting characters and an adult playhouse where sexual fantasies come true…Wow, this is an unbelievably hot and erotic book. Ms. Moore’s voice is enticing and smooth, which kept me engaged during a couple of harsher BDSM scenes that would normally turn me off. I found the cover to be extremely inviting, due to the color variations. If you enjoy erotic romance combined with BDSM, look no further than Playing for Real.”


Julianne stripped and knelt by the door of a different playroom than the one Paolo had brought her to before. While she took her clothes off, she couldn’t help but notice the large four-poster bed in the center of the room. The heavy rings attached to the posts. Her gaze now lowered to the floor, she heard Paolo open and close drawers, move around the room. The floor grew harder beneath her knees. Nervous anticipation made it difficult for her to be calm and prepare for their session.

She’d been foolish enough to Google “sensory play” when she got back to her apartment. It probably would have been better for her not to know what to expect. Hot. Cold. Hard. Soft. Pain. Pleasure. She had to believe there would be pleasure, otherwise she didn’t know if she could handle the idea of the rest.

“Deep breaths, Julianne,” Paolo called out, his voice sharp. She heard his sigh before his voice softened, smoothed into a seductive tone. “Remember, this is not the time to worry or think too much. This is the time to prepare to give yourself over to me.”
Julianne swallowed. Worry did push everything else out of her head. She’d forgotten his previous instruction about breathing. She closed her eyes and took long, deep breaths. Smooth jazz she hadn’t noticed before soothed her nerves further. What would be would be. When would she remember there was comfort in knowing that?

“Look at me, cara.”

She opened her eyes and lifted her gaze. Swept it up his black trousers to see that he’d taken his shirt off. Her mouth watered with the desire to taste his smooth olive skin but she kept her lips together. Her fingers itched with the yearning to run over his sculpted abs, but she didn’t move her hands from where they rested on her thighs.

Then she focused on the blindfold in his hand.

“What is your safe word?”

She swallowed. “Chardonnay.”

“You understand you only have to say your safe word and all play stops. You have that control. You understand this?”


“Good.” He circled behind her. “We have five senses. Sight is the one we use most often. The one we rely on above all others. I will be taking that sense away from you tonight so that you may more fully experience the rest. Scent. Touch. Taste. Sound. This is what we will focus on tonight.”

She nodded. She’d expected that. She already knew the comfort of the blindfold. She could relax into the darkness. Submitting was much harder in the light.

The blindfold was heavy leather but was lined with something soft against her skin. The darkness was complete. There was no quick burst of panic this time. Only a sigh of relief. He could do whatever he wanted to her now.

“Come.” He helped her to her feet and led her over to the bed. “Climb up and lie on your back.” As soon as she had, he quickly tied her spread-eagle on the mattress. His motions were efficient, not rough, but there were no extra strokes or arousing touches. No seductive words to soothe her. She heard him walk away.

Paolo had spoken often of the role anticipation played in their sessions. Was his body heating up as he thought about what would happen this evening? Did his cock tingle and swell as her sex did? Julianne’s heart raced and she couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her lips.

She hated the waiting. And he knew it.

As a little Valentine’s Day treat, I will give away one ebook of Playing for Real to one lucky commenter. Just leave a comment telling me your favorite Valentines’ Day treat (and be sure to leave your e-mail address so I can contact you!)

Playing for Real – available now
Her Royal Bodyguard – available now
Her Royal Masquerade – available now
Her Royal Mistake – coming Spring 2014
The Cottage Next Door – coming Sept 2014

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11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

  1. DebraG

    Wow, is that an enticing excerpt.


  2. My favorite Valentine’s treat is a whole day spent with the love of my life doing nothing but enjoying each other.


  3. Raspberry kisses


  4. Mary Roya

    My favorite treat is a bed full of rose petals and hubby’s kisses. Food wise it’s anything milk chocolate. Loved the tease from you book.


  5. Awesome excerpt! Hot!
    My favorite Valentine’s treat is chocolate – chocolate covered ANYTHING! 😉
    mmmazuros at yahoo dot com


  6. My favorite gift was my Kindle Fire…hubby gave it to me. My favorite treat is a very good glass of Champagne (Monet-Chandon). Got a bottle for Valentine’s day one year.


  7. natashamoore

    You guys have such romantic Valentine’s Day treats 🙂 Keep them coming!


  8. Wow, is that an enticing excerpt.


  9. June M.

    My favorite Valentine’s treat is chocolate, especially dark chocolate. However, I am trying to stay away from them this year, lol.


  10. Anything chocolate is my favorite Valentine’s Day treat.


  11. Chocolate always works for me too 🙂 Thanks everyone for stopping by. Hope your Valentine’s Day was great. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt! Now….the winner determined by random drawing is….


    I’ll contact you by e-mail to see which format you prefer. And for everyone else, if you’d like to pick up a copy of Playing for Real for yourselves – here’s the link:



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