Instant gratification has its place. Sometimes you just can’t wait. You gotta have it, you want it, you need it. Lord, I’m turning myself on!
It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about sex or chili cheese fries, sometimes satisfying an appetite is just paramount – like scratching an itch. But if you can contain yourself, there are vast rewards. And I’m speaking of sexual teasing.
One of my favorite things to do is to get a guy in a public place, like a restaurant, and while we’re sitting there in front of God and everybody, I love to begin by rubbing his ankle with my foot, slipping it just under his pants leg. As soon as I see his eyes glaze over, I take my hand and caress his knee, then slowly move up his thigh – just teasing. A little higher. And higher. I know he’s hard as a rock before I ever get my hand in just the right – spot… Ha!
Another delicious way to tease him is in a crowded elevator when everyone is looking straight ahead. I love to lean back against him and grind my bottom into his groin. Ah, those ‘g’ words, reminds me I have a ‘g’ spot. My reward is the groan he whispers into my ear and the hard evidence against my bottom which tells me my teasing has paid off. Damn!
I guess you can tell I’m working on a new book here, cause I’m getting all dithery – and it causes my imagination to work overtime. A fun thing to do is when you’re at a party together, to occasionally send him a dirty text – or rather a suggestive text – get him all hot and bothered. Makes the idea of going home together almost unbearably sweet.
Let me show you some good teasing in FORGET ME NEVER. The teasing is the theme of this scene, along with the Superbowl  – seems like an appropriate time for this post. So, listen…. and don’t quit reading, I have more teasing farther down in the article. More excerpts and a chance at a prize.

The TV was on, the food was spread out and she had on as close to something sexy as she owned. Savannah had more on her mind than football. “Wow, this looks great!” Patrick was a big eater, so she had fixed plenty.
“Did you have a good conversation with your friend?”
“Yes, I did. We talked about you, mostly.” He settled down on the couch – just stretched out and left her a little spot in the corner. “Come here, I want to cuddle.”
“What did you say about me?” She sat on her legs and looked him in the eye.
“You’re a nosy little thing, aren’t you?” Patrick teased.
“A little bit.”
She fed him a bite of pizza. He took the bite, captured her hand and licked the remaining spot of sauce off her fingers. “I just told him how I felt about you. And we discussed some business, that’s all.” There was more to it than that, but he wasn’t ready to tell her everything – not yet. “Look, the game’s starting.”
Typical male, he got into the game. Savannah had a good time watching him. He yelled at the quarterback. He snarled at the referees, but mostly he looked disturbed because the first half was almost over and the Colts were ahead of the Saints. “It’s okay.”
Patrick knew it was okay. But this game had come to mean more to him than just his favorite team winning the big prize. It might be silly, but he had wound this all up with his chances of being with Savannah. “The game’s not over.”
“No, it’s not.” There were a few minutes left until halftime and then The Who were going to sing. Savannah was still hungry – but not for food.
“Come on Brees!” Patrick yelled at the Saints quarterback. “Do something!”
Savannah decided to make her own play. He was sitting about a foot away from her. He had been closer, but he was eating and getting into the game and somehow he’d moved away from her. That would never do. He wasn’t paying any attention to her at all, so when she let her hand inch his way – she waited to see what he would do.
Patrick knew Savannah thought he was oblivious to her advances. She was letting her fingers do the walking – literally. Her little hand was inching toward him, and he couldn’t wait to see what she was up to. He leaned forward just like he was engrossed in the game. Right now he was more interested in her, but he wasn’t going to let on.
She let her fingers touch his hard thigh – just barely. First, she pushed her hand under his legs just a little bit, like it was cold and she was trying to get warm. He just grunted – he wasn’t taking the hint. Next, she let her fingers walk up his leg, like a little spider – still, nothing. Damn! Getting a mite bolder, she curled her hand over the top of his leg and rubbed her thumb up and down on the strong muscle. He had the audacity to pat her hand and say, “Hey, Baby. How’s it going?”
Patrick bit back a smile when she huffed and muttered under her breath. It was the same little voice she’d used the day they met in the memorial when her friend had been embarrassing the heck out of her.
Before Patrick, she would never have attempted something like this. But he had given her confidence in her attraction that no one ever had. So, she let her hand – slide upward – upward toward his crotch, until she bumped into something rather large and hard.
“Uh-Oh,” She looked up at Patrick.
“I’m kinda trying to watch the game here, Baby,” he said with a smirk, trying not to laugh.
The feel of Patrick’s bulge had caused a stir in her sex which made her feel naughty. She fixed Patrick with a vexed glare, but he ignored her eyes. She huffed, and withdrew her hand from the firm bulge that she’d wanted to explore further and folded her arms defensively across her chest. Her first attempt at seduction, and Patrick had rejected her; this didn’t sit well with Savannah.
Savannah sat on the couch as halftime drew closer and the Saints marched down the field. Beside her, Patrick watched her out of the corner of his eye. The brazen way she’d grabbed for his package had turned him on, but he wanted to see how she would handle his rejection, see if she wanted him bad enough to make another move.
Savannah was doing a horrible job of masking her displeasure and when she innocently moved her hands up over her head for a stretch, something in the way her head tilted to the side filled Patrick with a need to kiss her neck.
Patrick shimmied a few inches closer to his Savannah and now it was her turn to pretend she didn’t notice what he was doing.
When Patrick shimmied a few more inches, Savannah picked up a magazine from the end table beside her; she wasn’t going to make this easy on him.
A few more inches and Patrick was close enough that his essence made her legs squirm.
“Hey,” Patrick said.
He was right beside her now, his thickly muscled arm pressed against hers, their thighs touching.
Savannah ignored him.
“Whatcha readin’?” He inquired, snatching the magazine from her hands.
Patrick held the magazine just out of Savannah’s reach. She made one grab for it, but gave up, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.
Savannah looked away from him. Not her best move if she hoped to remain cross with Patrick. That small patch of bare skin on Savannahs neck that had caused the tightness in Patrick’s jeans was now fully exposed and with Savannah looking the other way, he seized the opportunity and leaned in to kiss it softly.
Savannah flinched when she felt Patrick’s gentle lips on her neck, then her shoulder. “Pa…trick,” she said, forgetting almost all of the annoyance he’d inspired in her so recently. “Stop,” she offered weakly, but tilted her neck further to the side to grant him even greater access.
“Stop?” Patrick kissed her neck. “Stop what?”
He licked up to Savannah’s ear, nibbling on the lobe lightly before moving back down to her collarbone.
Savannah whimpered with appreciation. Gone now was any semblance of the frustration and rejection she’d felt, in its place was nothing but bliss. The skin on her neck was dimpled with goosebumps; her chest beginning to flush.
“You want me to go?” Patrick asked between kisses.
His hand had found its way around to the front of her shirt, undoing first the top button of her blouse and then the next one.
Savannah placed her hand behind Patrick’s head as he kissed her collarbone and shoulder. “I thought you wanted to watch the game?” The words barely came out of her mouth in an audible tone.
“I’d rather watch you,” Patrick whispered in her ear.
Savannah’s round bottom levitated from the couch when Patrick hit that magic spot just behind her ear. “I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite fantasies in the whole world.”
Patrick’s hand stilled. “What’s that, Baby?” If she had a fantasy, he would do his damnedest to fulfill it.

Here’s the buy link if you’re so inclined:
I loved the teasing in that scene. But right now, I want to share more teasing thoughts.
When I really want to stir things up with my guy, I like to do something provocative and then pretend it was accidental, like bending over in a short skirt when I have sexy underwear on OR leave the bathroom door cracked open to invite a bit of voyeurism as I sashay around in my underwear or towel off after a shower.
And when I really want to get down and dirty – and plan on giving him a gift he really wants – I kiss him down his chest, all the way down, then skip to his thighs, little licks and nibbles. I go everywhere but where he wants me the most – kissing, sucking little bites, all around nearer and nearer to that place that’s swollen and hard and aching – DRIVE HIM CRAZY before I end my teasing.pulled J’s shot across the tabletop  I would like to give away 2 copies of FORGET ME NEVER – just tell me your favorite memory of being teased by your man.

Thank you for letting me tease you – – now give me some inspiration for this book!


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  1. Being teased is both torture and pleasure! Hubby loves to tease me while I am cooking. He knows I can’t do anything because a) I’ll burn dinner and b) a kid come around the corner at any moment. Then I have to sit at dinner all hot and bothered and he just smiles like the cat with the canary. ‘


  2. wyndwhisper

    for our first date my ex husband , who is a big old cowboy, took me down to the river to a piece of property his family owned and danced with me under the stars. then we made out like teenagers and then he took me home, kissed me good night and left. about 20 minutes later the phone rang and he was calling to say goodnight and do a little bit of dirty talk with me. it was one of the most romantic and funnest nights i have ever had on a date. even though we are not together anymore he/i still talk to each other on the anniversary of the 1st date every year and reminisce about how it felt to be so young and in love. It is sweet and never fails to make me feel good about myself.

    Tammy Ramey


  3. DebraG

    The excerpts are quite a tease as well. I enjoyed them all. Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. DebraG

    forgot my email
    debby236 at gmail dot com
    Thanks Debby


  5. Rhonda D

    My hubby likes to tease me when the kids are around and he knows I can’t do anything about it. He sneaks a touch here, a kiss there until I’m ready to scream. Ahhhh but the anticipation for when the kids go to bed is well worth the wait! Thanks for sharing.
    Rhonda D


  6. Loved the excerpts. Forget Me Never was a amazing book! Can’t wait to read Happy To Be Stuck With You and Thunderbird. It’s always a pleasure to read Sable and Ryan’s solo work as well as their collaborations. The first memory that comes to mind is when we’d be out in public, at the movies or something & he’d absolutely torture me. Knowing that we’d have to wait until we were alone before it could go any further. It was so worth the waiting & torture when we got home! 😉



  7. Diana Merritt

    We take care of my hubby’s parents. They have there own set of rooms on the opposite side of the house. He knows I try and be quiet since I don’t want them to hear us. But he likes to make me scream. After the first year, I gave up.


  8. PJ

    WOWOW I need a cold shower now. Once we were with a group of friends watching movies an we were all cuddled up under the blanket. There was a whole lot of petting an teasing going on. I was very heard to keep my mouth to myself an quiet or jump his bones. Wow just thinking about that night makes me need another cold shower. 😉


  9. Mina Gerhart

    Awesome excerpts!
    My favorite memory of being teased is by my boyfriend (now ex). I work 3RD shift at a MR facility, He called me on my cell phone and we had “phone teasing sex” in the dayroom (co-workers & supervisor were unaware of what was going on (Yeah right)). We aren’t together anymore, but we stii are friends.

    Mindy 🙂


  10. Cindy Hamilton

    OH MY! The excerpts really TEASED us!! They were great. Love all the books!


  11. WOW…. the teasers were great. Hubby is bad to start teasing me when we are at the hunting camp. All the guys get together and talk hunting. He will either stand behind me or have me sit in his lap. Then he starts whispering what he wants to do to me. Or he leans down and blows in my ear he knows my neck and ears are where he can turn me on the fastest. The guys are always to busy with deer talk to see what we are really doing.


  12. Kathy Lewis

    Wow, Sable thanks for all the teasers.
    Coach4kat at gmail dot com


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