Life is a Highway…

I’m almost tired of the snow. I’m definitely tired of the cold. Recently I was nominated for Best Erotic Romance of

2014 Bentley

2013. very cool. While I didn’t win, it was just wicked fantastic to know that I have some fantabulous fans out there who love my work.

This past weekend my family and I went to the North American Auto Show at the Cobo Arena. Bright lights, big crowds and sweet rides. The presenters weren’t half bad either. My favorite vehicles were the Dodge Viper and the LR4, but there was one vehicle by Toyota that was just freaky.

Toyota IRoad

But it got me thinking about what ifs….What if one of them fine looking presenters ended up in a not so fine looking way? Or perhaps there’s a dispute between two of the major manufacturers and one company’s car end up vandalized. OR what if a couple looking to spice up their love life decides to do the deed in a coupe while it’s on display moments before opening time? Oh yeah the plot bunnies are loose and running amuck. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic

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One thought on “Life is a Highway…

  1. Cynthia Kandah

    My hometown!!! I wish you had a book signing!!!


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