Okay, I’m going to try and do better. Although this has been a good year for me, I want 2014 to be even better.

After you read mine – tell me your New Year’s resolution and I’ll give out some free books to 3 winners.


SEXY Resolutions

1 – Have more sex! I tend to get busy and miss opportunities and that isn’t fair to me or my current love interest.

2 – Tell my man how I really feel about things. Sometimes I don’t ask for what I want and that isn’t healthy.

3 – Pay him compliments. After all, how will he know how much I value him if I don’t tell him – – yea, actions speak louder than words. But we all like to hear the words.

4 – Be spontaneous. Planned sex is good, but spur of the moment sex is even better.

5 – Use more toys. After all, I know how and they’re fun. I especially like cock rings that vibrate. Yum.

6 – More full body massages – cause they lead to full bodied sex – and they feel good.

7 – More shared showers. There’s nothing like playing in the water – getting clean and satiated in one fell swoop.

8 – Be more generous with sex. And by that, I mean oral, he loves it and so do I. I’ll try and sneak in some surprises BJ’s – – I bet he’ll appreciate it.

9 – Hold hands more – yea, this is just romantic, but I think it will go a long way in the bonding process.

10 – Take more sex-oriented vacations. I do a lot of research trips and there is no need for me to do them alone when I can combine business with pleasure.


10 Resolutions as a Writer and Business Person

1 – Release Six more Hell Yeah! at least – here they are Texas Hold ‘Em (Lance) in the magazine, True Love’s Fire (Scott) in the Red Hot Valentine group, Thunderbird (Kyle Chancellor) with Ryan, Welcome To My World (Bowie). Always on My Mind (Revel) and several of the McCoy cousins.

2 – Write a historical romance set in Texas prior to it becoming a state – I have the plot, I just need to find the time.

3 – Get Le Bon Temps released – our magazine.

4 – Grow Beau Coup publishing – you need to check out our website and submission guidelines, its coming along.

5 – Start my own radio show – watch for it – I’m even going to have an ASK SABLE, authors reading their books, and other fun stuff in addition to author interviews.

6 – Ebook Mojo will be a place for you to find free and discounted books and it will be out ASAP. This will be good. I’m excited.

7 – Two books in the El Camino Real series to complement BREATH OF HEAVEN released at Christmas – this is about the KING family.

8 – Another ‘It’s Just Sex’ with Ryan, if I can get him in the mood.

9 – I want to try writing something out of my comfort zone – maybe a horror or suspense.

10 – Oh, and there are other books coming out in other series – – but that will be a surprise.

BONUS – Pretty Face – a book close to my heart will come out also.


10 Regular Resolutions – we all make them

1 – Try to make time for myself in the midst of the confusion. Schedule time to read, watch a movie or just stare at the wall. That’s lacking in my life.

2 – Travel more – I think I’m heading north.

3 – Eat better – I tend to not cook for myself when I’m alone, I eat ketchup and bread.

4 – Don’t despair so much when people dislike me for who I am and what I do.

5 – Try a new hair color – maybe dark auburn.

6 – Wear a little more make-up, I tend to take the country-girl look a little too far.

7 – Get more exercise – yea, I like to run – maybe I’ll chase more men.

8 –  Be kinder to my family. Oh, Lord – haha. Even if they don’t deserve it.

9 – Buy new shoes. Because I like shoes.

10 – Change purses more often – yea, I get in a rut.


Tell me some of your resolutions, I would love to know.


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  1. Jamie Ellison

    Try harder with makeup etc to look better for my other half. Hey relaxing and lazy happen a little too often.
    Make BJs a normal not a rare thing.
    No more pop!
    Make a budget and stick too it!
    Finally take a honeymoon! Who couldn’t use a sex-cation!?
    Learn a new craft.
    Plant a big garden and teach the neices how to can.
    Take my dogs on more walks through the country. .. it doesn’t count unless we come back with sicktites attached to the socks.
    Life clean the house, haven’t used it or needed it in 3 years? Give it away.
    Just breath. Take time away from the hubby and kid, breath in the great outdoors and be thankful for everything I’ve been blessed with. -repeat weekly


  2. OMG…Sable you have some great resolutions for the new year…. All I can say is I hope I help with some of them….and I am hoping that I can use some of them on the hubby…LOL


  3. veRONIca

    I only have a few. 1) I want to join a sports team (volleyball) and play on a regular basis because I miss the sport. 2) I really want to find a good job that would use my degree AKA in my field. 3) I want to volunteer more : )

    Happy New Year and good luck to all on their resolutions!


  4. cheryl tauber

    sable you hve quite a list. I am tired just reading it. lol my only resolution I think is to spend more time with tne hubby. show him how much I love and appreate him. sadly I have not done much of that this year. maybe some suprise bjs in his future. lol

    happy new sable


  5. “I am going to fall more in love with my husband learn more expand my brain. I love historical romance but “I going to get my feet wet and read a little more smut thanks to sable hunter I became a fan and I have learned a lot of good ideas. (^_-)-☆I am going to try to be a better mother .And I am going to overcome Rheumatoid arthritis I have had a ruff year finding out so I intend to make the best of it thank you sable that what I have learned from your strong female characters they are inspiring.


  6. Rhonda D

    I have two resolutions this year.
    1. Show my hubby that I appreciate him in some way everyday.
    2. Manage our $$ better.

    I hope you have a safe and Happy New Year!


  7. Spend more time with my daughter.
    Set aside some time just for me.
    Relax more and not leaf other people get to me so much!
    Read more!!! (lol of course as much as I read now I am not sure this should be one 🙂 )


  8. Relax more
    Read more
    Be open to whatever happens


  9. I’m not making resolutions or a bucket list… inspired by my daughter’s best friend from HS who is 28 and was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer this year… I’m making a To-Do list!
    Support my cousin when he runs the marathon at Disney World in January (my first time there!)
    Visit my daughter and her husband in Colorado Springs in February (& not be a chicken about the weather – I live in Arizona)
    Get together with friends that I’ve neglected due to my own medical issues.
    Go to Author Events in my travel zone.
    Go to the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival in November (I’ve wanted this for 30 years!)
    Read more & no starting another book after a 5 star read until I write a review. (I can tend to have a book hangover & move on to something light & then don’t write the review)
    Re-read Sable’s books and read her new ones and support her writing and other projects
    (& remind her of her regular resolution #4… Sable is an incredible young woman with tons of talents & a good heart!!)
    Take care of my health so that I can ‘do’ life with minimal repercussions.
    & If I exercise more, maybe I can chase down a cowboy of my own and thanks to Sable & other wonderful writers, I’ll know what to do with him if I catch him!!


  10. Advocate on my own behalf, the way I do for others, and focus on my overall health and fitness.


  11. No, resolutions- only goals. Less pressure to fail!

    1. Get back into the healthy habits I had in March of 2013. Whole foods, regular gym time, more going out and seeing the world. Bring my lunch, make our dinners, stop drink so much Diet Crack. Coke. Whatever.

    2. Keep up with our awesome sex life. 😉

    3. Write at least 4 more books in “Club Imperial”, 2 more in Silver Soul, and find time to write “White Wolf” — I need to get that out of my head (it’s been in there for 18 years- time to move out!)

    4. Advocate for Mental Health. I think I finally found an organization I can get behind, and I’m going to look into it. Maybe some day, I’ll even write a story about us and our continuing journey through Schizoaffective Disorder.

    5. Take our Anniversary Trip to Hawaii. 10 Years- that f**king deserves it.


  12. Tory

    Spend less time on the computer when my degree is finished in March and get back in shape after the new baby is born. Happy New Year Sable!


  13. lipstickandtea

    Love your list! Lots of great stuff! My list is 1. Eat better 2. publish some of the romance stories I’ve written. 3. Travel somewhere I have never been to. 4. Walk in the local Stop Domestic Violence walk/race.


  14. Wow!!!!! I have no words after reading yours other than YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!
    I hope to get back on track after 15 months of health issues I want to start living again
    I’m writing a book I have over 50,000 words so far. Hope I can continue to read books at the rate I am reading over 500 in15 months
    Grab a hold of life and take it on the best journey I can. Do things from my bucket list


  15. Cheree Millspaugh

    I am going to buy myself a Hitachi!
    I wll tell my family I love and appreciate them more often
    I WILL quit smoking!
    I will enjoy more wine
    I WILL find out what happened to Aron!
    I will eat healthier
    I will buy new shoes
    I will buy new clothes
    I will quit hanging out in my pj’s all day
    I WILL find out what happened to Aron
    Happy New Year, Sable!!!


  16. Shirley Bastian

    GREAT resolutions Sable ~ thank you for sharing them. Mine is just to live my life better than I did in 2013. Happy 2014!!


  17. wendy duncan

    My resolutions for this year-
    1. get out more and do something not just stay in the house.
    2. find someone who wants to be with me.
    3. Live my life not just exist.
    4. stop being late everywhere I go.


  18. Ashley

    Travel more
    Show my emotions more (people tend to think I am cold hearted)
    Become more comfortable in crowds
    Be less OCD about things lol


  19. Amanda

    You have some really good resolutions. I may steal a few. Here are a few of my goals.
    1 Make a little me time.
    2 Vocalize what I want and need.
    3 Work on better communication with my husband.
    4 Show more appreciation.
    5 Let go of the little things.


  20. Sheryl Rhodes

    My list would include not working as much. . In 2013 my life came in second to my job. I also want to spend quality time with my family. And finally I want to continue my love relationship with my husband of 39 years. Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks 😉 LOL


  21. Aimee Judy

    I need to better about keeping up with my share of household chores. I need to show my wonderful husband how much I love and value him.


  22. My 2014 Agenda :
    Work harder,Love, Play, Help, Care, Give, Take, Travel, Enjoy, Be wickedly Naughty, Be Happy as much as possible, Wine & Dine – Make Dreams come true.


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