Looking Forward

To 2014 of course!

2013 was a year of change for me. Not only did I leave my day job and start writing full-time, but in addition to writing for Ellora’s Cave and Samhain, I decided to indie publish as well and Her Royal Masquerade is doing very well. And I’m loving every minute of it.

HerRoyalBodyguard_300x200-ARe2014 will be a busy year for me. I’ve finished writing book #2 in my Her Royal Romance series and if all goes well, Her Royal Bodyguard should be live early in 2014.

After almost getting kidnapped, Princess Angelina is swept away by royal bodyguard Rico Santori to a small, secluded village for her protection. Always the good girl, the obedient daughter, the proper princess, Angie’s tired of putting her own desires – her own life! – on hold. She could have been killed in the kidnapping attempt and never known the ecstasy of making love with a passionate man. Angelina has had a crush on the strong, loyal Rico for years and while they hide out, pretending to be a newlywed couple, she decides to practice her seductive skills on him.

This is Rico’s last job for the royal family. He’s leaving to build his own life, opening his own security firm. Angie is smart and pretty but she’s royalty and he’s just the hired muscle. But as the days go by, her attempts at seduction try the calm patience he’s known for. He warns her they can only share a bed until he returns her safely to the palace.

But when danger strikes again, it may be too late to explore the love they never expected to find.

PlayingForReal-R-1The last book in my Paolo’s Playhouse series from Samhain, Playing for Real, releases in a little over a month. Release date for this erotic romance is February 4th, but it’s available for pre-order now.

Paolo Mancini’s needs are simple: a committed relationship with a submissive who will let him love and care for her. But after a long, heartbreaking string of relationship failures, he’s beginning to think the perfect woman for him simply doesn’t exist.

When Julianne Barnes steps into his playhouse for one night of bondage sex, she blows him away with her beauty, sass and bravery. She could be the one…if she will allow him to show her how to weave bondage and submission into her life. And hopefully, into his.

Julianne keeps her craving for soft ropes, dark blindfolds, and strong fingers apart from “real life”, where this successful businesswoman doesn’t need anyone telling her what to do. Yet Paolo’s lyrical, steel-under-silk voice affects her body in ways that make her want to offer up her soul.

Slowly, delicately, Paolo tantalizes her closer to the idea that fantasy and reality can live as one. But to convince her it’s safe to open the last compartment protecting her emotions, he’ll have to expose his greatest vulnerability. His heart.

Warning: Features a petulant sub looking to live out her fantasies and a sexy Dom looking for love of the forever kind. Contains an intense sex-with-a-stranger fantasy, ropes, chains and a spanking. Or two. Or more.

Later in the year, I’ll have another release from Samhain. The Cottage Next Door, a contemporary second-chance-at-love romance will release in early September.

In the meantime, I hope to have more contemporary royalty romances released in 2014. Book #3, Her Royal Mistake, will release mid-2014.

So, yeah 2014 looks to be a busy year. I can’t wait!

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2 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. ronnie c

    Can’t wait to read this book!!!


  2. natashamoore

    Great to hear it! 🙂


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