Fun with Your Lover

I have a whole list of things for making a relationship work, but we’re not talking about relationships today.

What we all want to know is how to have fun in the sack?


Yes, you need to laugh in bed while under your lover, screaming at how they make you feel.

The joy of the moment and the journey to fulfillment should be entertaining.

So how do we achieve this?



Mix it up…

new places – bed, floor, couch, kitchen, bathtub, etc

new positions – change who’s on top, standing, sitting, 69, etc.

new games – master/slave, innocent student, break out a camera, strip poker, etc.



This can take place minutes, hours or days before you jump your lover.

Tease daily with ideas of what you have plan to do next time your between the sheets –

“I want to run my tongue over you, tasting every inch of you before I …” then hang up the phone.

Put a chocolate kiss in your lover’s briefcase.

Meet at your lover at door in a nightie.

I believe you’re getting the point…

Hope these idea help you find the bliss you’re looking for from your lover. If you need a daily dose of romantic ideas, check out my blog for a more ideas.

Here’s to a night of fun with your lover,

Anita Philmar


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