Sex Dolls, oh my!

Sex dolls are so much fun. How do I know? I recently worked with 4. Tyrone and his companion Tammy, and John and his companion Judy.

Some author friends and I used sex dolls to help in a workshop we held for Romanticon 2013. We soon found out our dolls had a mind of their own that often ran to the perverse and we were more than happy to be their partners in crime.

We started off with letting the dolls get to know each other.


You know, so they wouldn’t have performance anxiety when it came to perform for the workshop.


Things got freakier from there.


Tammy and Judy took a liking to each other.


There was a wild foursome.


Now they were ready.


They performed like champions.  It wasn’t all work and no play though.  Tyrone got to take a break and play bingo.


John became my sub.


Judy got to ride off into the sunset with the Ellora’s Cave crew.


And Tammy, poor Tammy was last seen with Josa Da Hood from EC.


Tyrone, John and I are praying for her safe return.


Sex dolls…gotta love ’em.

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4 thoughts on “Sex Dolls, oh my!

  1. LOL! Great post.


  2. Laurie P

    OMGoodness, what a hoot. But did you learn anything?


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