Getting naughty with The Other Man!

The Other Man photo TheOtherMan2_850_zpse5c5ee7b.jpgHi everyone! The Other Man is out, woohoo! This is the 4th book in the West Coast series. To celebrate the release, Revenge, Book 1, is free right now, so be sure to get your copy! Details at the end of the blog!

For those of you who read The Boss’s Daughter, you’ll remember Spencer Benedict. In fact, the tagline for his book came to me as I was writing The Boss’s Daughter. Here it is!

For every hotwife and her husband, there’s always the other man.

And Spencer Benedict is the perfect other man.

Until he meets the woman for whom he wants to be the only man.

The first half of the story takes place in Florida. Now why did I decide to choose that locale for the beginning of the book? Easy answer, I went on vacation in Florida! And of course, I wanted the trip to be tax deductible. It’s not just a matter of visiting different sites. There are scenes in the book that could only come from the whole experience. For instance, hubby and I went house-hunting for our retirement. So there’s a house-hunting scene! On the way to Ocala, we ran into a thunderstorm that knocked a tree across the road, so unfortunately we never made it there. My favorite city was St. Augustine and the Castillo de San Marcos. You’ll find all that in the story, and quite a bit of my imagination because all thethings that happened along the way did not necessarily occur in real life, LOL! You’ll have to decide for yourself what was real and what wasn’t! Here’s the complete blurb.

Zoe Hudson has a most unusual marriage: she plays while she’s away on business, and Keith, her husband, is dying to hear all about her naughty activities when she returns home. It’s certainly an unconventional arrangement, but it works perfectly for them. Until Zoe meets Spencer Benedict and a five-day liaison away from home turns into something more. Should she risk making Spence her full-time other man? If she does, her husband will want to know every naughty detail. He’ll probably want to watch, maybe even participate.

Can a hotwife satisfy both men in her life? Or will this other man spell disaster?

I decided to choose the excerpt for today by picking a page number. And here’s what I found on page 24! This scene takes place after Zoe’s first erotic episode with Spence, during which he took a photo of her sucking him and sent it to her husband. As you may have guessed, there are some naughty words and images in this excerpt, so be prepared!

The Other Man

Copyright 2013 Jasmine Haynes

Zoe couldn’t believe she’d run out. It was the photo. It was those words. She couldn’t stay.

Her phone rang when she closed her hotel room door, as if Keith tracked her movements.

“That is one fucking hot picture, honey,” he said when she answered.

“You liked it?” She knew it was good. That was the problem. The look on her face. As if that was the only cock she’d ever wanted, ever would want.

“It’s good enough to jerk off with, sweetheart. You’re one hot mama.”

She’d tried not to let that bother her. It wasn’t that Keith didn’t feel anything sexual, but he never truly got hard, certainly not hard enough to make love to her, and he had to work at having an orgasm. The problem was he didn’t seem to be able to work at it with her. She’d suggested he jerk off while she used her vibrator. That was certainly dirty enough for his tastes. But he’d shied away from it, as if it exemplified his problem. Being with her was pressure; he couldn’t perform. Things only worked for him when she was away, when she was with another man, when she made her phone calls and sent him pictures. She told herself it didn’t mean he no longer wanted her. Performance issues were as much mental as physical. She was repeating the doctor’s words.

“That was a hot idea having the other man call me. I almost came listening to you. Was he good? Did you get a pic of him fucking you?”

Usually the aftermath with Keith was better than the act itself. When she told him all the details, when he talked her through another orgasm. That wasn’t true this time.

“With what he did using the vibrator, then sucking him, I was exhausted. Couldn’t handle anymore.” She sank down on the bed and flopped backward, one arm over her head. She’d left the curtains open and, just as in Spence’s room, moonlight spilled across the carpet.

Keith didn’t mind they hadn’t gone all the way. “He was big. Could you take him all?”

“No. I could only manage about half.” He’d been thick and hard, his come more sweet than salty. She closed her eyes, remembering the feel of him between her lips, the taste, the overpowering scent of man dizzying her.

“Are you going to fuck him tomorrow night for me?”

Her eyes snapped open. “We have a rule about only one night. I don’t want them to start pestering me.” She was afraid to go back to him. What he’d done to her had been too good. She hadn’t even needed to speak to Keith. She didn’t want to share it with him now either.

Let me make love to you with my mouth.

Seeing Spencer Benedict again was not a good idea. Not good at all.

“Only having one night was your rule,” Keith said. “I’d love it if you fucked him every night you’re in Florida. The more the merrier. I’ve never seen a cock that big take you. I want it. I want a pic of his cock breaching you, filling you.” Keith’s voice seduced her. “Video it for me.”

Her breath quickened. She imagined watching Spence take her over and over. Shuddering with renewed need, she slid her hand down her thigh, pulled up her dress.

“Give me another night, sweetheart,” Keith cajoled. “Just one. I want it bad. I want to put the video on the big screen and watch it with you.” He dropped his voice low. “I want to watch you masturbate to it, to come at the same time you come up on the screen.”

God, it was the first time he’d suggested anything like that. The images Spence had painted for her down in the bar came back to her now. “He said he wants to have me with another man there, too. He wants to shoot a video while the other man’s fucking me and call you, describe every second of it.”

“That’s too fucking hot.” Keith’s voice was deep, guttural. “I like this guy. He’s perfect.”

Yes, he was. That was the problem. She hadn’t even been nervous taking off her clothes for him. He’d completely seduced her.

“You want two men, sweetheart?”

She shook her head as if Keith could see her. “It’s better as a fantasy. But I knew you’d like the idea.” She probably shouldn’t have mentioned it. Now Keith would pester her.

“I love it. Fuck him tomorrow night. I want him to call me when he’s inside you and tell me how it feels when you milk him dry.” His breath puffed. He was stroking his cock.

She wanted to touch herself, but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to examine why. She was sure she wouldn’t like the answer.

But she’d give Keith the words he needed. “Whatever you want, baby.” Baby. It was what Spence had called her. “I’ll fuck him so good for you.”

It was an excuse to say she was acquiescing to Keith’s demands. She’d search out Spence tomorrow because she wanted to.

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