Help wanted: I need character names peeps!



Use this as a writing prompt too, but I’m needing some ideas for character names for a new contemporary.

It’s a BDSM series (4 books), and this couple is who the first book is about. Hero is a cop, and my heroine is a massage therapist.  Sounds like good times, eh? I know.

What do you guys think?


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22 thoughts on “Help wanted: I need character names peeps!

  1. Laurie P

    Travis Hope and Lori Wymer. And yes, it sounds like a great series


    • Layna

      Thanks, Laurie! Those names are great. 🙂

      I’ve been trying for nearly a year to find names that fit with them, and I haven’t found anything that I like.


  2. I like Rafe for a copy (Rafael formally) and Sarah for a massage therapist…


  3. Luke Andrews and Hannah Evans


  4. George McIntosh and Evie Roberts


  5. mary

    Vivian and Knox.
    Maxwell and Simone.
    Sybal and Lexi
    Wade and Missy
    Vincent and Garnet
    Sam and Sarah


  6. Becki Wyer

    I’ve always loved the names Nico and Caleb for men. How about Becki for a woman lol?


  7. caleb and Jazz
    Connor and Helena
    Max and Emma
    Liam and Skye


  8. Tina

    Mick (Michael) and Lindsey


  9. Chase and Fallen
    Dominic and Sasha
    Dante and Cassandra
    Dylan and Charlie (girl)


  10. Mitch and Natalia
    Rex and Gia
    Gage and Tori (Victoria)


  11. Jacki C

    Trixie (I know it sounds like a strippers name) and Blake
    Jill and King
    Jen and Mike
    Carly and Ryan


  12. Steve Barnett
    Tom Turelle
    Jackson Cates

    Stormy MacAdams
    Joanna Young (he can say her name really breathy in those hot and heavy moments)
    Bernadette Carlos

    I’m just throwing these out there. I love making up names for characters!


  13. lmasterson350

    Garrett and Lila


  14. How about Colton(Colt) and Chasity.


  15. Some of these names are fantastic Layna, can’t go wrong with any of them! I really like that suggestion of Maxwell & Simone — just seemed to strike me. Good luck choosing though LOL *g*


  16. Sabrina Taylor

    How about Daxx McCoy and Cianne Sage. Could use each name separately as well. Daxx, McCoy, Cianne, Sage. Love these names.


  17. Mary Roya

    If your writing can match the passion and mystery in the photo doesn’t matter what their names are….I’d be hooked.

    Felix and Carmen


  18. Ashley

    Blu and Wes


  19. Alan

    What about Ewan or Ifan (the Welsh spelling of Ivan) or maybe Call um would be a suitable name.
    I did think your female could be Davinia, shortened down to Vinny or Davi or Davy. Perhaps Olivia giving Livid or Ollie as nicknames.
    Just throwing out ideas


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