Pulling Together the Perfect Gift for You!

When you hear the word “swag,” what do you think of?

I have a difficult time trying to decide what kind of author swag to give out. Lip moisturizer, hand sanitizer, chocolate, pens, more chocolate. What is it that makes a perfect giveaway that you’ll use forever?

I like to something that is easy for convention-goers to take home; not too big, not too heavy, not too breakable.

Here are a few things I’m considering, and I’d like your input.

The Media Lounger. You put your phone or iPod on it. It comes in purple!


The Magnifying Mirror. Small and compact, yet very handy.


The Travel Mug. A little larger, but maybe more useful.


The Light-up Cowboy Boot Mug. Fun for parties, but maybe not as practical.


What are your favorite things to get from an author? Would you rather just have a paperback book handed to you, or do you like getting fun stuff?

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14 thoughts on “Pulling Together the Perfect Gift for You!

  1. Larri

    I like practical things…and books😃. The iPad stand, the compact mirror and travel mug all appeal to me. Pens, notepads, bookmarks.,bottle opener keychain, whistle keychain. About 10 years ago I attended a convention where I was handed one of those rubber jar openers. You know the kind… for hard to open lids. I still have it and I used it the other day. Some things, like the light up boot mug are a little more fun, but honestly I would probably just toss it. I like stuff I can use.


  2. wyndwhisper

    i like them both. the travel mug and the little stand are great but the boot is a lot more fun. and of course i never say no to another book!

    tammy ramey


  3. Emma Fitzgerald

    I like practical things too. Pens are great as I can throw them in my handbag and hand them out whenever I can. Notepads, keychains, magnets, bottle openers on a keychain (my husband loved this one!) The compact mirror and iPad stand appeal to me but not the travel mug or boot mug. I will forever love getting signed paperbacks too. They are my pride and joy and have their own bookshelf!!


  4. Ava Curtis

    Just anything thank you keep writing


  5. I love getting books, of course, but swag is awesome too!! I’m a total book geek and get all fan-girl with my favorite authors, so I might not count. LOL. I LOVE that travel mug! The mirror is cool too.


  6. My favorite swag, bar none, is an autographed book, followed closely by ebooks or gift cards for books. Recently, I received a book-themed lollipop (heroine owned a bakery/candy shop) and a set of trading cards, with facts about the characters in a series. Super creative.


  7. I’m appreciative any any swag authors give away. All the various goodies that authors have given away are fun so I can’t really say I have any preference to type of swag. I received a large mug/soup bowl in a giveaway from Mia Ashlinn that I’ve had to keep my BFF from stealing. LOL! I’m going to have to get her one of her own. 🙂


  8. Karen Henderson

    My favorite is a signed book but it love the iPad / phone holder idea
    I am also collecting magnets


  9. ronnie c

    I love the coffee mug!!! I’d use it forever!!!


  10. JeanMP

    I like any swag an author gives away, though autographed books top the list. I like the idea of the travel mug and the magnifying mirror, but very useful.


  11. Sabrina Taylor

    In answer to your question about swag, I think the coffee mug and the Media Lounger are great ideas. I love the different types of swag that is given out by authors. Hope this helps.


  12. Armenia

    My immediate answer is signed books. But on the fun side, something lighter for the author to tote around, I prefer magnets with the authors books on them. I just received a really cute coffee mug/glass coaster with the author’s books in a series. Beautiful, and its flexible made like a mini mouse pad. It’s Jaci Burton’s Play-by-Play series and I can’t take my eyes off the hunky chests and abs on the pad.

    I’d love to see your hunky cowboy series on something like this. 🙂


  13. Cindy Hamilton

    I like all of those ideas!


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