What fun things can you do in The Naughty Corner!

The Naughty Corner released on October 1, and I’m so pleased with the reviews so far. It was a Top Pick on Night Owl Reviews! I thought I’d give you a brand new excerpt. Just for fun, this scene is a shopping trip that Lola (my heroine) and Charlotte (Lola’s BFF) take to buy some intimate apparel.

The Naughty Corner

The Naughty Corner

Copyright Jasmine Haynes

“Ooh, I found the perfect thing.” Charlotte held up a thong with a small ruffle along the back elastic. Made of sheer lace, it was practically see-through.

Yes. Gray would love that. He’d pull it off her with his teeth. Reaching out, Lola flipped over the ticket. And damn near had a heart attack. “For a scrap of lace?” she gasped.

“It’s cheap for hot sex that lasts all night long,” Charlotte countered.

“I couldn’t.”

“Of course you can. It’s only money. And when was the last time you paid more than a couple of dollars for panties?”

“Never.” But Lola took the small hanger, stroked the ruffle, put her fingers behind the lace, and saw that it was indeed see-through.

“Live a little,” Charlotte whispered, the naughty little devil on her shoulder.

She was thinking, she was deciding, she was almost there—

Her phone chirped with an incoming text message. It was probably the twins saying they were done. She hung the panties back on the rack, then retrieved her phone from her purse.

It was not Harry or William. Her heart beat faster. It was Gray. She glanced up at Charlotte, who was looking at her with a knowing gaze.

“Go ahead,” Charlotte mouthed as if Gray might hear. “Read it.”

Lola opened the message and absorbed his words.

I want to tie you facedown on my bed, blindfold you, and take you with your legs spread wide for me.

A flush heated her entire body. He’d written a full sentence, no shortcuts. As if he were whispering in her ear.

“Oh, you must tell me what that says,” Charlotte hissed.

Lola hugged the phone to her chest in case Charlotte tried to grab it.

“Tell”—Charlotte narrowed her eyes—“or I will never speak to you again.”

Lola didn’t believe her, but she told Charlotte anyway. “He wants to tie me facedown on his bed and have his wicked way with me.”

Charlotte put a hand to her chest. “Oh, I like this guy. He is so hot. And I bet he’ll do it, too, the next chance he gets.”

He would. He’d already tied her up and taken her on the couch.

“Okay, type back that I say he should put a pillow beneath your hips and—”

“Charlotte,” Lola snapped.

She shrugged. “Okay, fine, spoilsport.” She grabbed the see-through ruffled thong off the rack. “Take a picture of this and ask him if he wants you to wear it for him.”

“You’re joking.”

Charlotte sighed. “Clearly you are not used to sexting.”

“Sexting?” she echoed.

“Sex texting. Now take a picture and send it to him.” Charlotte extended her arm, and fluttered the hanger like a matador waving his red cape at a bull.

Lola’s pulse raced as she pushed the camera button and framed it up, only the tips of Charlotte’s fingers showing. She snapped the picture and hit Send, then typed a brief message.

Shall I buy this for you?

He was quick to reply.

Do I have to wear them or will U?

She laughed.

“What?” Charlotte hissed.

“He wants to know if I’m going to make him wear them.”

“Oh yes, I really, really like him. Tell him he has to wear them for you, of course.”

She could actually imagine all that masculinity trapped behind see-through lace. “Oh my,” she said on just a wisp of breath.

“Oh my is right. Now tell him.”

She didn’t question that she was taking pictures of lingerie and sexting like a teenager—though she could only hope that teenagers did not sext; they were too young. It was fun, it was sexy. It took the edge off an otherwise not-so-great day.

What size are you? she typed.

Extra-extra large.

Lola read back his answer, and she and Charlotte laughed together.

Then a second text followed the first before she had a chance to reply.

Buy his and hers.

They went into peals of laughter. The salesclerk glanced up. A woman six racks over turned their way. On the other side of the cash register, a man—balding, midforties, a bit of a paunch—examined a pair of silky boy shorts. She hoped they were for his wife or his girlfriend, but after what Gray wrote, she couldn’t be sure.

“Oh, you have to buy two pairs,” Charlotte said, wiping at her eyes.

But Lola was busy typing.

If you put on the panties, then I’m going to spank you in them.

“What are you saying?” Charlotte wanted to know.

Lola sent the message without telling.

U can spank me or make me wear women’s panties, not both.

She bit her lip as she read his reply.

“What, what?” Charlotte elbowed her and tried to peer at the phone.

“He says I have to choose. I can either spank him, or I can make him wear women’s underwear.”

“Oh baby, you have to spank him. That is so hot.”

Lola noticed the one man in the department had moved closer. He might actually have been trying to eavesdrop.

She typed without saying another word.

I choose spanking. When do I get to do it?


I hope you enjoyed this excerpt of The Naughty Corner. Here’s where you can get your copy today! Amazon B&N Books a Million iBooks.

I also want to introduce the new cover for Revenge Sex, West Coast, Book 1. I love it! I’ve also given the book a title change to Revenge. Please let me know what you think of the new look.

West Coast, Book 1

To celebrate the new cover and the fact that Book 4 will be coming out Nov 2, I’m putting Revenge up for free. Right now it’s free on iBooksAll Romance, and Kobo. I’m working on getting the other venues free. Of course, if you already have Revenge and you’re enjoying the West Coast series, The Other Man, Book 4, will be out on Nov 2. It can be preordered on iBooks, B&N, and Kobo.

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3 thoughts on “What fun things can you do in The Naughty Corner!

  1. Jacki C

    OMG – I have to buy this story!


  2. Julie Mishler

    Nothing better than a little black dress and sexy heel…


  3. Loved the excerpt and great cover on Revenge.


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