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Yes, there’s Halloween sex. Who knew? The guy I’m seeing right now subscribes to this men’s magazine. I tell him it’s the male version of Cosmo. He didn’t like that very much – but it is. They have all of these articles geared to guys to help them with their relationships, their clothing selections, trendy places to travel and eat… Hell, it may even be put out by the same company. Every time he comes home with a new brand name piece of clothing, I know I can check the advertisements in this publication and find out just where he learned of yet another thing he can’t seem to live without. Ha! In some ways men and women are a lot alike.

This month, there were several seasonal articles, but the one that caught his eye was the one which suggested new (not to me, after all I write smut) and inspirational positions to have sex. Well, last week – he brought me a cup of apple cider and asked me to choose which ones I’d like to try for the holiday. Now, the man knows I love Halloween. I go all out. I decorate. I dress up. I make homemade popcorn balls. I watch scary movies. When the kids come to the door, I try to scare them before I give them treats.

Not this year. This year I’m having Halloween sex. In fact, we’ve been trying out some positions to see which one might be the best one to celebrate All Hallows Eve. Of course, this is Sable we’re talking about here. So, nothing – and I mean nothing – happens without incident. Nothing goes smoothly. Nothing cums off like it should – I am cursed! And a klutz! But I do have a good time…

You should have seen me. I snatched the magazine from his hand and while he popped candy corn and swigged a yoo-hoo, I made a list. And these are the ones I chose and how it all played out! Let me share.

SEX POSITION NUMBER 1 – GHOST RIDER – What was funny was that Chris didn’t read the article, or at least not very closely. He looked at pictures, got all horny and pounced on me to make his dreams a reality. I do have a fun side, it’s not very wide, but it’s there. So, I prepared – with a grin on my face. I read the directions and set out to seduce him wearing a black shorty gown that plunged low in the front sans underwear. Oh, I went all out! I put music on the stereo, had remote in hand, set him on the couch, straddled him and went to work. He was loving it! I kissed and nibbled, stroked and petted. I pushed the gown down to my waist and let him have a Mounds treat. I played with his joy stick until he was ready to explode, then I did just as the magazine article suggested. With a flip of the switch, I put on the theme from Ghostbusters, draped my unsuspecting sweetheart in a sheet with eyeholes and proceeded to ride him till he almost fainted. All in all, it was a goodtime… except – I had forgot to shut the front door and just as soon as I desheeted him, I heard a rumble of amusement behind me. It was Chris’s friend Derek – he had caught the grand finale. Perv.

Our peeping Derek did not deter us from further experimentation.

SEX POSITION NUMBER 2 – BOBBIN FOR BOOBIES! Okay, I’m mean. I chose this one for two reasons. Number one. I have a breast fetish. Yea, I’m a girl, but I’m pretty well obsessed with breasts. I love to have my played with and sucked, so if there’s a choice and boobs are involved – you will have me enthusiastically on board. Second, I don’t have a bathtub. I have a monster shower with fourteen shower heads, but I’ve been missing a tub and he has a doozy at his place. One of those corner garden tubs with places for candles and little jets which tickle you in all the right places. Now with this one, I let my imagination run wild – all in the hopes I didn’t accidentally drown him. I filled the tub to the top, added some bubbly bath salts and spread out candles and candies all along the rim of the tub. Now, the idea was for him to bob for my bosoms sorta like for apples. So, I took one of his silk ties and bound his hands behind him and blindfolded him to boot. After helping him carefully into the tub, I settled down in front of him  – – and my God! – – I must say this suggestion was sinfully enjoyable. He might have had no hands, but his mouth had unerring accuracy. Dang! He got into it – sucking and nibbling and rasping me with that day’s growth of beard. I came twice and begged for more – then he went diving and I lost my mind. All would have been well – but he has this cat… Now, you can’t blame me, I was incoherent with pleasure and didn’t see that furry feline petering around on the back of the tub. When the moment of ecstatic release came – I screamed – scared the cat – who knocked over the candles – which fell in the tub – which burned his butt – – hahahaha – well, you get the idea.

              SEX POSITION 3 – SLEEPING BAT – Hahahahaha – just thinking about this makes me laugh. I’m going to have to write this one up in a book. The idea was supposed to be the girl hanging upside down in the shower over the bar and then mutual genital play should ensue. Now, here’s the problem – firstly, neither one of us has a shower bar. Our showers have these marble walls and glass doors and nobody is gonna hang from my glass doors on my shower cause I paid an ungodly amount of seven thousand dollars for them and I’m not going to warp them for an orgasm! However, Chris loves to work out and he has this inversion table where you stand and your feet are behind this bar, so when you are turned upside down, the bar keeps you in place and you are literally hanging there like a bat. Well, I’m shorter, so I volunteered to be ‘inverted’ for the sake of the sacred rite of 69.

Now, his workout stuff is not in the house, its in a man-cave out by his workshop, all the male chest-beating accessories are in one convenient locale. Here we go, traipsing out for the sake of yet another exotic, erotic experience. Now, remember, I’m a klutz. I don’t even try to deny it. I’m like Traveling Man, one of my cats. He can merely be walking on the bannister of my wrap-around porch and step off the side, ungracefully falling in a lump on the floor. That’s me. Well, we got nekkid. He helped me get into position and all the while he was chuckling and getting more and more aroused – danged near poked my eye out.

Well, there I hung. I will have to admit, I’ve never been upside down before – well, not on purpose anyway. And for a while, I got all excited. I mean – who wouldn’t? One of my downfalls – hahaha – in a situation like this is that I tend to lose concentration. When I’m being pleasured, I can’t keep my damn mind on my business! And the man is good! So good! Too good… I got all excited – wiggled around – moved my feet and fell off the crappin inversion table and right square on my pumpkin head! I yelped, and groaned and carried on till he helped me up, laid me across the hood of his pickup truck and gloriously finished the job! And later I returned the favor….

SEX POSITION 4 – – well, this is my choice for tomorrow night!! What do you think? Here’s the plan.  THE SCARECROW – –  Chris doesn’t know it yet. But here’s what I have. The idea is to tie the guy to the bed – hands outstretched like a scarecrow and then he isn’t supposed to react when I do wild and wicked stuff to his helpless, gorgeous body. I doubt he can remain still after I get all over him like white on rice, but we’ll see.

The kicker is, I’ve decided to take it a step further. I’ve got a black light, orange paint and I’m gonna doctor all of our good parts so I can tell where all the important stuff is supposed to go. But before that – while he’s all tied up with nowhere to go. I have this genie costume – yea, Dream of Jeanne – and I’m going to give him 3 wishes. I’ll let you know later what he picks!!

All, in all. I’d say this Halloween has already been fun. I wish you much happiness. And lots of TRICK OR TREATS!!!!        

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Help wanted: I need character names peeps!



Use this as a writing prompt too, but I’m needing some ideas for character names for a new contemporary.

It’s a BDSM series (4 books), and this couple is who the first book is about. Hero is a cop, and my heroine is a massage therapist.  Sounds like good times, eh? I know.

What do you guys think?


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Black Tuesday

I love interesting little tidbits and have accumulated a mass of useless information just in case I’m ever a contestant on a quiz show. While everyone is preparing for Halloween around here, I checked out what happened this day in history.

October 29, 1929 Wall Street crashed. In reading the crash had taken place over several days with the culmination ending on Black Tuesday. That day the market traded sixteen million stocks,* the Dow lost thirty points and the market lost fourteen billion dollars.

I don’t usually write historicals, but I can definitely see a story idea in that day in history. Actually I wonder how sugar was trading during that time period?

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic




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Great Reviews for Her Royal Masquerade

HerRoyalMasquerade_300x200-AReMy newest release, Her Royal Masquerade, is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and iTunes. It’s gotten some great reviews I’m thrilled to share with you.

“I have read and loved Natasha Moore’s stories with curvy heroines. After reading this book with a non-curvy heroine I must say that this author knows women of all sizes and makes it an obvious pleasure to read about them. Mia Holmberg is a sweet heroine whom I couldn’t help but admire. … Vittorio is a prime example of a royal Alpha male used to getting his way in all things and I enjoyed watching his struggle when things were not going as he’d anticipated. I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series and felt as if the author were teasing me with the brief preview so now it’s a countdown!!”
~ Venus Cahill 4.5 stars

“Prince Vittorio and Mia suck you in from the first sentence and have you wanting to see how it can possibly work out for them to both end up happy. … Is happy for now enough? When the laws literally keep you from happily ever after, can you be content with a glimpse at true happiness? That is the big question for these two. I truly enjoyed the journey with these two. There is just something so special about both of them. … I truly hope y’all enjoy it as much as I have! :)”
~ Day Dreaming Book Reviews

And another sexy little excerpt:

He took her into the bedroom, opened the door to the balcony and brought her out into the night. A few lights from the neighboring towns still shone in the distance. The glow from the city was visible beyond the hills.

“This is my life. This is my prison,” he told her. Mia slid her arm around his waist and leaned against him, lending him her warmth and strength. He gestured to the lights before them. “These are my people. I have responsibilities to them. It is a duty I cannot escape.”

She gasped. “I would never ask you to give up your duty to your people.”

“I know.” Still, it was tempting, so tempting, to grasp this way to keep Mia beside him always. But Vittorio knew it would be incredibly selfish to abandon his people for a woman.
Even a woman as warm, as loving, as perfect as Mia.

He turned to bring her into his arms. After a long kiss, he opened her robe. Her eyes widened, but she didn’t stop him when he slid the robe from her body. He knew he shouldn’t use her this way. Shouldn’t use sex as a distraction.

But it was only when he was with Mia that he could pretend there was a part of his life that was his own.

She was silent as she helped him shed the clothing he’d thrown on when he hadn’t been able to sleep. His body was already hard and ready for her. He was always that way for her, but he wanted to make sure her body would be ready to take him.

Vittorio dropped to his knees before her and she gasped when he pushed her back up against the railing and spread her legs apart. He lifted one of her feet and brought it to his mouth. He loved the erotic noises she made when he kissed her ankles. He’d discovered that on the first night they’d spent together. So he nibbled on one ankle and then the other before he placed her feet flat on the floor of the balcony and then leaned in for another kind of kissing.

His mouth found her slick flesh and he flicked his tongue eagerly through her feminine folds. Mia gasped again when he spread her wide with his thumbs and found her tight little button of nerves. Her hands dove into his hair and her hips moved, bringing her core closer to his seeking mouth.

“You are so sweet,” he murmured. “I love your taste on my tongue.”


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Kallypso Masters guest post and giveaway

Some people put down Erotic Romance novels, or any kind of Romance novels, as inane trash or even refer to it as porn. All I have to do is open my daily e-mails or look at these postings and private messages to know that what I write makes a difference. I’ll proudly continue to write and share my stories about wounded (but NOT broken) people finding hope, love, and healing.


Since I wrote Masters at Arms in 2011, I have gotten so many messages from people saying how my Rescue Me series affected them–and, in some cases, changed their lives. I strive to write books that will touch readers’ hearts and be more than a temporary escape to be forgotten after each “the end,” but some of the stories from readers have gone beyond my expectations. For instance, I knew child sexual abuse survivors would find healing in Nobody’s Perfect. What I didn’t expect was to hear from three readers telling me that they asked their hubbies to read it and that, for the first time in years (or even decades), their husbands understood what they’d been trying to convey but couldn’t put into words.

Recently, I asked readers on my Facebook timeline and Facebook author page to share their stories. I welcome yours in this blog, too, so please post them in the comments below. I’m looking for even minor ways a character or story line touched you. So don’t worry what someone else says, but if you had some kind of epiphany (aka Oprah Aha Moment!) or just came to see yourself in a different way after reading them, please share! Responses here are viewable by the public. So, again, if your story is too private to share publicly, feel free to e-mail me at Those commenting (either telling their own story or commenting on someone else’s) will be eligible for a drawing. See below.


And here are some that I’d like to share with you (some from public posts and some private ones):


I wanted to thank you (like many others probably have) for writing such amazing stories! I’d heard of people saying books had helped in personal situations but never experienced that myself, until I read yours. I was sexually abused as a child and again at 19, had the counselling, suffer depression but never found an outlet that helped. Just reading your books has helped massively with my demons and for that alone… THANK YOU!


I have to say that Nobody’s Perfect affected me the most. I was molested by my uncle from the ages of 9-12. So when I read Savi’s issues about being touched and how she views her body I thought “that is me.” I’m [age-withheld for anonymity—several decades older] now but I still have issues with my body…I don’t like being touched either. For a long time I would hide under baggy t-shirts and jeans and it’s only been in the last couple of years that I have learned to show off my figure a bit more. I tend to dress tomboyish and I know I sometimes get mistaken for being gay because when I get nervous around a guy I tend to act kind of boyish. I think this is my defense mechanism going into place.

I think the most profound section of the book for me was when Damián did the breathing technique with Savi. Breathing for her… I broke down and cried and cried. I can’t adequately describe how it made me feel but it touched me in a way no other book ever has… I want to say thank you for validating what I’ve been feeling all these years. Although my experience isn’t as brutal as Savi’s we still share the same emotional scars. I’m still looking for my Damien and I’m hoping one day I find him.


Your Masters at Arms/Rescue Me series was very heartfelt. I laughed, I cried, and I felt the pain of their active duty stories. I am an Army wife for the past 27 years, and I was a Navy brat before I got married. My husband has been deployed to Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan, he made it back and alive, but we did have someone we considered family, a brother, and Uncle to our kids who was KIA in Afghanistan 9/29/2010 trying to save another soldier. He was Special Forces Medic. I enjoyed reading your books. They gripped me and I found them hard to put down, but I do have to work [on an Army base] for a family clinic, so I also see some of our patients in the clinic that have been wounded. My oldest daughter served Army for 6 years in mortuary affairs. She is out now, and the deployments affected her. She is labeled PTSD and goes to the VA. So yes, I relate in so many ways. Thank you for your books, your writings, your stories, and for the pleasure I had reading them.


I know this will sound silly in comparison to those that have found healing through your books, but for me these stories have really renewed the passion in what I want to do with my life. I have known for years now that I really want to help those with PTSD, especially veterans. I have a Masters in psychology, and am trying to go for a Ph.D., and I have worked and done research in the VA system. And it’s for these amazing veterans (like Damián) who have PTSD, or need help readjusting to civilian life after war. I think I’ve gotten bogged down in how to get there, but when reading your books, I remember thinking “This…this is why I want to help.” I remember the people at the VA and the passion I have for helping them somehow. I don’t know if I’ll ever get there or how much help I’ll be, but I really want to support those who have given so much for us.


Secondly, I’m also with a women’s center that works with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Sometimes, I can’t help but think “maybe I’m helping a Savannah or a Cassie.” Mostly, I just give information and refer to support groups and counseling or other resources, but sometimes I’m the first person that a survivor has talked to. It means so much to me that they get the support they need to leave the situation they are in or heal from what they are dealing with. Sometimes it’s hard to hear their stories and help them decide what to do. I mean, sometimes I can’t stop thinking about what someone has been though, or I have really bad dreams for quite some time. Kally, your characters are so real, and sometimes they help me remember why and how much I really want to help both populations I work(ed) with. Especially when I’m feeling a bit…lost.


When I first read this series, my husband and I were already married 24 years and have 4 kids. Obviously we were doing something right. But, it’s almost like we were missing a tiny piece of something, but didn’t know what it was.


I found your books, and our lives changed for the better! In particular, Nobody’s Angel affected me more. The struggle of Angelina wanting the lifestyle, it actually gave me the courage to express to my husband what I wanted. I became more open with him, read parts to him and was able to say “I want that!” He listened… Oh boy, did he listen!


With your resources listed, we researched techniques and safety. We joined an on-line community, and have made several new, wonderful friends! We just celebrated our Silver Wedding anniversary this past spring, and I will tell you without hesitation, this past year has been the best yet!!


I am proud to be married to a Marine. But as a side effect I am also married to a man with PTSD. After reading Nobody’s Perfect I saw my husband in Damián with nightmares and triggers. One of the main symptoms of PTSD is the need to control every situation in order to feel safe and secure. So one night I decided to try light bondage on my husband and by him letting me have control he was more relaxed and didn’t feel he always had to control every situation. That he could rely on me.


I got your books after my son Dane had taken his life after struggling with PTSD for 4 years. I saw my son in your men, so much, that it was hard to get through them without crying my eyes out. Damián reminds me of Dane. These books hold a special place in my heart, I know that Dane would have loved them too. Oh he would have blushed and flashed his handsome dimples, but he would have devoured them. When the evenings get tough and I find my heart hurting, I pick up one of your books and connect with all of them again. Your books make me smile and give me that push I need to continue to help our wounded warriors. So thank you Kally from the bottom of my heart. [For a beautiful photo of Dane Sattler, please see the dedication page of Nobody’s Perfect (also visible in the previews if you don’t have the book). Sue found my books soon after Nobody’s Hero was published and she touched my heart with hers and Dane’s story.]

Oh, and if you haven’t see my Facebook and Twitter posts, Somebody’s Angel is slated for a December release! No specific date yet. Cover reveal will be on or after Nov. 25, and I’ll post it here on the 27th of next month, as well! I should have a release date set by then, too!



To one commenter chosen by a random number generator, I’ll be giving away a swag pack (trading cards, Masters Brat button, two pens, bookmarks, promo card), “Eyes on Me” hand fan, and e-book of the winner’s choice (including the next release, Somebody’s Angel as a gift from a major bookseller that permits book giving. Prize open to international winners.

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The House of Erotica Witching Hour Anthology

Hi everyone,

hoewitchinghourIt’s the run up to Halloween so I’m sure everyone is inundated with skeletons, witches, pumpkins and all manner of spooky stuff. So I thought I’d wade in with something of my own.

House of Erotica just published their Witching Hour anthology, which contains thirteen spooky stories, including mine, A Party to Remember.

Here’s the blurb:

Inside you will find thirteen spooky erotic stories. From shapeshifters to wild nights with the dead there’s a theme to suit everyone.

Stories from Victoria Blisse, Isabel Holley, Nicky Raven, Heather Lin, Vanessa de Sade, Gemma Parkes, Tilly Hunter, Lucy Felthouse, Elizabeth Black, Nephylim, Annabeth Leong and Daddy X.

And here’s an excerpt from my story:

I slicked on a last coat of scarlet lipstick, blotted, and grinned at myself in the mirror. I looked every inch the vamp; tight black corset, leather pants and killer spike-heeled boots. My pale face, smoky eye makeup and slutty lip color completed the effect. I was ready. This was going to be a Halloween to remember.

I dug out the party invitation to double check where I was going and headed off. When I got there, I managed to find a space on the street to park my car, then made for the venue across the road. On closer inspection, I was impressed. I mean, I knew this party was going to be something special, but I was completely blown away. These people had seriously gone to town.

People can decorate all they want to make their houses look spooky and creep out little kids (and some big ones), but some places are so sweet that they just don’t achieve the scary factor. This place, however, needn’t have bothered doing a single thing.

Set back from the road, it was necessary to walk down a hedge lined path to get to the door. Once there, the house’s presence was pretty intense. Dark and looming, it was gothic at its best. It was on three stories, with turrets and balconies and various spiky bits. Add to that the maniacally leering pumpkins, hanging skeletons and cobwebs, and the result was something that could have been the haunted house in any theme park. I liked it.

At the door, I was spoilt for choice. I couldn’t decide whether to pull the bell chain or use the gargoyle door-knocker. With my love of all things grotesque, I was certainly getting the goodies that evening.

Deciding on the bell chain, I sniggered into my hand as it made a noise so loud and theatrical that it was like something out of a horror movie.

I soon stopped laughing when the door opened. Stood there was the hottest guy I’d ever laid eyes on. He had shoulder length brown hair, stylishly tousled. His eyes were a rich brown color, set in a face as pale as my own. He smiled, his lush lips curling up to reveal startlingly white teeth with rather pointed canines.

“Hello,” he said, stepping back to allow me entrance as I showed him my invite, “please come in. Normally I’d offer to take your coat, but you don’t appear to be wearing one.”

He turned to face me after closing the door. “I left it in the car. I’m only parked across the street.”

“I see,” he said, and I stood awkwardly before him, as he appeared to be appraising me. His eyes raked down my body, taking in my attire. His gaze strayed a little longer on my throat, no doubt admiring the beautiful choker I was wearing; black leather with a jewel-encrusted cross in the middle.

“You look good enough to eat, my dear,” he announced once he’d finished studying me. “Forgive me. Your beauty is such that it has made me forget my manners.”

He held out his hand. “I am Dracula.”

I felt the corners of my mouth twitching, and I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing. Sure you are, buddy, I thought. Oh well, for one night of the year you get to be anybody you want. It was just a bit of harmless fun. Who was I to deny him?

“I’m Tawny,” I replied, shaking his hand. It was cold. Of course it was. The guy probably kept running to the kitchen to stick his hands in the deep freeze to keep up the pretence. He was taking his vampire costume very seriously. Oh well, hopefully he’d loosen up after a few drinks.

“It is wonderful to meet you,” he said, bringing my hand to his lips. He lingered there a little too long, and I resisted the temptation to pull away. He had looks, style and manners. The perfect gentleman. But he was sending shivers up my spine, and not in a good way. The way he was adopting a posh European accent was freaking me out, too. It sounded so real that he must have been practicing for weeks before the party, just so he could sound like his paranormal idol.

“Okay, buddy,” I sighed, bored of the pretence now, “I’m gonna go and get a drink. Catch you later.”

“I hope to see you later, my dear,” he said, with a nod and a bow.


Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over eighty publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include Best Bondage Erotica 2012, 2013 and 2014 and Best Women’s Erotica 2013. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies. She owns Erotica For All, and is book editor for Cliterati. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

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Find Love in Sanctuary, Montana…

Find a little love in Sanctuary, Montana…

Sanctuary in Submission – Lara Valentine

Finding Sanctuary – Alicia White

Pleasure in Sanctuary – Melody Snow Monroe

Trust in Sanctuary – Corinne Davies

Splendor in Sanctuary – Jane Jamison

Secrets in Sanctuary – Zara Chase


The Sanctuary, Montana series is six books written by six different authors, but all six are part of one cohesive series. Similar to the Spirit, Colorado, and Sunset Point series both released by Siren Publishing, Sanctuary follows various characters of the town as they find themselves in ménage relationships. I asked the ladies of Sanctuary, how they felt about writing a group series and Melody was kind enough to share this insight…

After having had a wonderful experience working with such talented authors for our Spirit, Colorado series last year, we decided to do another collection—only this time, we wanted to have a more cohesive plot and added in a bit of more conflict. We chose to have two ranch families who’ve been at odds since the Civil War. It was great fun coordinating across all of the books.

Alicia White told it well, when she said, “Writing is generally considered solitary. Having the opportunity to write with other ménage authors has been incredible. I felt even more inspired when writing as a team.”

I speak for the rest of the team when I say it was a privilege to work with these ladies again. We added the talented Jane Jamison, and when one member had to step down, the wonderful Corinne Davies came to our rescue.

Take a moment to look at each of the six Sanctuary, Montana books and their authors. There is an enormous wealth of talent here and I for one can’t wait to read the series beginning to end!


Sanctuary - Lara ValentineSanctuary in Submission

Lara Valentine


Six  lucky women will find out that when men fight hard, they love even harder.
Aubrey Maxwell has had it with her men, Noah and Riley McLean. They’ve made promise after promise and broken every one.  She has no choice but to lay down the law and hope they toe the line.
Noah and Riley know they’ve screwed up, but they love Aubrey with all their hearts. It’s time to cowboy up and act like men. Old habits die hard, however, and soon they’re back in the dog house begging for forgiveness.
When Aubrey’s threatened by an admirer, keeping her safe becomes paramount. She’s not thrilled they’ve swept in and taken over her life, but they’re not taking no for an answer. Aubrey wants to believe her men will be there when she needs them, but she’s been burned so many times. It’s going to take a miracle to get her to trust them again.


Finding SanctuarySanctuary - Alicia White

Alicia White


Sophie Miller has lost hope.

She’s on the run from her violent ex-husband with her twelve year old daughter, Alice.  They end up heading to Sanctuary, Montana hoping that her ex won’t be able to find them. With money tight and feeling uncertain about the future, Sophie turns to the only person in town she knows and trusts… her cousin.

Mason and Alex McLean come from a wealthy family.

When Mason spots Sophie and Alice at the grocery store in town his protective instincts surface. There is just something about the sad woman that calls to him. Becoming her hero is easy, Mason does everything is his power to turn her frown into a smile, even offering her a job at his ranch.

Will Sophie be able to let go of the pain from her past? Will she ever be able to trust and love again or will her ex-husband run her out of another town.


Pleasure in SanctuarySanctuary - Melody Snow Monroe

Melody Snow Monroe

Six lucky women find out that when men fight hard, they love even harder.

When veterinarian, Dr. Hailey Hunter, takes a two-week stint in Sanctuary, Montana, she never expects to meet the men of her dreams. Ranch owner, Jackson Baldwin, not only is to die for sexy, he’s a man in control—that is until he finds out his father has cancer and his roommate, Tanner Crenshaw, has a thirteen-year-old son he just learned about.

Tanner is shocked to learn he has a son, but he’s determined to raise him and love him. Because the boy’s mother just died, the eleven-year-old attaches himself to Hailey. While she adores the boy, when her stint is up, she must find a full-time job as she has college loans to pay off. When she’s offered a job in another state, all hell breaks loose in Sanctuary, and she’s torn between earning money and being with the men she loves.


Trust in SanctuarySanctuary - Corinne Davies

Corinne Davies

As a forensic genealogist, Jocelyn Richards spends all her time delving into other family’s histories as a way to avoid dealing with her own. She’s quietly hired to find the information needed to put an end to a centuries old feud between the Baldwins and McLeans but never expected to find her future while investigating the past.

Eric and Matt Baldwin are cousins, who have grown up like brothers. Life in the fire department hasn’t been risk free. After an accident that almost claimed Eric’s life, they both moved back to their home town to build a future and train a new generation of firefighters.

Matt grew up with the firm belief in love at first sight. When they meet a woman in town to do research on a book, Eric is tempted to believe it too. But, there are more secrets to Jocelyn Richards then he first believes and when the feud flares to life again she is caught in the middle.  Will the history behind a centuries old feud drive them apart before they can create a future?


Splendor in SanctuarySanctuary - Jane Jamison

Jane Jamison

Six lucky women find out that when men fight hard, they love even harder.

Tatum Baldwin has loved Josh and Will McLean since high school. But the feud between the Baldwins and the McLeans means they’re off limits. When the McLean men come back into town, Tatum’s ready to make the move and claim them as her own. But what if her family finds out?

Will and Josh McLean are tired of sneaking around to be with Tatum. Yet family and the feud make it hard to go public. Just as they’ve finally convinced Tatum to take the risk, an unexpected discovery throws their world and their families into turmoil.

Will they keep their secret? But secrets have a way of coming out, especially when they’re buried in treasure.


Secrets in SanctuarySanctuary - Zara Chase

Zara Chase

Farah McLean is driven from Sanctuary, Montana, by the dispute that has raged for years between her family and the Baldwins, keeping her from the love of her life, Drew Baldwin.

A detective in nearby Billings, she returns home, having been shot in the line of duty, to find Drew is also back in Sanctuary, along with his buddy Isaac Kincaid. When she discovers that Drew left Sanctuary because of his feelings for her, their love for one another can no longer be suppressed.

Drew and Isaac share everything—including Farah—but their relationship can’t go anywhere without destroying their families, unless…with time and determination on her side, Farah uses her detection skills to delve into the origins of the dispute.

Will she be successful, and will the stubborn patriarchs of the two clans accept her findings, even if she is…


For a limited time, the whole series is being offered at Siren for a discount!

Purchase all six books here:

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Pulling Together the Perfect Gift for You!

When you hear the word “swag,” what do you think of?

I have a difficult time trying to decide what kind of author swag to give out. Lip moisturizer, hand sanitizer, chocolate, pens, more chocolate. What is it that makes a perfect giveaway that you’ll use forever?

I like to something that is easy for convention-goers to take home; not too big, not too heavy, not too breakable.

Here are a few things I’m considering, and I’d like your input.

The Media Lounger. You put your phone or iPod on it. It comes in purple!


The Magnifying Mirror. Small and compact, yet very handy.


The Travel Mug. A little larger, but maybe more useful.


The Light-up Cowboy Boot Mug. Fun for parties, but maybe not as practical.


What are your favorite things to get from an author? Would you rather just have a paperback book handed to you, or do you like getting fun stuff?

“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
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Showing up with Flash…Gordon, that is

You’ve got a Halloween date. Your guy shows up in a clown costume. You give him a once-over, wondering WTF you were thinking when you agreed to date this man. I mean, you’re not interested in running your fingers through his curly rainbow hair or reaching for his package in the car and squeaking his horn.

*click for sound effects*

So what does your guy’s Halloween costume really say about him? Here are a few common ones. Let’s analyze them, shall we?

 photo pirateroyfree_zps43168bee.jpg

Clown–playful and carefree. A jokester. Or he has a darker, horror movie type personality. Be afraid. Or ask him to juggle his balls.


Male Stripper–if your man’s brave enough to dress as a male stripper, he’s either trying to show off his muscles or he’s poking fun at the muscles he doesn’t have. Maybe he has a paunch and embraces it. That’s a sexy thing! Roll with it. Maybe you can dress up as a lusty woman in the audience, complete with a margarita, smeared makeup, and a fistful of money.


Spiderman–he has a dual personality. He is Peter Parker. No, he is Spidey. This sounds like a good opportunity to push his limits in the bedroom, just sayin’.


Prisoner–In most cases he is being playful. When he is covered in single-needle tattoos that say COPS ARE PIGS and didn’t need to rent his costume, you should think about finding another date.


Baby–wearing diapers is never cool, even if your man is geriatric. Slam the door in his face.


Woman–I’m on the fence about this. I would laugh my ass off if my man showed up with jumbo boobies wearing pantyhose. However, if he preens a little too much, I would begin to question things. Of course, if you’re into that, Happy Halloween!


Ax Murderer–I loves me a lumberjack. Have you read BLOWN DOWN or UNTOUCHED? If he’s covered in real blood and acting shifty, call 911. For reals.


Disney Prince–Aladdin, Prince Charming, Prince Eric–these are all signs that your man has 1) mommy issues; 2)is possibly buzzed; 3)has old pictures of himself in this costume with his ex-girlfriend, who is the princess. Walk away, friends.


What is your favorite male costume? My spouse once dressed as the Uni-Bomber. What do you think that says about him? LOL


Thanks for reading!

Here’s a steamy excerpt from my upcoming 10-22 release ZERO TO LOVE!

 photo EP_ZeroToLove_coverin_zpsaff0b448.jpg


In a city where humans are the minority, a supernatural race called Mindchangers feed off human thoughts. Across an inky parking lot, Mindchanger Monroe sends his powers after his prey—university teaching assistant Magda Brunelli—and is unable to drink from her.

Disciplined Monroe refuses to wipe out important thoughts or memories from humankind, rendering him forever a starveling. He desperately wants to take from Magda but finds her mind has been emptied.

Groups of renegade Mindchangers known as Free Wills mill the streets, using their thought-consuming abilities to erase the minds of humans. Monroe is ordered to spy on the Free Wills, who are believed to be amassing an army with intentions of ruling the city. They also happen to be hunting for Magda.

When passionate and impulsive Magda throws herself into the underworld of the supernaturals—and into Monroe’s muscled arms—she learns that her past is shadowed by a dark family secret, and her future is a confusion of unwelcome sexual advances and renegade attacks. But in loving Monroe, she uncovers a hidden part of her that will change her life and the fate of the city.

Monroe claimed her mouth with an abruptness that stole her breath. The crush of lips wasn’t enough—would never be enough. She needed a bite, a sting. Was that how it would feel if he fed from her?

She wrapped her arms around his neck, tugging him down, down.

He slanted his mouth over hers and plunged his tongue deep. He tasted woodsy, like smoke and lust. Her nipples peaked and her pussy squeezed, releasing a flood of juices. The scrap of lace covering her sex dampened.

“More,” she whispered between gulping breaths.

He groaned. The rumble vibrated all the way to the marrow of her bones. Then he finally did it—sank his teeth into her lower lip and tugged until she quaked with a rush of desire.

Her head dropped back, and she reveled in the sensations he raised in her. His body, lean but muscled, aroused parts of her she didn’t know she had.

Her bare thighs against leather maddened her, and she wiggled.

“Fuck,” he grated out, rocking his erection against her ass. Lust raged through her body. Had she ever been so out of her head?

No. Only with him.

His smile stretched over her mouth as he obviously read her thought. He nipped her lips until she was gasping; then he bathed the hurts with his tongue. This was the harshest kiss she’d ever received—especially for a first kiss—and she hungered for more. More nipping bites on her breasts, belly, pussy.

He tore away, panting hard. Under her hands, his chest rose and fell.

She traced the sharp lines of his cheekbones, his straight nose, and his unsmiling mouth set into an angular jaw. “You’re hungry, and I can’t feed you.”

“You don’t want to go there anyway, Magda.” He grasped her upper arms and lifted her effortlessly, placing her back into the passenger seat. At the loss of his heat, goose bumps broke out over her, but the real ache was in her chest.

“I don’t want to go there, or you don’t?”

At her thought, he swung his gaze in her direction. In the darkness, piercing eyes glittered black instead of green. “Dammit, I don’t know what to do with you.”

Em Petrova
~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~

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New release-Two Hot to Handle

Macy James didn’t ask for two hot firefighters as neighbors, and she sure didn’t plan on falling for them both. But she can’t possibly choose one over the other. They’re sweet and sexy as sin, but also best friends, co-workers and roommates. There’s no way she’s getting between that. But when getting between them suddenly becomes literal, she would have to be crazy to say no.



Macy James tapped her toe impatiently as she waited for the always slow elevator and hoped it didn’t smell like piss in there today. Normally she didn’t bother using it, but with her arms full of groceries and her legs still burning from yesterday’s run, she didn’t want to even try the stairs.

The run had been an attempt to get her sexy firefighter neighbors out of her mind, but unfortunately it wasn’t effective at anything but making her legs hurt like hell. And because of it, three floors seemed too intense a climb with the heavy load. Hell, she could barely hobble along on flat ground today. Yep, it was completely pathetic.

The elevator door finally dinged and opened. Macy set down the heaviest bag before she pressed the button for the third floor but then

they walked through the building entry and her foot reached out a little too eagerly to stop the elevator door from closing.

It was the polite thing to do, if only she could convince herself that was the reason she did it, that it wasn’t because she wanted an excuse to be stuck in a small space with them, even if it was for less than a minute.

Jake and Tristan, her neighbors for the past six months, exuded sex appeal in jeans. They were both hot as hell. Bulging muscles rippled beneath two plain white t-shirts. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on either of their six-foot frames, and she had to remind herself to breathe as they got into the elevator with her.

“You guys look beat. Long day at work?” She was just starting polite conversation with her neighbors. Really. But her pussy sure as hell shouldn’t be throbbing like it was.

“Yeah.” Jake ran a hand through his hair, dark and thick, and she wished she was the one running her fingers through it—as he kissed her, rough, taking everything.

Jesus, Macy, get a grip.

Get Two Hot to Handle at: Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or All Romance Books

Sky Robinson
~Add a little sexy to your day~
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