Can They Write Enough Songs About Big Butts?

The answer to the question in the title of this blog: No!

I was staring off into space thinking about all the songs about women with bit bottoms. I was doing this instead of writing the book I need to finish, so to derail any guilt I felt, I decided to blog about it! (Writers are sneaky, aren’t we!)

Remember the movie This Is Spinal Tap? It’s a crazy British rock parody, and just hilarious. Their song, Big Bottom, has the naughtiest lyrics:
Big bottom, big bottom
Talk about mud flaps, my girl’s got ’em
Big bottom drive me out of my mind
How could I leave this behind?

Another British band (this time a real one) Queen, sang Fat Bottomed Girls. The chorus:
Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round.

I remember a wedding reception where the groom got up and sang karaoke to his new bride. Sir Mix-A-Lot’s song, Baby Got Back. (Imagine my hubby, Kick, and I sitting next to his folks when this started. Yikes!) Here’s some of the lyrics:
I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can’t deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung, wanna pull out your tough
‘Cause you notice that butt was stuffed
Romantic, huh? The best part was, the bride was on the dance floor all alone doing the bootie dance. I thought my FIL would combust!

One of my favorites big-ass songs is Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins. It was actually after seeing him in concert that I got the idea for Chase and Seduction.
There outta be a law
Get the Sheriff on the phone
Lord have mercy, how’s she even get them britches on
That honky tonk badonkadonk

Down below, (no pun intended!) I’m sharing the scene from Chase and Seduction where Chase is singing his big bottom song and trying to seduce Reno at the same time. Whew, I know I’d go for it! Enjoy!

shirtless wet muscular man in jeans and woman hands, studio shot

Blurb of Chase and Seduction – Book 1 of the Hot Country Series: Country music superstar/actor Chase Tanner has yet to be denied anything–and he’s never wanted anything or anyone more than gorgeous screenplay writer Reno Linden. So when the film they are working on is finally finished, Chase decides to turn up the volume on seducing Reno.

Reno Linden lived a quiet, rural life until she was thrust into the Hollywood scene when her book was adapted to film. Chase Tanner is larger than life, sinfully sexy and hell-bent on getting her into bed. Skittish after a failed wedding engagement, Reno risks the plunge into Chase’s arms, and is surprised that her good girl self can keep up with bad boy Chase.

Though Chase returns to his cowboy roots often, and Reno cherishes the time spent with him on his ranch, the two find their careers pulling them in different directions. Will their attraction survive the glitz and stress of fame?

Excerpt from Chase and Seduction – Book 1 of the Hot Country Series: Reno sensed his presence before he got close.

“She’s got the curves, and I got the nerve, to take her for my own.” Chase sang, coming up behind her.

She started to turn, but he grabbed her around the waist and pressed himself against her ample backside, swaying them both to the music. His chest felt rock-hard against her back, and his big arm pressed up against the bottom of her breast. His hips ground into her butt.

Too many people were staring, nudging each other, and grinning. Breathless from the embarrassment, her head started to spin. Weak woman that she was, she shook with a burst of lust that burned low in her belly. God, how she wanted this man. He was pure temptation and her hands itched to grab his thighs and give him a wicked grinding in return.

She snapped back to reality and stiffened her body against her own response.

He was coming on strong. Strong enough to make her wish she could get her friggin’ moral compass to point another direction, just for one naughty night.

The band’s lead guitarist started a blaring, wailing solo on stage, which drew people’s attention away from her. Chase bent his head and his breath warmed her ear. “My trailer. Ten minutes.” He released her and his booted steps faded as he headed back to the stage.

She nearly fell backward. His trailer. Alone with him. A chill of desire shuddered through her, puckering her nipples into tight points and forcing blood down low to swell her tingling, needy lips. She wanted to lie on his bed and watch him kiss a path down her body, settling between her legs, his cowboy hat brushing her thighs as his tongue flicked…

“Oh no you don’t.” She spoke the words to herself. What was she thinking? If she had a car here, she’d leave the party right now. How else could she avoid temptation?

Beatrix came back with their beer. “Your face is as red as this cup. What did I miss?”

Tracy beamed. “Chase stopped by for a visit.”

 “Oooh.” Beatrix moved closer. “What did he say?”

Reno shook her head and took her beer. “Nothing. He was just working the crowd.”

Tracy leaned closer. “Reno, I saw his lips moving. What did he say?”

She shot her a warning look. “He asked why I hang out with such annoying women.”

Beatrix and Tracy laughed. “Did he give you his room number?” Tracy wiggled her eyebrows.

Reno rolled her eyes, anxious to end this conversation. She sipped her beer, looking at the stage where Chase finished the set with some wild gyrations and jumps.

“Thank you.” He tipped his hat to the cheering crowd, and the band took a bow while their sound guy put in a CD.

Chase left the stage and disappeared through the door leading to the next sound stage where the actors’ trailers were housed. Where he’d be waiting for her to join him.

She looked at her friends, desperately needing a distraction to keep her from thinking about him. But they were both grinning.

 “You liiiiike him,” Beatrix sang.

Reno stared down into her foamy beer. Yeah, she did like him. Too much. She could easily fall for him and start dreaming of a happy ever after. But she was a farm-raised, small-town girl. A man like Chase would use her up and stomp on her self-esteem like two thousand pounds of Brahma bull.

Right then she resolved to ignore him, pretend she wasn’t horny for him. She’d convince herself she didn’t want to run after him, pin him to the bed in his trailer, and ride reverse cowgirl on him all night…


What other big backside songs can you think of?

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10 thoughts on “Can They Write Enough Songs About Big Butts?

  1. I am old enough to remember Kenny and their song ‘The Bump’. It’s not technically about big butts but it was rather risque for the times. Bumping butts on the dance floor was all the rage 😀
    Part of the lyrics are:
    Knick-knack paddy wack now you’re standing back to back
    Knick knock on the door bump your baby a little more
    Knick-knock feelin’ fine do the bump just one more time


    • Randi Alexander

      Ilona, that’s great! I’ll have to look up that one. And yes, that was pretty spicy for the days of extreme censorship!


  2. mathlady68

    This season on America’s Got Talent one of the acts was the song B Double O T Y. Here’s the link: Luckily, they give queues to let you know what to skip over!


  3. Brenda

    Baby Got Back and Honky Tonk Badonkadonk were the only two I actually know. I googled ‘big butt songs’ (if my kids do a history check they’ll think I’m nuts!) and I didn’t know any on the Chicago list but then most were rap and I’m a country girl at heart! LOVED the excerpt from the book and I can’t wait to read it!!!!!!


    • Randi Alexander

      Thanks for your efforts on the big butts songs, Brenda! Could we have listed all the non-rap songs already? I’ll have to talk to the CMA and request they have some written. LOL And I’m glad you liked the excerpt.


  4. Randi, the only other one that I’ve heard is by LL Cool J, Big Ole Butts, and has way too many lyrics and is explicit. Essentially, the guy in the song goes from one big butted woman to the next. LOL! And I loved this book!


    • Randi Alexander

      I haven’t heard of that one, and now I’m a little afraid to! HeeHee! Glad you liked the book. I’m working on the sequel right now.


  5. LOL Great list Randi!


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