Best Bow-chica-wow-wow songs ever

I had so much fun talking about this on another blog that I thought I’d let the smutters get in on this piece of action…

(Repeat Blog – but I’ll call it throwback Friday)

There’s something to be said for making love (having sex, doing the do, fucking, screwing…however you wish to refer to it as) to theme music. Whether it be playing loudly over speakers or listening to it through headphones, the music you listen to can have an impact on the pace, mood or position.

When the mood strikes them, some people bring out their favorite sex toy. I pull out the headphones. It’s nice to have your play list set up beforehand—you don’t want to set the mood right and in the middle of it a totally inappropriate song (anything kid or Jesus related would be considered inappropriate—LOL) comes on.

So with the headphones on, I’m listening to a hot guy (or guys—the freak on me is quite alive) croon about how he would do me, how I should be done or how good it would feel while it’s actually being done. If you have an eye mask, being that out too. Block out everything but the song and what’s being done. This allows me to feel every caress, every kiss, every stroke.

It is…in a word…explosive.

This homework assignment can be for you to do it to your significant other or for yourself. Here are a couple of songs I suggest, along with the sexual position. I’ve also asked a couple of friends to give up their best love making songs. While I do prefer the headphones, I recognize that sometimes you need to play a good song over the loud speakers and go buck wild. That’s fine too.

Artist Song Medium Position

Maxwell                                                    Till the Cops Come Knocking                                       Headphones                                  Missionary

Brian McNight                                         Lonely                                                                              Headphones                                  Riding him

Prince                                                       Do Me, Baby                                                                   Headphones                                  Missionary

Usher                                                       There Goes My Baby                                                     Headphones                                  Missionary

Marvin Gaye                                            Let’s Get It on                                                                Speakers                                          Any

Alicia Keys/Maxwell                               The Fire We Make                                                          Speakers                                         Foreplay

Guess Who                                             American Woman                                                         Speakers                                          Missionary

Nine Inch Nails                                      Closer                                                                                 Speaker                                        Shoved against a wall

Vivaldi                                                      Four Seasons                                                                   Speaker                                           Any

Bad Company                                        Feel Like Making Love                                                   Headphones                                    Reverse cowgirl

Play along and add a song or two. Don’t be shy 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Best Bow-chica-wow-wow songs ever

  1. Great suggestions.
    I’m a fan of Barry White for “the mood” too 😀


  2. I’m going to have to check out a couple of these songs. I’ve got one to add. Kiss You All Over by Exile.


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