12 Days of Summer Vacation

Oh my, the summer is just sliding by. There’s just twelve days left and then what? We start the countdown for Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Okay. Let’s not mention Christmas although as I write this post I can definitely feel the appeal of cooler weather and maybe a little snow.

However I don’t want my summer to end. I’ve had such a great time. After such a crappy start to the year  and enough drama in my personal laugh to fuel a few episodes of Jerry Springer, I welcomed the month in Durham, NC and recently a week in Cape Coral, FL.

Let me tell you, I didn’t want to leave Florida. The first opportunity I get, I’m moving there and investing in some serious sunscreen. Where else can you walk powdered sugar sand, sight dolphins, do the stingray shuffle and touch a wild baby shark?

Yes, I really touched a shark. The fisherman tossed him back.






And it wasn’t all fun and games while I was there. Work was actually done. I wrote two blurbs, submitted a story and nearly completed with a second book. Oh and I had a book release early.

Take the Cake is now available from Sugar and Spice Press.

Look for it soon on Amazon and All Romance Ebooks.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic.

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