Bad Date Stories?

voluptuous_msr (1)My Curve Appeal novella for Ellora’s Cave, Voluptuous releases next Friday, Sept 6th! I’m so freaking excited about this story. I loved writing this story. Loved writing a couple “real” characters, the kind of people you’d meet in your daily life, and giving them a really sexy hook-up.

But one of the other fun parts of writing this story was the bad date stories. Meredith and Sam both had their share of bad dates, as I’m sure we all had. They try to one-up each other with their horror stories. This was one of Sam’s:

“It’s your turn,” she said, her voice a little breathless.

His slow slide up her thigh stopped and he gently squeezed her flesh. “My turn?”

She settled in closer, shoulders touching, thighs rubbing, hands a little hungry for more. “For another bad-date story. Surely there was someone worse than the greedy woman who just wanted you to buy her food for the next week.”

Sam smiled and resumed his voyage beneath her dress. The waves of arousal swimming through her system grew larger and more insistent. She was glad she hadn’t worn a tight dress. The waitress came and they ordered another round of drinks. This would have to be her last one, and then she’d have to get some food in her stomach. Her head was whirling slightly but it was more from the man beside her and the intimate way he was touching her.

Meredith shifted in the much more comfortable seat, dropping her leg slightly to give him better access. She barely worried about what he thought about her fleshy thigh. The liquor had apparently done a good job of lowering her inhibitions.

“There was the woman who took her cat with us on our date,” he said. “The furry thing was curled up in her lap the entire time. She petted it and talked to it for the entire drive down the coast. I might as well have been their chauffeur. ”

“Maybe she was afraid you were going to try to get in her lap and she wanted protection.” She laughed louder when the thought hit her. “Ha! She was petting her pussy so you couldn’t.”

Sam joined in her laughter. His fingers had made it to the edge of her panties. Any worries she had about her thick thighs went flying from her mind when he skimmed a finger down the wet center.

How about you? Got a bad date story you can share?

Voluptuous – coming Sept 6th – pre-order now
Her Royal Romance – coming October 2013
Playing for Real – coming Feb 4, 2014

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2 thoughts on “Bad Date Stories?

  1. lisagk

    Thanks for the post. Added it to my cart.


  2. not really a bad date experiences, but bad relationship, yes.


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