Kallypso Masters Excerpt and Contest

Chance to Meet two of my BDSM Subject Experts at a Convention in October

I’ll be featured at the Indie Romance Convention in Lebanon, TN, October 4-6. You can still register through Aug. 31. The entire conference (including some meals and light refreshments) is only $125. A room with two queen beds (up to four people) is under $70 at Comfort Suites in Lebanon (but be sure to mention the convention for the discount).

On Friday, Oct. 4, from 4-6:30 p.m., for convention attendees ONLY, I’m hosting a BDSM Intro for the Curious with light refreshments followed by a BDSM demonstration (informative, informal, Q&As, safety emphasis for newbies, etc.), altho I do believe Toymaker, my Dom subject expert, hopes to get his violet wand on the plane as carry on so he can demonstrate that). Shivers He will be joined by his submissive, eirocawakening, who also provides me with input from her perspective.

Please pimp this event out! (For your vanilla friends, just don’t mention the BDSM thing. That’s optional for attendees anyway. LOL)

There also will be a Saturday signing open to the public. Sign up NOW! http://indieromanceconvention.org/welcome/registration/

I’ll also be on a Saturday morning BDSM panel with Toymaker and eirocawakening, telling how they and others have helped shape my BDSM Scenes in Nobody’s Hero and Nobody’s Perfect.

new nobody's hero cover kdp

For instance, it was Toymaker who told me about how he liked to loosen the strands of rope and turn them into a flogger to warm up the skin (and the sub!). Here’s a glimpse of that part in my Shibari scene from Chapter Five of Nobody’s Hero:

“Clasp your hands behind your lower back, just above your ass.”

The abrupt command sent her erotic nerve-endings back on full alert. She straightened her back yet again and did his bidding.

He released her and picked up a red-dyed bundle of rope, unwrapping it and finding the ends. She lifted her butt off her heels and knelt taller for him, her breasts jutting out, erect and proud. She watched in the mirror as he shook out the strands of red rope, preparing to begin binding her.

Instead, he took the strands, threading them between his fingers, and rubbed the cold rope and his warm hands over her bare breasts. The sensual feel of the rope, along with the pressure of his hands, elicited a moan from deep within her throat. This was so different from the demonstration at Marc’s house. For one, her breasts were bare this time. But he seemed to be spending so much more time preparing her.

“That’s right, Kitten. Embrace the rope.”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered. Her heartbeat fluttered. Waiting. Wanting. Needing.

“Breathe, baby.” Master Adam’s voice reminded her of the need for oxygen. She took a deep, relaxing breath. He continued to rub the rope over her breasts, abdomen, mons, even pressing it against her thong-covered clit and pussy, causing a delicious friction there that sent heat radiating throughout her body. Her breath hitched as her nipples became even more engorged. The rope and his hands moved up her arms leaving a trail of gooseflesh in their path. She fought to maintain her kneeling position, but the sensory overload left her wanting to puddle at his feet.

“Breathe, Kitten.”

Once more, she did as he commanded. His hands returned the rope to her breasts and her breath caught when he brushed the rope across her sensitive nipples. No longer able to fight gravity, she sagged against him, her head lolling to the side. His body enfolded hers. His lips kissed the curve of her neck, and then nipped at the tender flesh there. She caught her lower lip between her teeth and panted. Now. She wanted him to touch her now.


How could she do anything else?

He rose, and she knelt straighter, planting her butt against her heels for support. She watched the rope dance in his hands as he prepared it for the binding to come. Her eyelids drifted shut. All of a sudden, the rope lashed her torso, licking repeatedly at her tender nipples. She opened her mouth to scream only to realize she wasn’t experiencing pain, just surprise. He walked in a circle around her continually flogging her with the ends of the rope—touching every exposed area, shoulders, breasts, arms, thighs, hands, butt. The nerves rose to the surface to welcome the sensual lash of the rope.

Just as suddenly, the flogger ceased its stinging motion, and he knelt behind her again, separating her hair into two shanks and letting one fall over each shoulder to cover her breasts. Apparently, this time, he wasn’t going to bind it in the hair corset as he’d done at Marc’s house.

“Bend your elbows behind your lower back at ninety-degree angles and grab the opposite elbows with your hands. Your inner wrists need to be flush against your forearms.”

Karla hoped she did everything he’d ordered in his list of rapid-fire commands. Where did he want her elbows, hands, wrists? Had she done it right?

“Good girl.”

Her body warmed and relaxed at his praise. Her breasts jutted out even further in front of her, making them seem larger than they were.

“If you feel any tingling, especially in your arms, and eventually your legs, I want you to tell me immediately. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Well, it just gets hotter from there as he binds and suspends her, but the foreplay (warm-up) in this part of the scene was totally inspired by Toymaker.

Hope I’ll get to meet lots of you in Lebanon, Tennessee (just an hour or so east of Nashville) in October and you’ll get to meet two of my subject experts and can ask questions of your own!

For those wondering when Somebody’s Angel will be out, I’m told to answer, “When it’s ready.” I’m awful at guessing how long it will take me to write, of course. Definitely by the end of the year, but HOPEFULLY by this fall! Just stay tuned!

Learn more about this and my other books on my Buy Links page at http://kallypsomasters.blogspot.com/p/books-by-kallypso-masters.html. Books are available at Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords, so be sure to go download Masters at Armsand Nobody’s Angel wherever you shop for books. (Angel is 99 cents at B&N, but you can get Nook versions at All Romance eBooks and Smashwords that are free.)

Each month, I’ll share a scene and give away an e-book from my series. If you already have purchased Nobody’s Hero and Nobody’s Perfect, then we’ll put winners on the list to get book five, Somebody’s Angel, when it becomes available.

If you’ve read the first four books and want to join my secret Facebook group Rescue Me Series Open Discussion, please send a friend request to Karla Montague and she will open the door for you. Must be 18 to join. https://www.facebook.com/karla.montague.1

And if you’d like to find Rescue Me and Kallypso Masters merchandise, such as t-shirts and aprons inspired by a scene in Nobody’s Angel that read: “Master Marc can put me in culinary bondage anytime” OR a beaded evil stick similar to the one used in Nobody’s Perfect, as well as signed paperbacks, check out my Kally Swag Store. With each order, you will receive a bag filled with free swag items, as well, including a 3-inch pin-back button that reads “I’m a Masters Brat,” two purple pens, bookmarks, and trading cards. Kally ships internationally. To browse my shop, go to http://kallypsomasters.com/kally_swag.

If you want to enter to win a free ebook (past or future book) from Kallypso Masters all you have to do is comment below and tell me what you think of the above excerpt. BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL so I can contact you if you win. 

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68 thoughts on “Kallypso Masters Excerpt and Contest

  1. Tiss

    The the series, loved the excerpt. Thanks for the giveaway.


  2. Reading this makes want to go reread the series
    Love these books


  3. Wow, sounds like this will be quite a conference! Have a great time!
    elewkf1 at yahoo dot com


  4. ltfrombc

    Love your books. Wish I lived close enough to attend the Romance Convention – but Canada is a bit far away to attend,.:)


    • Someone in Canada needs to organize one. I’d go (well, if it’s 2015 or later–already booked up for 2014). But you also have some great BDSM authors right there in Canada–Sasha White, Bianca Sommerland, and I’m sure many others. So, a bunch of bloggers and readers need to get together and start planning one. Ontario would be a nice central location! 🙂



  5. Laurie P

    How exciting to be able to go to the convention, I’d love to go. And that excerpt was fantastic.


  6. Marcy Meyer

    Loved the excerpt! Thanks for the giveaway chance!



  7. Kristy

    I just finished rereading Nobody’s Hero a few days ago. My favorite book in the series…so far. And that was my favorite scene!


  8. Diana Merritt

    I was so fortunate to get to meet Kallypso at AAD in Savannah. Love these books.



  9. Jen Jeffery

    Yea I agree with the answer “When it’s ready.” : ) Happy writing Kally!!!!


  10. Katrina Parks

    I love these books.


  11. Becki Wyer

    I love the shibari scene with Adam and Karla. Kallypso’s books are fantastic. If you haven’t read them yet, what are you waiting for?
    rmwyer at shaw dot ca


  12. Kathleen

    I am so in love with your writing and characters. Can not wait for the next book!!!!!! Wish I could come and meet you at some point.


  13. Megan S

    Love Kally’s books. Adam is my fav. dom but might get bumped by Luke; I have a soft spot for those cowboys…


  14. One of my favourite scenes from the books, so sensual and Master Adam is my favourite of the characters too!! Love all the books, my favourite BDSM series and gorgeous Marines too!! Recommended it to a few people and they have all come back and said how much they loved it too!! Waiting patiently for “When its ready!” to arrive!! vikki_ryan@hotmail.co.uk


  15. Melissa

    Love the scene excerpt as I do all of Kally’s writing. I wish I could make it to TN. : (


  16. Just reading the excerpt– I’m off for another re-read!


  17. Carla lopes

    I love it when Adam calls Karla kitten *-*
    Thank you for the excerpt! 😀



  18. Claudia kepner

    Love your books! Adam and Karla are my favorites so thanks for the excerpt.


  19. kim sullivan

    Love it! kimsheffield2@gmail.com


  20. Debi

    I love your books. I am waiting for the next one. dmurray21@twcny.rr.com


  21. Ms. Kally, I loved the excerpt!!! I can’t wait for poor, tortured Mark’s story!!! lol! I also hope I win, so thanks for the fun contest! I hope to see you at the conference (I’m still trying to work out the details).
    Cordially, Tracey ( traceytax2@hotmail.com )


  22. Amanda

    Lover the excerpt. I loved the entire series! It makes me want to re-read the again. I am “waiting patiently” for the next book to come out. Love it! Love it! Love it! Thank you for giving us that tid-bit!


  23. I love your books! Love the excerpt and can not wait for the next one.


  24. kgagnon2013

    Oh why oh why do I read this at work?! Love the excerpt, this is a very hot, I love these types of scenes. Thanks!


  25. ❤ the excerpt!


  26. loved it love the excerpt kapa1125@gmail.com


  27. ronnie c

    I love this series and the excerpt!!!


  28. Shannon B

    I love all your books. And this is a great excerpt!! sbackstrom @ gmail.com


  29. Christine Burridge

    Reading this is so reminding if why I LOVE this series!


  30. Claire

    Loved the excerpt, sounds like a great series. Have fun at the convention.



  31. Kimmie kim

    I love this scene…. Freaking hot.


  32. Erica

    Master Adam made me fall inlove with the books…I love all the masters and after reading the excerp I think I am going to go and read the books again.


  33. Rebecca K.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your books. You mentioned a book that Master Adam recommended reading if someone was new to “scene,” Is there such a book? I’m interested in learning more about the lifestyle as I’m thinking of writing my own books. Have any first starts where I should start.


    • Among the things Joni placed in the box for Adam was “Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns,” which is a classic BDSM title. I also like “The Loving Dom” and “The Control Book.” I know I have others, but those are the ones that come to mind. Have fun exploring!



  34. Nicki

    Only recently got into this series. Loved master adam and karla’s story


  35. just finished rereading Nobody’s Perfect and cried all the way through it. I just love this series.


  36. Cindy Gagne-Caron

    After reading Masters at arms and Nobody’s Angel, I’m looking forward to the next one. I love the series so far. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. my ereader follows me everywhere:) After reading the excerpt, I’m even more excited for the next one.


  37. I love this scene with Master Adam and Karla 🙂 One of my favorites 🙂


  38. Cindy Gagne-Caron

    oops, cindyc1963@hotmail.com


  39. ohhhh I so cant wait 🙂 twistedgizmo2000@yahoo.com


  40. Megan Janes

    love all your books, can’t wait for the next one. Will have to read them all again when it comes out.


  41. Carmen

    OMG, can’t wait!


  42. Deborah

    What is there to not love?!


  43. Finest Line

    HOT HOT HOT!!! Is all I can say!! It is super hot and now time for a ‘re-read. You are amazing Kally!!!


  44. Sue Pfannenstiel

    Love it!


  45. Terry Howell

    Inhaled the first four books! Anxiously waiting for #5. 🙂


  46. mathlady68

    This is one of my all time favorite moments in an erotic story or any romance novel. I have told so many people about it. Karla’s trust in Adam is amazing. And the hair….oh, the hair!!


  47. Lori Vick

    i love this series!


  48. I adored the excerpt! So powerful and passionate! kbinmich@yahoo.com


  49. No need to enter me in the giveaway, I just wanted to encourage those who have not read your books yet to give them a try as soon as possible 🙂 These books (and the author) are wonderful. I really wish I were going to TN, but it is just not possible right now on my disability.


  50. Mary Preston

    Did you need to end the excerpt there????



  51. Brenda

    Mary, read the book again! It made me pull it back into my carousel again………..along with the others of course. I just keep torturing myself rereading the Masters series as sort of a fix waiting for Somebody’s Angel….. I will be in Tennessee. This will be the first time I’m close to one of these!!!!


  52. Brenda

    Well I need to read the directions again Too!!! creatingspace@msn.com


  53. Pollyanna

    Can’t wait for book 5 … Love the series…the excerpt reminded me how much I love this series…..


  54. Pollyanna

    Opps email is stewsx3@aol.com


  55. Aly P

    I loved that scene! I think is my favorite from the whole book.


  56. Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and leaving a comment! Glad I chose a favorite scene to illustrate! Good luck in the giveaway!



  57. Armenia

    Wow, that is a nice excerpt. What I love in these scenes is the power exchange, the lure and command of the dominant and the release of worry in the trusting of the submissive. All so sexy, intense, and enticing.

    armiefox at yahoo dot com


  58. LOVE the excerpt 🙂

    thebookcellarx @ gmail.com


  59. wyndwhisper

    Hi Kally,
    I so wish I was going to be able to be at the conference, would be fascinating to talk with your friends and others there. I have lots of questions , like why the flogging didn’t hurt? it should have hurt a little to be flogged with a rope. right? that’s one of the things I love about your books , as hot and sexy as they are they still make me think.

    tammy ramey


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