Do Rugged Guys Do It Better?

Recently I had a discussion with a very good friend about heroes. We have your alphas and betas. But is there something in between?

He isn’t Alcide on True Blood. He won’t mop the floor with anyone who makes eye contact with his girl. But he doesn’t only open car doors for you, bring you flowers, and change your flat tires.

Can Mr. Nice Guy and Mr. Tough Guy make a love child? A son every girl wants? He isn’t a pansy–he’ll still punch your teeth out if you give him a good reason, but he’s a lover, not a fighter.

Beta doesn’t mean less sexy, folks. Here are a few examples from movies:

Orlando Bloom in “Pirates of the Caribbean”
Keanu Reeves in “The Replacements”

These guys wielded swords and took hits on the football field, but they were charmers and softies when it came to their women.

What do you like in a hero? Let me hear your thoughts!

 photo Unbroken72lg2_zps9fb5c0be.jpg

Read on for an excerpt of UNBROKEN, now available for pre-order. In this book, we have an alpha and beta hero. See who you prefer…

Tucker stared at him hard. “What the hell happened, man?”

Was that jealousy he read on Tucker’s face? “It seems Claire was mighty upset by something. So upset, in fact, that she beat the living fuck out of your truck.”

At that, Tucker laughed out loud. “She weighs a hundred and ten pounds dripping wet. How much damage could she have done?”
Christian scraped his fingers over his scalp. “Quite a bit with a baseball bat.”

Tucker’s eyes bugged out, and in a flash, he was on his feet and storming out the door. Christian didn’t budge from his spot, one ear cocked, waiting.
A howl of rage drifted in. A few seconds later, Tucker’s violent footfalls preceded the man.


“I know,” Christian cut him off. “Question is what did you do to her?”

Tucker dropped abruptly to the sofa arm and buried his head in his hands. “I stood her up last night.”

Just as Christian had suspected. Instead of staying with one girl who he might fall for, Tucker ran out and found one to share with Christian.


Em Petrova
~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~

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2 thoughts on “Do Rugged Guys Do It Better?

  1. I love heroes who are tough in the streets and not so rough between the sheets. I love it when a hero makes sure his partner is happy and well taken care of.


  2. Laurie P

    I’ve always wanted to read more stories of the in-between types of guys. Someone in-between an alpha and a beta. And I think all men can be sexy in their own way. Great excerpt, can’t wait to read it.


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