5 Stars & Top Pick for Voluptuous!

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Voluptuous, a Curve Appeal novella from Ellora’s Cave, releases on September 6th, a little over three weeks away. I woke up to one of those great reviews that make me grin like a fool. Voluptuous got 5 stars and a Night Owl Top Pick! It says in part:

“Natasha Moore knows exactly what a curvy girl wants! And this curvy gal wants more Natasha Moore stories!…The heat between these two fairly blazes off the pages and yet for me it was a deeper connection than just the physical that kept my eyes glued to the pages. I cannot say clearly enough just how much I loved this story. I know it is one that I will be reading over and over again.”
You can read the entire review here.

And here’s a little sneak peek at Voluptuous:

Sam got to his feet and helped her up. The momentum brought her into his arms and his lips found hers. She opened her mouth to the press of his tongue and he plunged into her. Meredith sucked on him, mimicking the way she’d like him to be riding her tongue.

He pulled her closer, his palm flat against her back. His hard cock pressed into her round stomach and she moaned into his mouth.

“Sam.” She wanted him now. Needed him now.

“I know, sweetheart.” He gently released her and took a step away. “Stay right there.” He circled around behind her and as soon as he began to tug her zipper down, her urgency fled as self-consciousness rushed in to take its place.

The lights were bright in the room. He’d be able to see her clearly. He might like her big boobs but she suddenly was not at all anxious for him to see the rest of her body. Her thick thighs were bad enough. Her heart pounded as she thought about her jiggly stomach, her enormous ass.

The zipper was halfway down. She brought up her hands to stop the bodice from falling. “Wait.”

“What’s the matter?” He drew the zipper down the rest of the way.

“Can’t we go into the bedroom first?” The bedroom was dark. They could keep the lights off. Most guys wanted to keep the lights off.

“Why?” There was an underlying warning in his voice, as if he knew what she was going to say and he wasn’t going to like it at all.

“Look at all those windows,” she said, improvising. “I’m not an exhibitionist, remember?”

“Sorry,” he said. “I can take care of that.”

He strode over to the bank of window and drew the blinds quickly, smoothly. Her heart sank, her hands still clutched the bodice of the dress to her chest.

Sam turned to her, triumph blazing in his eyes. “There.” He folded his arms over his impressive chest. “I’ll let you do the rest.”

She swallowed. “The rest?”

“Take off your dress. I want to see you now.”

She was frozen in place. Maybe she was being foolish. She knew she had to get undressed to have the sex she’d been looking forward to but maybe it was better to stop this now. Before she ruined everything between them. Before he saw her body and realized he didn’t want to touch her after all. Before they’d both be embarrassed and not be able to look at each other at work ever again.


“I have to go now,” she mumbled. “This was a mistake.” She struggled to zip the dress back up. Sam was beside her in an instant, wrapping his fingers around her wrists and stopping her from her task.

His expression was dark and serious. “A mistake? Are you saying everything we’ve done tonight, everything we’ve talked about tonight was a mistake? I’m a mistake?”

“No. No. You mean more to me than any other guy I’ve ever been with. And…”

“And what, sweetheart?”

“I don’t want to see the look on your face when you get a good look at me. At my body.”

“I said I didn’t want to hear you saying anything like that again. Remember?”

She nodded.

Sam grabbed the shoulders of her dress and yanked them down her arms. In an instant the dress fell to the floor. Meredith crossed her arms over her abdomen as she stood there in her bra and panties. Her face heated as he looked her over, his eyes shadowed. She knew what he saw.

“You are a beautiful woman and it makes me angry to hear you talk about yourself so negatively.” Then an evil grin spread across his face. “I think you need a spanking.”
Voluptuous releases Sept 6th and is available now for pre-order.


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2 thoughts on “5 Stars & Top Pick for Voluptuous!

  1. Congratulations! I have a book coming out in the Curve Appeal range, too.


  2. natashamoore

    Thanks, Lucy. I can’t wait to check yours out.


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