How to Get a Man Hot – or How to Get a Hot Man!

Food. Yep, that’s the secret word. Food can spice up your love life, whether you’ve been married for thirty years, or dating for three days.

My first date with Kick was Thanksgiving Day many, many years ago. He couldn’t get home to the farm for the holiday, and I was invited to my parent’s house, but who wants to eat with the family when you can show off and cook for a hunk!

My mother was a great cook, as was her mother, so I had a lot of hands-on experience. I bought the turkey and all the trimmings – the exact same thing I’d help Mom and Grandma make since I was a girl.

I know what you’re waiting for – you’re thinking it turned out terrible. Nope, it was perfect. The turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, green bean casserole, rolls, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie all turned out delicious. (I started cooking after work on Wednesday, and I don’t remember sleeping at all that night.)

He was incredibly impressed (especially since his mother couldn’t cook.) That night we shared our first kiss, and it’s been wonderful and happy ever since. A few years ago, on his birthday, he walked in the house and I was cooking his favorite sausage from his favorite Italian grocery store to put on a pizza – one of his favorite foods. His lids lowered, his eyes darkened, and he said, “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted you more.”

Of course, after eating all that homemade pizza and drinking beer, there wasn’t a lot of hanky panky going on that night, but I love turning him on with a sensual, delicious meal.

What are your favorite foods – the ones you use to lure in a hot lover?

Here’s an excerpt from the soon-to-be re-released Chase and Seduction, Book 1 of the Hot Cowboy Series:

“Now, for dessert.” Three silver bowls sat huddled together.

He groaned and patted his stomach. “I don’t think I could eat another thing.”

She smiled. “This will be my treat.” Lifting the spoon out of a bowl, she drizzled a thick, dark liquid back into it. “Warm chocolate.” She lifted the spoon out of the second. “Whipped cream.”

“Oh baby. Tell me you got cherries, too.”

“Uh huh.” She grinned and popped a stemmed Maraschino in her mouth, worked her jaw, then pulled out the stem, tied into a knot with her tongue.

“Talented woman.” He looked down as his cock rose up. The rest of him craved a quick nap, but the idea of Reno smearing then licking him with that clever tongue of hers was too much to resist. He quickly kicked off the sheet and rearranged himself on the pillows to watch. “Another fantasy of yours?”

“Something I read in a romance novel.” She took care, testing the chocolate, making sure it was the right temperature. The chocolate thickened as it cooled, and she brought the bowl to his side of the bed. She used the back of the spoon to paint his cock in warm, thick chocolate.

The sensation sent chills across his skin, cooling him everywhere but his hard shaft. As she sat back and he caught a glimpse of her handiwork, a laugh escaped him. “This is something I never thought I’d see between my legs.”

“Sexy, isn’t it? It’s like a monument to your penis.”

“My home town could erect it.” He gave her a smirk.

“Oh.” She grimaced. “You didn’t really say that.” She stood.

“Hey, where are you going?” He pointed to his package. “You’re not done here, are you?”

“No.” Her word was practically a purr. “There’s more.” She took the last two bowls and climbed on the bed, sitting between his legs. “Whipped cream.” She loaded the spoon. “To cool you down.” Spreading it on his balls, she watched his face.

The combination of hot shaft and cold balls proved wildly sensual. His sack compressed close to his body, and he gave in to the extreme sensations of the contrast.

She held up a cherry, plucked it from its stem, and set it on top of his cock. “Mmm. My new favorite dessert.” Then she licked a path from the middle of his balls all the way up his shaft and sucked the cherry—and his head—into her mouth.

“Oh baby.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her sweet face enjoying what she was doing to his cock. Like a volcano ready to erupt, his groin heated and quaked.

Within minutes, she’d licked, sucked, nibbled, and kissed him clean. “Now.” She looked at him with passion-darkened eyes. “I’m going to finish you off.”

Her promise sent burning heat flowing like lava up his spine. “No argument here.”
Hope your weekend is hot!
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4 thoughts on “How to Get a Man Hot – or How to Get a Hot Man!

  1. Oh goodness. I’m looking through my pantry right now.


  2. Loved your Thanksgiving story. I don’t have anything special that I did, but the excerpt was sure HOT!


  3. Randi Alexander

    Picture Kick with longer hair, curly and kind of bushy. How could I resist falling for him? LOL


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