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Chains of LustAafter Dark is my next release with Rebel Ink Press. I seem to see-saw back and forth between the paranormal and contemporary stories in the erotic genre.  My July release, Chains of Lust After Dark brought me back to the paranormal and to my true love vampires. Its Gothic , takes place in 1888 London. I’ve done some research on one of my favorite horror legends, Jack the Ripper.  I’ve added a little history added having to do with Jack the Ripper, who as you know was one of the more famous serial killers of the nineteenth century.

This story also led me to do research in two areas, BDSM. The bondage genre is erotic in its whole appeal and we can thank 50 shades for giving it its glamour. BDSM is not for the faint of heart, and yes it comes in many degrees, from the playful and erotic to the painful and abusive. But even in its cruelest form, it’s consensual.

We have no idea what drives human nature and its needs and wants. The kind of bondage we now see written and what draws in your average erotic romance reader is the sexual kind. I hear so many women speak about spanking and how they’d love to be spanked. Now does this really take us on one hell of a journey?  Remember I am woman hear me roar, right out the window when we search for an orgasm.

As we mature all those sexual acts we frowned upon then are now being accepted and explored upon with the right partner. Perfecting the perfect blow job was not one of women’s top priority years before, or anal sex.  And now we expect men to know their way around our vagina’s like the back of their hands.  May I add one more very important factor, kissing, oh yes, deep tongue sparing kisses.  While we’re at it lets get some ice and candle wax in the mix and a satin blindfold. Then add a St. Andrews cross and a spanking bench. Awe hell; let’s just construct our own dungeon in the garage or the basement.

That said, let’s add some more to the mix, shall we?  How’s this, one tall dark and gorgeous blood sucking vampire, then maybe a few more blood suckers. Gets your blood rushing through your veins? This is a perfect mix, vampires and BDSM. Then we add one nastier element, reality and history and a real-life serial killer one of the bloodiest in history. Yummy, it’s my kind of story.

In July 2013 Rebel Ink Press will release Chains of Lust After Dark and it encompasses all of the above. I hope readers will enjoy it. It won’t win a Pulitzer Prize, but I’m hoping it will arouse and entertain the reader. I have a few Vamps for the summer and love writing them. My muses run wild when ever a gorgeous vampire walks into my brain.

Thank you 69 Shades of Smut… is always a pleasure.

You can find at @susanryan18…twitter


 photo ChainsLAD_Cover2_zps5e6d5885.jpg

It’s eighteen-eighty-eight London and a young woman is searching for her runaway sister who left to become an actress. In the midst of it all, a serial killer coined Jack the Ripper is murdering whores in the Whitechapel district. Vanessa finds herself in Soho and on Broad Street, the heart of the notorious Red Light District of London.

She’d hit yet another dead end in her quest. Tired and hungry, she’s chased down an alley and her encounter is frightening when she realizes her life hangs by a slender thread.

Out of the mist and debris emerges a man whom she’s convinced will end her days on earth. This dark, ominous yet handsome stranger takes her body and teaches her the joys of pain and pleasure.  She becomes his addiction and he takes her soul then the blood that runs through her veins. He’s Nosferatu, a vampire ages old and he’s found his mate and the love of a lifetime. His name is Knight.

This immortal creature has had his cold blackheart cracked, allowing him to love the gorgeous human. Together they’ll search the streets for her sister and encounter the evil, killing young prostitutes. Even Knight can’t stop him.

Their search will end with a love so profound yet doomed because of her humanity.

Vanessa must decide life or death. Will the truth of her love free her soul or damn it for all eternity?

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3 thoughts on “Guest blogger Suzzanna Ryan

  1. Thank you 69 shades of smut


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