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69 Shades of Smut
I am such a nut! This past weekend I took motorcycle riding lessons and I passed with a 98 percentile. My street team says it was because I was the ‘teacher’s pet’, but I deny that allegation. Ha! A little bit – maybe.
I admit it. I love a Harley-Davidson. There’s just something about that low thrum that makes my clit hum. No other motorcycle on the face of the earth sounds like it! The rumble makes me feel the same way a bass guitar does in a song, that’s just musical sex for me.
I have plans for my motorcycle. Cross-country plans. There are places I want to go and being on the back of a Harley will bring a whole new aspect to traveling. I was telling my girlfriend about it – who is a pervert, and she said the vibrations would keep me in a constant near orgasmic state. Well! That might be true; I used to be able to cum while riding my horse bareback. But I think I will be more concerned with traffic and keeping that heavy machine upright. For a while, anyway.
What I do plan on experiencing a lot more is riding behind this particular guy. I know I have my own bike, but I do love to ride tucked up next to him. I love to reach around and hold his manhood like a saddlehorn. It doesn’t behave like a saddlehorn – cause it expands and gets harder the longer I hold on to it. Course I squeeze a little too. He is cool. He can keep going in a straight line, but he does tend to pull over for frequent rest stops.
What I don’t plan on doing is this! Sex on a horse is one thing – but this looks entirely too dangerous.

Mansers has tackled this issue and they recommend the missionary position.
Motorcycles just equate sex with me. I have friends who attend these biker rallies. Now, I don’t go. They are just a little rough for me. They tell me of blow-job booths and pussy and cock washing booths. That’s not something I would ever want to do. I’d prefer to do stuff like that in private instead of in a booth in an open field. And I hear about motorcycles that have a little bit of extra ‘equipment’. One woman had one with a dildo attached, so she could go down the road ‘in-style’. And I heard of another especially equipped for a man with a little place to tuck his ‘credentials’. I laughed. All I could think about was – ‘what if he has a wreck!’ ‘He’s going to be neutered!’ Oh well. Motorcycle riders are a special breed.
But the really intriguing part to me is why we love the BADASS BIKER GUY! We all love tall dark and handsome, but if we put him on a Harley – that’s a whole new level of lust. I have heard that on on-line dating sites, motorcycle is one of the top most searched for terms when seeking that special connection. I have a good idea why – and you do too, if you’ll think about it. Motorcycles and the guys who ride them are seen as rebellious, strong and tough. But it’s funny, the last two times that I got to be around a motorcycle ‘gang’, when I finally learned who they were in ‘real life’ – they were doctors and lawyers and real estate owners – the motorcycle was an expression of who they wished they were – much like a tattoo. But bottom line – a guy who owns a motorcycle is expected to have a little something extra – a little more testosterone, a little more sex-drive – a little more thrusting ability. Ha!
Besides, I have a bike now – I need a guy with a Harley that’s bigger than mine. I want to be spontaneous. I want to be sexy and rebellious myself! After all, I write smut! I don’t want to be mild! I was BORN TO BE WILD!

He couldn’t find her anywhere. Isaac was pissed. It was after midnight and he was hungry, horny and hotheaded. For two hours, he had driven all over Kerrville hunting that beige little minivan Avery drove. The first place he had looked was her house, but it was as deserted as it had been the last time he checked it. Next, he had gone to every motel and hotel he could think of – but her vehicle was nowhere in sight. Isaac had always been able to recognize it because of the little crocheted cross which hung from her rear view mirror. That and the license plate, which said it all; the meaning was accidental, and he was sure she never realized it – but it read 2GO-OD4U. Its cryptic message always spoke volumes to him.
Pulling into Hardbodies, he cut the engine and just sat there on his Harley – defeated. The only other thing he could think to do was call every motel in a twenty-mile radius. As he stared at the door of his club watching people come and go, he noticed Terence coming toward him. “Hey, Boss. I know where Avery is.”
“Where? And how did you know that’s what I was doing?” Isaac wasn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth – but he was curious.
“I didn’t figure you wanted to misplace her again – not after all the trouble you’ve gone through trying to find her.” His bouncer had been paying more attention than Isaac realized. “Avery’s my friend, Isaac. When she left, I followed her, just to make sure she was safe. She took off from here riding a little Harley roadster and she’s got a room over at the Long Stay Motel just off Main.”
A Harley? No shit? Damn! “Thanks, I owe you one.” Isaac started up his bike and took off, relieved to have some idea where to find her. As he drove, he rehearsed a speech – he practiced it until the moment he slid into the parking spot. But nothing he could think of sounded right. It didn’t matter; he still had every intention of confronting her. The fact that he just wanted to see her wasn’t a factor. Yea, right. Hell! Rapping on the door, he waited.
“That was quick,” she greeted him with a smile but it only lasted a second. “Isaac! I thought you were my thin crust pepperoni. What are you doing here?”
She didn’t sound glad to see him. Still, he felt his heart being squeezed as if it were caught in a vise. There was no doubt about it – Avery was the sweetest, sexiest woman in the whole world. Standing ramrod straight before him, arms crossed over her mouth-watering chest, she was wearing some kind of flannel gown that covered every inch of her body. Isaac thought she looked absolutely adorable. “Now, this is how I expected you to look.” The sexy, seductive siren he had seen at the club might be unfamiliar to him – but this kitten he recognized. Isaac stared at her – yes, this was his woman and every molecule in his soul was chanting, ‘Mine, Mine, Mine.’
“How did you find me?” Avery ignored his comment about her gown. Drats, she was so mad she was sputtering. Why did he have to show up when she had on the drabbest, unsexiest nightclothes in existence? Why – oh, why hadn’t she kept her biker clothes on for just a few more minutes? “And why did you come looking for me? I thought the only thing you wanted from me was to get out of your sight.” He was here, in front of her. She wanted to grab him and pull him in, but she didn’t think she could stand to be rejected twice in one night. So, she decided to play it tough.
“Step in sweet-doll. The whole world doesn’t need to hear our business.” He walked toward her as she backed away from him. “We’ve got some talking to do.” About that time, the pizza guy came and Isaac infuriated her further by paying for it and setting it to one side without a word to her, one way or the other.
“I can’t think of a thing in the world we have to say to one another. I believe you’ve said it all.” She dug in her purse for money and held it out to him. He ignored the gesture, so she flung the bills toward the bed. He could tell she was torn. Her eyes flashed between warm and wary like a Walk/Don’t Walk sign.
With a predatory gleam in his eye, Isaac stalked her deeper into the motel room. “You’ve been out of town for a while. Where have you been – exactly?” He wasn’t making polite conversation, he really wanted to know.
“I’m surprised you noticed.” She waved a small hand in the air, dismissively. “But, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
He pushed on. “What were you doing at the bar tonight, Avery? I told you before – Hardbodies is no place for a girl like you. What if I hadn’t been there? Do you have any idea what could have happened to you? You could have been gang raped!” He watched her little face flush with anger; and she was getting angrier by the minute. She’d never know how much he wanted her – God, what he wouldn’t give to scoop her up and kiss that mad right out of her. And he could do it too; there wasn’t a doubt about it.
“That wouldn’t have happened, Terence Lee was there – and that nice guy called Crowbar, of all things. Besides, I wouldn’t have stayed if you hadn’t been there. I was only there to see you, as you well know.”
This time it was his turn to ignore what she said. “And what kind of clothes were you NOT wearing?” He was egging her on and for some reason – loving every second of their sparring.
“Clothes? You want to discuss my wardrobe?” Avery spit out the words – totally furious. He had driven all this way just to fuss at her some more, just because she had dared enter his precious sanctum.
“I almost didn’t recognize you in that odd get-up you had on tonight.”
“You didn’t approve of what I had on? Why not? I dressed the way you like your women to dress.” Maybe, she had looked silly to him. A shaft of pain cut through her – she had never thought of that.
“Leather and chains are not for you, baby.” He picked up a bit of the granny gown, rubbing the material between his fingers. “This is more your style.”
Avery looked affronted – majorly affronted. “This – you like me in this?”
Almost laughing, he answered. “Yea, it’s kinda cute.” Kinda? Sexy as all get-out was more like it.
“You think this is me?” A look of determination came over her features. “You’ve certainly never seen the real me.” And before he could blink, she had picked up the hem of her garment and skimmed it over her head, leaving her standing there – totally – completely – gloriously naked. “Now, what do you have to say to that?”
The breath was literally torn from Isaac’s body. “Hell baby, I say Sweet Merciful Heavens,” he stared at the most gorgeous little shape designed by a gracious God. No fantasy image he had ever conjured of her came close to the perfection which stood before him. Isaac didn’t know where to look first, so he began a thorough item-by-item inventory. Creamy magnolia hued skin, so soft looking he knew velvet would feel like burlap in comparison – an hour glass figure that made him want to spend endless minutes memorizing every square inch of her delectable body. And those tits! His hands rose itching to cup the round, high, full globes tipped by pink puffy nipples. God, they looked like cupcakes iced with fluffy strawberry cream. Isaac licked his lips. “Damn – I know it’s not right, but I’m weak, Baby. I can’t resist you.”
Her anger dissipated when she recognized hunger on his face. Miracle of miracles, Isaac wanted her. “Who wants to be resisted?” she whispered. When he reached out and cupped the back of her head, pulling her close, she didn’t wait – Avery took what she wanted – and she wanted Isaac. With a tiny whimper, she gripped his hair, closed the distance between them and placed her mouth on his.
No tentative kiss; she pushed her tongue in and tasted – sucked – Avery bit at his mouth, hiking up his level of excitement by showing him the depth of her need. Isaac got rock hard and his heart was thudding with a jackhammer beat. Shit! Holding nothing back, she kissed him wildly, framing his face and devouring his lips with deep, drugging kisses. Damn! Isaac thought his cock would bust out of his jeans. Fisting her hair, he pulled her back an inch so he could take a breath. “Sweet baby, you are so hot! I can’t believe we’re doing this.”
“I beg you, don’t stop,” she whispered, burying her head against his throat. “I want you, so much. Please don’t stop. I need you to kiss me over and over again.” Isaac couldn’t stand it another moment – he took over – his dominant nature coming to full force. Yet, Avery met his every demand with unwavering joy.
“I am so damn hard,” He licked a path from her lips to her throat – those tits were mashed up against his chest, and he couldn’t wait to get those hard little nipples in his mouth. “I need more, and I need it my way.” he growled.
“Yes, I want what you want – anyway you want it.” she agreed, straining to get as close to him as humanly possible.
Isaac knew she had no idea what she was saying, but he was too weak to be strong. “Put your hands behind your back, Avery” he directed. When she looked at him questioningly with those big purple eyes, he repeated his command, softer this time. “Hands behind your back, honey – now,” She did as he instructed and he rubbed his hands down the softness of her upper arms and across to cup those luscious tits. Avery trembled beneath his caress. Isaac’s callused thumbs stroked her nipples. “Lord, you’re pretty, baby. I love to see you like this, so beautiful. I’ve never touched softer skin.” Leaning over he nuzzled the upper swell of her breasts, pressing openmouthed kisses all over the creamy flesh. With a grunt of impatience, Isaac curled his tongue around a swollen areola. Avery leaned back, pushing her breasts closer to his face. “Oh baby, you like that, don’t you?” He laved and kissed and lapped his way all around the eager little nipple, but never closed his mouth around it to suck like he was dying to.
He cut his eyes up at Avery when she made a frustrated little grunting noise. She was holding on, trying not to beg – those pearly white teeth biting down on that suckable bottom lip. Why was he waiting? He wanted it as bad as she did. Isaac got down to business and suckled her nipples. Long Hard Pulls. Swirling his Tongue. Deep Thorough Sucks.
“Oh My Lord, I love this, Isaac…” she whispered. He left one nipple and captured the jealous twin, slowly, no rush – reveling in her unique flavor and the heavenly way she felt in his mouth. Avery gasped when he pushed the soft globes together so he could worship both nipples at the same time.
“You know what I plan to do, girl?” Isaac was past thinking – he was as turned on as he could ever remember being – and he was saying what he felt, no holding back. “I’m gonna suck these tits as I fuck you. I want you to ride me – dangle these beauties in my face and let me smother myself in your softness. I want to feel these fat, hard nipples drag across my thighs as you take me in your mouth. How does that sound? Will you do all that for me?”
“Please, yes.” She arched her hips, pressing her pussy hard against his thigh. His erection was huge and she couldn’t wait to feel him pumping inside of her. Avery’s body knew what it wanted and needed, even though she wasn’t experienced and she didn’t know how to ask for it.
Isaac sucked his way up her neck, smooching on the silky expanse – scraping his teeth, marking her with little nips and tastes. His hands couldn’t be still – he had to touch her. Running his palms down her body, he circled around and cupped that incredible heart-shaped ass, lifting her – grinding her naked pussy up against his denim clad crotch. When she would have reached up to grab him to balance herself, he stopped her. “Keep your hands behind your back,” he reminded her. Walking, he sat down on the bed and arranged her across his thighs so he could delve his fingers into her cream. Avery’s whole body went completely still. “Shhhh, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you.” He knew that wasn’t her concern – she was just innocent. His innocent baby. “I have to touch you, I can’t help myself.”
Avery let her head fall back and she lifted her hips slightly, canting them – offering everything she had. When his fingers finally dipped into her wet, bare pussy her eyes widened and she bucked just a little under his hand. “Easy, Avery. This is gonna feel so good.” Isaac swirled his fingers in the lush softness of her vagina. She was slick and hot, and when he looked into her face – he saw all the trust in the world. It humbled him. Pressing a kiss into her deep cleavage, he gentled her with reassuring words. “You are so wet and swollen. That means you want me. You like what I’m doing to you, don’t you?” As Avery mutely nodded her head, he pushed his middle finger just up inside her tight little cunt.
“Oh, yeah.” She moaned. He couldn’t help but smile. Who knew his good little girl would be so responsive? Her breath hitched as he pumped his finger in and out, rubbing her slit, luxuriously spreading her cream before he added a second finger. “Do you like that as much as I do?”
“Yes, Isaac…but I …” Her body gave its own answer; Isaac watched a rose red flush of excitement wash over her breasts and up her neck. What a treasure she was!
“Yes, but what?” Whatever she asked for was hers. No question about it. “Tell me, honey.”
“It feels really good. But – I…don’t know.” He held her gaze – willing her to ask him for what she wanted. “It makes me want. . . . . . more.”
“More?” He pushed his fingers up inside of her, hunting that magic hidden secret spot that would turn her world upside down. At the same time, he took his thumb and found her clit and began to strum it. “Is this want you wanted?”
“Yea, yea – I think that’s it.” Her expression was one of wonder. Isaac had never enjoyed turning on a woman this much before. To up the ante, he bent his head and closed his lips around her nipple and began to draw on it with strong pulls. All the while he finger-fucked her, massaged her clit and watched her flare like fireworks. Isaac’s dick was engorged and it was pushing against his zipper like an inflating airbag. If it had been any other woman, he would have thrown her down and buried himself balls deep. But this was the one woman he cared about most, and watching her cum was going to be the single most erotic experience of his life. Her whole little body started to shake. Sweet little moans escaped her lips. Determined to push her over the edge, he bit softly at her nipple as he kneaded her vulva with his hand. Avery lost it. “God! Isaac!” Throwing her arms around his neck, she pushed her tit further into his mouth as she squeezed her legs together trying to trap his hand right where she wanted it. Watching her fly apart was the hottest thing he’d ever seen and chastising her for moving her hands never even crossed his mind. All of his fantasies had been right on the money, touching Avery was fuckin’ unbelievable.
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Announcement Time Kinky Followers

I signed my fifth book with Secret Cravings Publishing. This time, Stay With Me is a contemporary erotic romance with BDSM elements. Yay!

Stay With Me has a tentative release date in December, so be sure to watch out for more details. You can find my blog here.

I’m ecstatic, and going out of my mind! Considering my first book was published back in February (this year), five releases in a span of ten months is pretty incredible. I have no idea how I did it, and how my poor husband and daughters have put up with me?

Anyways, for now, I’ll leave you with a little something-something from my latest release Scandal at Vauxhall. Enjoy!




There had not been a moment these last twenty-four hours when the duchess did not occupy his thoughts. He dreamt of disrobing her out of those ridiculous layers of clothing, palming those beautiful round breasts, giving them the proper attention they required. Then, he would bury his face between her silken thighs, delving into her slick folds, edging her closer and closer to ecstasy as her eventual release shook him to the core.

Nathaniel shifted slightly to adjust the bulge in his breeches when he stepped on a twig, snapping it. The splintering wood drew the woman’s attention in his direction. Attempting to conceal his location, he moved into the shade, where he could not be found. Nevertheless, he had finally found her. The devil take it! Isabel, of all people, stood there, observing the couple lying down.

Nathaniel approached cautiously, to avoid alarming the duchess, until he stood behind her. She turned to face him, with shock splashed across her face. He locked her wrists above her against the trunk, leaving her nowhere to escape his assault of tender kisses. Lowering his head, he nipped at her lobe and dragged his tongue down the side of her neck.

“Darling, you do realize what you are doing is called voyeurism and is quite illegal.” He released her hands, only to wrap his arms around her, pulling her into chest. Her derrière firmly pressed against the throbbing ache of his manhood.


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It’s Almost Here…Over

Fifty-Five Days of Summer are left. I can’t believe how time has flown.  In that time, I’ve traveled to Duke University, hung out with Snoopy at Kings Dominion in Richmond, Virginia, and strolled through the gardens at on the Duke Campus. Not bad for a writer who didn’t like to get out into the big bad world.

A lot of the things I’ve experienced this year has helped me to better understand my characters. At least they get a happy ending no matter the turmoil I send them through. So look for Forever and Tomorrow on August 3 from Sugar and Spice Press. This is the sequel to Forever in Love.

Here’s the blurb and excerpt

Embittered by divorce, Dexter Carson resolves to live without love or family. When he arrives at a job site, the last thing he anticipates is his instant attraction to the ebony-haired client. But work comes first, and he’s determined to maintain a professional distance, no matter how his body reacts to her soft scent and feminine curves.


Beautiful, intelligent, Molly Crosby, always doubted a man would love her, and now that she’s forced to care for her infant niece, all hope seems lost. But when she meets Dexter the rugged contractor, she longs to discover what’s behind his solemn demeanor, especially when he rewards her with a devastating smile.


When a bombshell threatens the tender relationship that’s been fostered, will Molly’s love be enough to overcome the mistakes of the past, or will Dexter walk away on his only chance at love and family?


She’d locked the door, something he advised all his clients to do until they felt comfortable enough. Dexter knocked again.

A faint, “coming,” drifted through the door along with the quick shuffle of feet. A moment later the lock scraped back and the door flung open.

His breath caught in his throat. Soft, tousled curls framed her face, giving her the allure of some sensual pin-up girl. Genuine delight lit her light brown eyes as her full, pouty lips were parted in greeting. He couldn’t stop himself. His body moved on its own volition and he found his mouth on hers. She curled her fingers in his shirt as he dragged her closer, molding her voluptuous curves to his lean, hard frame.

She opened for him, receiving his kiss as if she’d been waiting for it all day. He drifted a hand down the curve of her spine until he grabbed a handful of her luscious rear. Her arms tightened around his neck as he lifted her slightly, settling in the vee of her thighs. He tangled his other hand in her hair, drawing her head back to give him better access to her mouth.

She tasted like a promise whispered on a moonlit night. He deepened the kiss, savoring her unique flavor, allowing it to roll across his tongue and take root where he’d never be able to remove her. She made a small noise in the back of her throat as she seemed to press her lithe body even closer, grinding against his arousal. Lightning arced from his erection, through his veins. Abruptly he pushed her away.

“I—oh God!” He dragged a hand across his head, dislodging his cap. It fluttered to the floor with a quiet thud.

Molly clutched the counter behind her, her eyes a little unfocused. Dexter took in her dazed appearance, kiss swollen lips, and wanted to gather her in his arms again. A siren’s smile curved that sensuous mouth and he longed to sample her sweetness again.

“I haven’t been kissed like that since high school graduation,” she murmured.

The silken rasp of her voice danced over him, making him long for a whole heart and an eternity to explore this sizzling attraction. But his heart wasn’t whole and he’d totally lost his head. With a client at that. When she extended her hand, he stumbled back.

“Ms. Crosby. I—” he began.

“It’s Molly, especially if you’re going to kiss me like that.” Humor filled her eyes. She stepped forward and he put more distance between them. “Dexter, please sit.” Another step. He shook his head, but stayed put. “I enjoyed the kiss and I’m glad it happened.”

Surprise coursed through him and must have shown on his face. Her smile widened. “But…”

She stood in front of him and gently twined her fingers with his. He looked down at the way their hands fit together. They felt right. He dragged his thumb against the smoothness of her skin, reveling in the satiny softness. She’d felt so good when he held her. He stifled a groan and tried to pull away, but she retained his hand.

“Dexter, I know you may think this is forward of me. But I want to get to know you. I felt something the first time I saw you.”

He could only stare and shake his head.

She moved closer, her breasts brushing his chest. “Maybe not now, but in time.” She palmed his cheek. “All I’m asking for is for you to give a little. I’m willing to wait.”

The hopeful note in her voice touched a need deep inside, where he forced all his dreams and desires. He studied her a long moment. She was being open and honest with him and where most women would’ve slapped his face, she’d embraced the kiss, offering to get to know him better. He didn’t have the right to make her wait for something that would never happen. “Molly…”

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Kallypso Masters – Excerpt and Monthly Contest

My uber Dom, Master Adam, is up for best dirty talker in a contest at Under the Covers blog, so I thought I’d serve up a sexy scene with him. Not the dirtiest-talking scene, but it’ll melt your panties—or thong—and give you something to fantasize about this weekend.


We’ll draw a winner for a free e-book each month, so be sure to follow the giveaway instructions below to enter! And be sure to vote for Master Adam as the Best Dirty Talker at Under the Covers.


new nobody's hero cover kdp




“Kick the covers off and remove your t-shirt.”


Her clit stood at attention. She sat up and stripped down to her thong. Adam’s intense gaze as he watched her follow his command caused her nipples to peak. She’d gone braless today and wondered if he would strip any further himself, but he kept his button-fly jeans on and walked over to the bed and reached toward the headboard bed post. She heard the jangle of chains.


Again with the chains?


Well, it was a BDSM club. Adam’s club. He’d brought her to this bed because apparently he didn’t have his own equipped with chains, which made her smile. Maybe that meant he hadn’t restrained any other slaves, subs, or bottoms in his bed. Somehow that made her feel more special and to appreciate their time in his bedroom even more.


“Give me your wrists.”


Ka-thunk! Obediently, she raised her arms toward him. He took the right wrist and wrapped it in a soft leather cuff.


“What if my arms aren’t up to strenuous contortions yet, Sir?” She really hadn’t noticed any pain since yesterday morning, so she’d probably healed already.


“Who said anything about restraining your arms?” The look in his eyes caused heat to pool in her pelvis. Her pussy grew wet. He cuffed her left wrist and laid both hands on top of her abdomen. Were the cuffs just for decoration then? His warm hands curved around her shoulders and gently massaged the muscles before his hands slipped down further and cupped her breasts. He pinched and twisted her nipples.




Her pelvis strained toward him as her nipples tightened and swelled beneath his fingers and thumbs. He released her and watched as her nipples grew bigger, straining toward him. Her breasts swelled, begging for his hands, his lips, his touch.


Adam smiled. She wasn’t quite sure she liked what that wicked smile held in store for her. He went to the nightstand and pulled out a bundle of soft-looking white string or very thin rope. How could tying her arms with that be less painful?


“Scoot toward the middle of the bed.” She did as he told her, not noticing any soreness in her muscles. The colder sheets caused her nipples to bunch even more. “Perfect.”


For what? But her body warmed quickly under his praise. Adam straddled her hips, lightly resting his denim-clad hips above her knee, then bent over and took her left nip into his mouth, between his teeth. She hissed when he bit down and pulled.


“Oh, God, Sir! Do that again!”


He growled. Damn. She was telling him what to do again. She needed to remember her place. After working so hard at being his slave last week, you’d think she could enjoy a little more freedom now, but there didn’t seem to be much difference between a slave and a sub, other than the time frame in which she had to submit. If she wanted to keep from getting gagged, she’d better keep her mouth shut.


“I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll remember myself. It just felt so good.”


He grinned at her, then took the other peak between his teeth and did the same. She clenched the sheets in her fists and bit her lip to keep from crying out. When he sat up, resting most of his weight on his knees, she watched him unravel the bundle of rope and determine the midpoint. Pulling a pocketknife from his pocket, he snipped it into two long lengths.


“In my toy bag, I have a pair of nip nooses we’ll have to play with sometime. But I’m sure we can improvise tonight, rather than postpone your fun while I go get the bag.”


Nip nooses? They sounded like a death sentence for her poor nippies. He lowered the rope to her chest, pulling it taut and teasing her nipples with the cool strands for several minutes until gooseflesh rose on her skin and her nipples grew even harder, if possible. What did he plan to do? She didn’t have to wait long to find out. Pinching one nipple between his thumb and forefinger, nearly to the point of pain, he took the rope, formed a knot, and laid it in a circle on her areola. She felt his gaze on her face, but her eyes were riveted to her breast, watching as he slowly pulled the end of the rope and the circle grew smaller and smaller until it surrounded her nipple like a lasso. Then he tightened it even more.


“Ahhh!” The exquisite pain caused her clit to throb and her knees and hips would have bucked upward if his hips weren’t obstructing them.


He did the same with the other nipple. Even though she knew what was coming this time, she still gasped when he tightened the noose. He pulled on the ropes, lifting her nipples into the air and stretching her swollen breasts.


“Oh, God!” The sensation of pulling her up by her nipples nearly made her come. They were so hypersensitive. Now she just wanted his mouth and hands on her again. But the feel of her nipples embracing the rope, as he put it, was too erotic for words.


When he lifted his leg and got off of her, she was curious as to the purpose of lassoing her nipples. Then he took the string tied around her left nipple and pulled tighter and tighter, stretching the string toward the bed post. Surely not. No way.


Yes way.


Within seconds, he’d expertly tied the string to the bedpost, restraining her by her nipple. He walked around the bed, took the other string, and performed the same maneuver. She tried to move, but that only caused the slip knots around her nipples to tighten even more. Her clit throbbed, her nipples ached. She wasn’t going anywhere.


“How do your arms feel now?”


She glared up at him, but when he grinned at her, she couldn’t stay angry. Besides, if she expended too much energy or made the wrong movements, she was going to cause some serious pain to her nips.


Adam straddled her again and bent over her to kiss her lips, his chest rubbing against her distended nipples. When she opened her mouth to invite his tongue inside, he ignored her and instead trailed whiskery kisses down her neck. He moved down her body until his tongue flicked over one of her engorged nipples. When he took it into his mouth, even his lips felt razor sharp and she strained toward him, then away. So sensitive. He gave the other bud the same attention, and then continued to scoot down the bed, blazing a trail over her abdomen and pelvis.


Her clit zinged and his hard cock throbbed against her inner calf, as if in response.


Adam reached up to cup her breast, loosening the strain of the rope. “How does that feel, Kitten?”


“Fine, Sir.” Really hot, actually. Who knew Karla Paxton would get off on being restrained to a bed by her nipples?


“Not too tight?”


“No, Sir. I’m fine.”


“Fine is not what I’m looking for here, Kitten.”


Oh, my.


“I don’t want to restrain your arms, because of the whiplash in your neck and shoulders, but I want you to find something to hold onto with your hands so I don’t have to. If they get in my way, I just might tie them to the nipple restraints and you’ll be feeling some serious pain every time you move or jerk your arms. Understood?”


“Yes, Sir.” She nibbled her lower lip. “I’m not into pain, Sir.” It wouldn’t hurt to remind him every now and then.


“You have the control over the amount of pain you feel, Kitten. This is called predicament bondage because you certainly are in a predicament, aren’t you?” He grinned. “If you move, there’s pain. If you don’t move, less pain.”


Either way, pain, but if he hadn’t restrained her like this, she’d certainly have a lot more control, wouldn’t she? Like getting him to start already. If he didn’t hurry up and do something, she’d be screaming in frustration.


Helpless. Hopeful. Horny.


“Please, Sir. Don’t make me wait any longer.”


“Is my kitten running this show, or is her Dom?”


Feeling bolder than she ever had, she couldn’t resist teasing him. After all, kittens were supposed to be mischievous, not obedient, weren’t they? “Your kitten wants her Dom to pet her pussy. Now, Sir.” Karla raised her head off the pillow to snarl at him.


“Sounds like I have a baby tiger trying to intimidate me.” The smile faded from his lips as his eyes smoldered and he covered her body with his, pressing her into the mattress. The strings holding her nipples to the bedposts pulled and her hips bucked up in response. She clutched the sheet to keep from moving her hands.


His fist grabbed a shank of her hair and he forced her head back, positioning his face mere inches above hers.


Karla’s gaze settled on his mouth and, without a thought toward the repercussions, her mouth clamped down on his full lower lip in a playful nip. Adam growled playfully and pulled her head away by the hair he still held in his fist.


“I should have warned you, baby tiger. I bite back.”


He lowered his mouth to hers, but instead of kissing her, took her lower lip between his teeth and bit down, hard. The sting of pain caused her eyes to water, but the promise of his erection poking against her mound left her breathless and wanting more.


She pressed her tongue against his teeth until he chuckled and sucked it into his mouth. Ohhhh! She could scream with the frustration at not being able to direct his mouth where she wanted him to be. He still maintained the control.


He ground his lips over hers, taking possession of her mouth. When she would have moaned in pain from her bruised lips, he forced his tongue inside smothering the sound. She pulled at the sheets, trying so hard not to wrap her arms around him, wanting to touch his hair, his face, his shoulders—to pull him even closer. He tore his lips away and moved off her to lie beside her, then bent over her breast and took one hard, captured nipple between his teeth again.


Frustrated, she tilted her pelvis toward him and he answered by trailing his hand down slowly over her other breast, her quivering abdomen, her thrusting hips, until he reached her mons, where he slid his palm inside the triangle of her thong.


At the same time, his teeth clamped onto one rigid nipple and tugged, causing her to arch her back when she thought he might not stop pulling. Oh, God! The pain! He released her nip and bent over the other, biting down again. When cold air touched the first wet nipple, it became even more painfully erect, the noose-like rope biting into her nipple.


Better to keep them lassoed as long as she could. When he removed those strings, she could only imagine the howl of pain he would hear his “baby tiger” emit.


She watched Adam’s head slowly move back and forth as his teeth tugged on the peak, making it even harder this time.


“Ahhhh!” Now the pain was delicious. How could that be? Oh, dear Lord! She wanted more.


He released her nipple. “Like that, do you, Kitten?”


She opened her eyes, panted for air, and looked down to find Adam staring up at her, smiling. “Oh, yes, Sir.”


“Well, I may just have to find some other way to discipline you for being so insubordinate until you learn to behave. Who knew my near-virgin little kitten would like it so rough?”


Who indeed?


She gasped to fill her lungs before he assaulted her senses yet again. Adam cupped her right breast and pinched her nipple. Hard.


“Thank you, Sir. May I have another?”


He chuckled. “Absolutely bratty.”


“Only for you, Sir.”


He covered her again with his body and grew serious as he lowered his mouth to her bare peak, taking it between his teeth. His teeth released her only to have his lips latch on. He sucked, flicking his tongue against the peak as he pulled his head back, taking her rope-captured nip with him.


“Oh, dear Lord!” She reached out and grabbed his head, wanting to drag him closer before he pulled too hard, only to realize her mistake too late. She tore her hands away and latched back onto the sheets, groaning in frustration.


His penis throbbed against her leg and she tilted her hips against him until he groaned with equal frustration. She smiled. Maybe he hadn’t noticed. Maybe he would take her as she wanted to be taken.


Instead, he broke contact with her mouth. The evil grin on his face didn’t bode well. What was he going to do next? Obviously not what she wanted him to do.


“I think you need to be restrained, my baby tiger.”


“I am restrained, Sir.” Her breathy words sounded sexy to her ears. When had she become such a siren? When she’d answered the call of her own siren—Adam.


“Not as completely as you need to be, it seems.” He slid off her body and knelt near the bottom of the bed, reaching for the waistband of her thong. “First, I think we need to lose this. It’ll just be in the way of where I intend to be in a few minutes.”


Karla’s clit throbbed at the promise in his words. Soon. He was going to make love to her this time, totally and completely, and in just a few minutes. She had to remind herself to breathe. Whatever had happened to get Adam to see her as a sexy woman, rather than too young for him, she hoped the spell would never break. Having him making love to her was…


Adam got off the bed and returned to the nightstand, which seemed to be equipped with everything an adventurous Dom might need. He pulled out a silk scarf and indicated with his come-hither finger gesture for her to lift her head off the pillow. Karla pleaded with him silently not to blindfold her, but within seconds the light from the room grew dim, then black. Pleading would only make him want to do it more. She needed to try harder to obey. Just because he wasn’t her Master anymore didn’t mean she wasn’t supposed to obey her Dom.


The sound of chains left her wondering if she was going to be able to withstand the strain of over-the-head restraints, but she wouldn’t displease him by complaining. If she needed to, she could safeword. She waited for him to restrain her cuffed wrists, steeling herself for the pain to come.




He didn’t touch her arms, but instead took her legs and tented them, her soles now flat on the mattress near her butt. Maybe he was going to restrain her ankles. She heard the chains again, but the sound came from above her head. What did he have in mind? She turned her head, listening, as a chain scraped against the headboard. Gee, this had looked like such a romantic little bedroom when they’d first come in here tonight. Now it was sounding like a torture chamber. Of course, Master Adam wouldn’t harm her. Anticipation of the orgasm and sex to come kept her from becoming overly frightened.


He fiddled with the chains and she heard him take a few steps away. The smell of leather permeated the room and soon he returned and wrapped something warm, almost hot, around her left thigh, then something similar around her right one. He must have warmed the leather by the fire. So considerate of you, Sir. The chains rattled once more and he placed his hand under her thigh and spread her leg toward the side of the bed and up in the air. She heard a click and he let go, but her thigh remained in the air.


She wasn’t so sure about this. “Sir…”


“Silence. You do not have permission to speak except to safeword or answer a direct question.”


He repeated the motions with her right thigh and soon she was splayed open on the bed, nipples and thighs restrained, feeling like a butterfly mounted on a specimen tray in her freshman biology class. She heard the dreaded drawer open again and the smell of leather once more. “Lift your head.” She did so, feeling a slight pull from her strained muscles, but not groaning or showing any sign of weakness.


Warm leather wrapped around her neck. Another collar.


“Good girl. Lay your head back again.” She did so and his warm fingers slipped inside the collar. “Not too tight?”


“No, Sir.” He kneaded the tensed muscles in her shoulders and she moaned in pleasure. “Be sure to tell me if you get a cramp or if your muscles get too tight.”


She nodded.


“Because you don’t know if I am looking at you, I want you to respond with a ‘Yes, Sir,’ or ‘No, Sir,’ when I ask for that kind of information. Don’t just nod or shake your head.”


“Yes, Sir.”


He took her left wrist and stretched her arm straight out on the bed. More chains and soon she was restrained. “Any pain?”


“No, Sir.”


“Good.” He quickly stretched her right arm out and the snick of another clamp to a chain told her she was fully restrained. His finger slipped inside each of the cuffs. “Any pain?”


“Not yet.”


He chuckled. “Such a pessimistic answer.” He reached out and tweaked her nipple, which apparently had relaxed a bit while her attention was focused elsewhere.


Inexperience left her confused, though. She thought men like to have women do more than just lie there when they have sex, although he certainly hadn’t complained when he’d taken her on his desk the other night. She didn’t suppose this could be misconstrued as the boring missionary position by anyone’s definition, even if she was on her back.


“Permission to speak, Sir.”




“How can I participate if I’m trussed up like this, Sir? Don’t you want me to be able to move?”


“Oh, I expect your full participation, Kitten. Your screams will let me know you are fully engaged in the scene.”


Her heart thudded against her chest and came to a stop for a moment. “Screams, Sir? Wait! I don’t think…”


“Exactly. You don’t need to be thinking anymore. You just need to focus on feeling all the things I’m about to do to your beautifully submissive body.”


Oh, dear Lord.


Learn more about this and my other books on my Buy Links page at Books are available at Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords, so be sure to go download Masters at Arms and Nobody’s Angel wherever you shop for books. (Angel is 99 cents at B&N, but you can get Nook versions at All Romance eBooks and Smashwords that are free.)


Each month, I’ll share a scene and give away an e-book from my series. If you already have purchased Nobody’s Hero and Nobody’s Perfect, then we’ll put winners on the list to get book five, Somebody’s Angel, when it becomes available.


If you’ve read the first four books and want to join my secret Facebook group Rescue Me Series Open Discussion, please send a friend request to Karla Montague and she will open the door for you. Must be 18 to join.


And if you’d like to find Rescue Me and Kallypso Masters merchandise, such as t-shirts and aprons inspired by a scene in Nobody’s Angel that read: “Master Marc can put me in culinary bondage anytime” OR a beaded evil stick similar to the one used in Nobody’s Perfect, as well as signed paperbacks, check out my Kally Swag Store. With each order, you will receive a bag filled with free swag items, as well, including a 3-inch pin-back button that reads “I’m a Masters Brat,” two purple pens, bookmarks, and trading cards. Kally ships internationally. To browse my shop, go to


If you want to enter to win a free ebook (past or future book) from Kallypso Masters all you have to do is comment below and tell me what you think of Master Adam’s dirty talking. BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL so I can contact you if you win. 

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Coming to an eReader Near You Very Soon

Yay! All the hours I’ve spent pounding the keyboard are paying off. I have two new releases coming up,  on the 30th July and the 2nd August respectively. Here’s the dirt:

Testing TomWhen Katrina’s ex, Tom, turns up on her doorstep, he’s literally the last person she was expecting to see. After dumping her and running off with a vanilla chick, Tom broke the Domme’s heart and left her seriously hurting. So when he returns, begging for another chance, Katrina is understandably very confused and protective of her bruised feelings. She finds it very difficult to believe that he’s turned his back on a vanilla lifestyle for good and wants to be with her, a professional dominatrix. Rather than letting her head or her heart figure out what to do, whether to forgive him, she decides to put Tom through a series of challenges that will prove his devotion to her—or not. Testing Tom is not something she’d ever expected she’d have to do, but to her, it’s the only way she can be sure whether he’s back for good.

Testing Tom is due out with Secret Cravings Publishing on the 30th July. There’s more info here, and you can add it to Goodreads here.


A Taste of ParisBook two of the A Taste Of… series

Ryan Stonebridge and his friend Kristian Hurst are traveling on their year off before going to University.

Unfortunately, Kristian has been called back home due to a family emergency. Ryan continues on to Paris alone, hoping his friend will join him again soon.

In the meantime, Ryan’s lucky streak with women continues, and by the time Kristian makes it to Paris, Ryan’s bumper box of condoms is depleting rapidly. However, there are more than enough women to go around, and Kristian intends to have some sexy fun of his own, and when the boys get a chance to play with two sexy ladies at once, they certainly aren’t going to turn it down.

A Taste of Paris is due out with Ellora’s Cave on the 2nd August. There’s more info here, and you can add it to Goodreads here.

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Safe Sex and Magical Condoms

If you’ve read any of my books, you might have noticed that I rarely leave out the mention of birth control, particularly prior to the first love scene. There are two reasons for this. One, I think it adds a necessary realism. Yeah, I know I’m creating a fantasy with my books, but when it comes to most of my characters, safe sex is something they do take into consideration before tripping the mattress fantastic. So it makes sense for them to address it. My second reason for including it is because I feel a certain responsibility when it comes to my writing. Yes, my books are meant for adult readers, but I’m fully aware that there are probably plenty of readers under the age of eighteen who read my books too. Hey, I remember sneaking my dog-eared copy of Bertrice Small’s Skye O’Malley into my tenth grade history class and trying to pass it off as research. Side note: If you’re reading this, Mrs. Hadley, that really was for research. Really.

When it comes down to it, regardless of the age of my reader, I’d like to think my characters are someone you can relate to. As women–and for those men out there reading this too–we’ve all been faced with choices when it comes to sex. Why wouldn’t these same issues pop up in our fictional worlds? Even if that world happens to be on a planet light years away from Earth, or populated with hunky werewolves. But I’m curious what y’all think. Does it matter to you if safe sex is or isn’t used by your favorite characters? Does it ruin the fantasy or draw you out of the story in any way? Inquiring minds want to know!

And because I’d be remiss in not pimping my upcoming release a bit, here’s a little teaser scene from Lover Enraptured featuring a magical condom. Because who says safe sex can’t be fun AND sexy. 😉

Pre order from Samhain Amazon B&N

Exclusive excerpt:

If this was all that she could have of Jerrick, would it be enough?

He leaned over her, the personification of a lifetime of longing wrapped up in an achingly beautiful package. And she had her answer.

No force on Aurion would give her the strength to walk away from this moment. Away from him. Her heart, her body, they’d always belonged to him. There was no fighting her destiny. She cupped his face, stroking the beloved planes of his cheekbones with reverence.

He sipped at her lips, his thighs coaxing hers wider. “I want to feel you wet and clasping tight around me. I promise I’ll weave the sheath before I come.”

It took a moment to grasp his meaning. “You can make a magical condom?” The notion almost made her giggle.

He grinned. “One of the perks of being a Maddoc.”

His shaft furrowed along her slit, splendidly fat and rigid, and she sighed in pleasure. Well hello there, second big perk of being a Maddoc fae.

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Seducing a Werewolf for Dummies

In preparation for my next release, Dreams of the Wolf (The Gray Pack 4), which is coming out August 15, I decided to ask the four newest females of The Gray Pack for some guidance about landing a werewolf mate. They’ve each just been through it, so surely they can direct the single ladies of the world right?

I asked each of them the same question,

How does the average single woman find and seduce a werewolf male?

Caroline Trainor from Fire of the Wolf, The Gray Pack 1…

I suppose you could set your house on fire. I mean, that’s how I managed to meet Devin and Damon. They are firefighters by day, wolves by night, so when my apartment building caught fire they actually rescued me. Outside of lighting a match, I would recommend hanging out near fire houses, country western bars, and restaurants that make a good steak. The boys love a good cut of beef, and they adore dancing-well with me anyways.

Tina Jameson from Reflections of the Wolf, The Gray Pack 2…

Don’t bathe. Werewolves have this weird scent thing going on. That’s how Liam said he “knew” I was his mate. His sniffer picked up on it first. Of course, if you go too long without a shower it’s more likely that you will only attract flies, so instead I’ll say hang out at a lake and in the woods. Get really familiar with the outdoors because they love going for a long run through the trees. Oh, and watch out for poachers!

Shandi Martin from Legacy of the Wolf, The Gray Pack 3…

Ha! Good question! I’m not exactly sure how I landed Rafe and Ryley. I asked for a demonstration from the fire department for my kindergarten students, and the next thing I know I’m in the midst of a pack of wolves having the best sex of my life and more orgasms than I can count. Those boys are phenomenal lovers! Their stamina knows no limits, and they have this thing about tastes and scents, plus all those muscles….sigh….wait what was the question?

KJ Whetstone from Dreams of the Wolf, The Gray Pack 4…

Uh…Lori…I AM a werewolf. Why would I help someone seduce one? Okay, well if you really want an answer the best advice I have is to keep an open mind. Werewolves have feelings and insecurities too, and if they trust you enough to share their true nature with you, then you damn sure better respect it. I got lucky with Thomas, because he already knew about werewolves when we met. Now, if it would have been that easy to explain why I got to have two mates…

Well, there you have it…sort of! The ladies have spoken, now pack a picnic and hit the lake, slip on your dancing boots, or light a match! Whichever you choose as your seduction technique, just be sure to keep an open mind, and pick up Dreams of the Wolf on August 15, 2013 at Siren-Bookstrand!

Lori-KingFB (2) - Copy

As always, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

Find Lori @

Siren-Bookstrand         Amazon          Barnes & Noble

Twitter          Facebook


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How to Get a Man Hot – or How to Get a Hot Man!

Food. Yep, that’s the secret word. Food can spice up your love life, whether you’ve been married for thirty years, or dating for three days.

My first date with Kick was Thanksgiving Day many, many years ago. He couldn’t get home to the farm for the holiday, and I was invited to my parent’s house, but who wants to eat with the family when you can show off and cook for a hunk!

My mother was a great cook, as was her mother, so I had a lot of hands-on experience. I bought the turkey and all the trimmings – the exact same thing I’d help Mom and Grandma make since I was a girl.

I know what you’re waiting for – you’re thinking it turned out terrible. Nope, it was perfect. The turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, green bean casserole, rolls, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie all turned out delicious. (I started cooking after work on Wednesday, and I don’t remember sleeping at all that night.)

He was incredibly impressed (especially since his mother couldn’t cook.) That night we shared our first kiss, and it’s been wonderful and happy ever since. A few years ago, on his birthday, he walked in the house and I was cooking his favorite sausage from his favorite Italian grocery store to put on a pizza – one of his favorite foods. His lids lowered, his eyes darkened, and he said, “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted you more.”

Of course, after eating all that homemade pizza and drinking beer, there wasn’t a lot of hanky panky going on that night, but I love turning him on with a sensual, delicious meal.

What are your favorite foods – the ones you use to lure in a hot lover?

Here’s an excerpt from the soon-to-be re-released Chase and Seduction, Book 1 of the Hot Cowboy Series:

“Now, for dessert.” Three silver bowls sat huddled together.

He groaned and patted his stomach. “I don’t think I could eat another thing.”

She smiled. “This will be my treat.” Lifting the spoon out of a bowl, she drizzled a thick, dark liquid back into it. “Warm chocolate.” She lifted the spoon out of the second. “Whipped cream.”

“Oh baby. Tell me you got cherries, too.”

“Uh huh.” She grinned and popped a stemmed Maraschino in her mouth, worked her jaw, then pulled out the stem, tied into a knot with her tongue.

“Talented woman.” He looked down as his cock rose up. The rest of him craved a quick nap, but the idea of Reno smearing then licking him with that clever tongue of hers was too much to resist. He quickly kicked off the sheet and rearranged himself on the pillows to watch. “Another fantasy of yours?”

“Something I read in a romance novel.” She took care, testing the chocolate, making sure it was the right temperature. The chocolate thickened as it cooled, and she brought the bowl to his side of the bed. She used the back of the spoon to paint his cock in warm, thick chocolate.

The sensation sent chills across his skin, cooling him everywhere but his hard shaft. As she sat back and he caught a glimpse of her handiwork, a laugh escaped him. “This is something I never thought I’d see between my legs.”

“Sexy, isn’t it? It’s like a monument to your penis.”

“My home town could erect it.” He gave her a smirk.

“Oh.” She grimaced. “You didn’t really say that.” She stood.

“Hey, where are you going?” He pointed to his package. “You’re not done here, are you?”

“No.” Her word was practically a purr. “There’s more.” She took the last two bowls and climbed on the bed, sitting between his legs. “Whipped cream.” She loaded the spoon. “To cool you down.” Spreading it on his balls, she watched his face.

The combination of hot shaft and cold balls proved wildly sensual. His sack compressed close to his body, and he gave in to the extreme sensations of the contrast.

She held up a cherry, plucked it from its stem, and set it on top of his cock. “Mmm. My new favorite dessert.” Then she licked a path from the middle of his balls all the way up his shaft and sucked the cherry—and his head—into her mouth.

“Oh baby.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her sweet face enjoying what she was doing to his cock. Like a volcano ready to erupt, his groin heated and quaked.

Within minutes, she’d licked, sucked, nibbled, and kissed him clean. “Now.” She looked at him with passion-darkened eyes. “I’m going to finish you off.”

Her promise sent burning heat flowing like lava up his spine. “No argument here.”
Hope your weekend is hot!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
-Double Her Fantasy is available in digital format at Amazon (available exclusively at Amazon until August 2, 2013)
-Free Read! A Gentleman and a Cowboy is available at Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, Diesel Ebook Store, Barnes and Noble
-Cowboy Jackpot: St. Patrick’s Day is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.
-Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
-Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
-Turn Up the Heat, Chase and Seduction, and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
-Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback from Createspace and Amazon
-Cowboy Lust is available in paperback and digital format at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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Uses for Whipped Cream–okay, stop it with your dirty minds!

By Em Petrova

Mmm. Whipped cream. Who can think of any food more suited to the day of love, Valentine’s Day? Hearing the word inspires images of a hunk lapping a bit off my forefinger, his hard, errr…muscles glimmering in the firelight. But who knew there were so many alternate uses for the creamy confection? After a little research, here’s what I found.

 photo whippedcream_zpsd3229f27.jpg

A Dairy Creamer: Use a dollop of whipped cream in your coffee. I think I’ll have to try that!

To Cool the Roof of Your Mouth: First, I have no idea why I would ever need to do this. Because sitting on the beach, I might say, “Gawd, the roof of my mouth feels sooo hot.” Or (*giggles*) after a particularly rough oral session with your guy, you might need to cool the heat created from friction?

Makeup Remover: That’s right. Sounds a little odd, but hey, we’ve used eggs, avocados and oatmeal to beautify our bodies, right? Rinse your face with warm water, apply the whipped cream, and rinse.

Hair Conditioner: Massage whipped topping into your hair. Leave for 30 minutes (or until all the cats in the neighborhood are yowling outside your window), then rinse and shampoo. Use this once a week.

To Shave: Oooh, this sounds fun. Wet your skin before applying whipped cream. The cream will moisturize and smooth. And squirting it on your nether-regions would definitely get your mate interested!

As a Facial: Hell with it. Just smear your entire body in whipped cream, then stretch across the dining room table and call yourself dessert.

Read on for a sexy excerpt from SLICK RIDER, now available from Loose Id

 photo EM_SlickRider_coverin_zps6e4e71f6.jpg

The need to own Lilly stole Juss’s control. With an urgent shove, he filled Lilly’s tight, sweet body. His balls nestled against her flesh, and for a dizzying minute he thought he’d lose it.

Fighting the urge to come, he began to move. Pink roses bloomed in her cheeks as he slid out of her pussy. Juss couldn’t stop looking at her. The beauty of her features was amplified tenfold tonight. Every time she met his gaze, he was reminded of their early moments together when he believed her interesting to look at but not beautiful.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Damn, could he really watch her walk away after tonight?

The answer was a mind-stealing no. He wasn’t going to get her out of her system. Hell no, he wasn’t going to let her get away from him. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

Heart soaring with the joy of this decision, he thrust back into her core. Her body hugged him tight, and he groaned.

“I can’t get enough. Can’t get deep enough. Hook your legs around me, Whiskey.”

She did, and the angle allowed him to slip another precious fraction deeper. She squeezed her eyes shut and cried out. As he drove into her, he imagined a whole life between them, stretching on for happy eternity.

The knot in his groin tightened. Heat washed over him—an unquenchable need that would never go away.

He clutched her ass and filled her pussy again and again. When her pulsations began, his tenuous hold on control snapped.

Pistoning his hips, he plunged to her core. Jets of cum spurted from him. His long groan made her wild cry seem tame. He pounded her, wanting to reach her center—her soul.

His release went on for so long he’d need an IV to replace electrolytes when he was finished.

Gathering her to his chest, he kissed her. All the passion and love he felt for her poured from him. She let her hands rove over his back and ass then back up to cup his jaw.

Juss pulled back and dove into her gaze, searching each other while their heart rates slowed.

He eased out of Lilly’s snug embrace, rolled to her side, and quickly discarded the condom in the nearby garbage can.

She flung an arm over her eyes, chest working. He stared at her for a second before realizing she was in tears.

Leaning over her, he placed a palm on her soft belly right over the navel ring he loved. “Oh, Whiskey, what is it?”

She shook her head, not uncovering her face. He gently grasped her forearm and tried to budge it. She refused. He drew her against his chest. She remained stiff in his hold.

“Did I hurt you?”

”No,” she squeaked.

Confusion settled within him. Didn’t she know what she meant to him? He brushed his lips over her forehead, cheek, jaw. He’d kiss her eyelids if she’d move her arm. Tenderness rushed in his veins.

“You feel so damn good in my arms, Lilly. I want you to stay here all night—”

“That’s the problem!” She exploded out of his hold and jumped off the bed as if it were on fire. Her hair tumbled from its pinnings and swirled around her bare shoulders. His gut clenched when he took in her wild-eyed expression.

Redness mottled her face and neck, and her eyes glistened with tears.

He climbed off the bed and circled it. She backed up, cutting a hand through the air. His concern morphed into fear. She was going to run before he had a chance to say what was in his heart.

Buy SLICK RIDER on Amazon

Em Petrova
~hardworking heroes—in bed and out~

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Leave a comment and win a copy of Bermuda Triangle.

Okay, it’s summertime and I’ve been traveling like crazy, writing like crazy, and I’m giving a book away…just because. Leave a comment with a beach story, or your favorite summer vacation spot, or hell the name of your cat…I don’t care. I’ll randomly draw a winner from all the comments and you’ll get a copy of Bermuda Triangle just for stopping by and saying hi.

 photo bermudatriangle.jpg

A plane crash leaves pilot Paige Williams stranded on an island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle with sexy twin brothers Dalton and Cooper Thompson. She tries to resist the advances of both, knowing it would only be a fling, but as time passes she has to face the fact they may never be rescued. Paige doesn’t want to choose one brother over the other, so Dalton and Cooper come up with a solution—they’ll take turns having Paige’s beautiful body.

Soon jealousy and tension make them rethink the arrangement. The only way to keep the peace is for all three to be involved in every sexual adventure, and it turns out to be more fulfilling than they thought possible. Who wants to be rescued when you’re living in paradise?

Sky Robinson
~Add a little sexy to your day~
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