Dirty old men. Who knew they could still get it on?

By the way, this is a true story, and I’m truly wishing I had mental bleach right about now.

A couple of weeks ago, I was leaving Walmart  in a rush to get home. By the time I figured out which row I parked my car in, I crossed the main lane only to hear the following by two men, beyond middle-aged discuss:

Old man #1: “Damn! It’s been long time since I’ve been able to find a piece of ass.”

Old man #2: “Yup. I’ve got the same problem.”

Old man #1: “If it isn’t one thing, it’s another, and they’re mostly dogs.”


At this point I can’t help but do a double take as I’m walking by. Both are overweight, and very unattractive.


Old man #1: … I just need to fuck something wet.”


At that moment, I nearly barfed in my mouth. All sorts of wrong crossed my mind when I heard that last part.


Believe me, I’m not prude. Hell, if I were, would I be so delighted to be in such perverted company? There has got to be a time and place to have those kinds of conversations. The Walmart parking lot, is definitely not one of those places. The last thing I want to hear is two old fogies getting their cock on, or a lack thereof.

So that’s my story, what about yours? Have you walked into a conversation of all kinds of wrong? Please share. I want to know!



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6 thoughts on “Dirty old men. Who knew they could still get it on?

  1. *cackles* That’s hilarious. I can’t even think of anything to match that. 🙂


  2. *choke* That was uncalled for…. But your blog name made me laugh as I read this story 😀


  3. I think more power to them. While I may not want to overhear them, if I think they’re gross, the problem is mine, not theirs. They’re in a parking lot, not in a checkout line, so I don’t really see much wrong with it. Ugly people need love too, right? Not everyone can be conventionally attractive.

    Now if they hit on me, that would be different. Unwanted advances are unwanted no matter what!


  4. mathlady68

    Ok, I get that they need to get some. I hope that they managed to get some and soon but don’t talk in the Walmart parking lot! I take my kids there to shop. That conversation rates up there as one thing I don’t want to have to explain to my kids. And knowing my kids, explain it I would!!


  5. ronnie c

    That Walmart story is too funny…the only story I have is the 80 year old man in Thrift drugs who was in front of me on line in a loud and proud voice asking if his Viagra was in yet….that cracked me up…LOL.


  6. Barbara J Suttton

    Too funny!!! LMFAO



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