Sizzing “S” Words

What is it about those sibilant words? You know. “S” words. Have you noticed how many sensuous (See! An “s” word) words we have at our disposal when we’re writing our smutty (another “s” word) stories?

Some give you a slippery (OMG – another one!) sound – slather, slide, slick, silky, slip…

And then there are those hard sounds – slap, slam, spank, smack, shatter, suck…

What about actions – saunter, shimmy, squeeze, simmer, snuggle, stamp, sheathe, spasm, submit, savor, smolder, spark, stimulate, screw, shudder, shiver, stroke, shimmer, sizzle, satisfy…

And the myriad descriptive words that begin with “s” boggle the mind – silken, seductive, sinewy, sensual, sexy, succulent, smooth, savage, sleek, smoky, spicy, sinful, steamy, stiff, strong, shiny, shadowy, sweaty, swollen, sultry, serene, sassy, sculpted, sinuous, searing, soft, sensitive…

I’m sure there are many more that I’ve missed.

For the record, though it’s hard to pick just one, I admit I love the word “sultry.” It can mean “very hot and humid” like summer weather. Or it can mean “hot with passion/capable of exciting strong sexual desire.” Mmm, sounds like a great “s” word to me.

What’s your favorite “s” word?

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4 thoughts on “Sizzing “S” Words

  1. My favorite “S” words are sunny, sultry and suggestive. Sultry and suggestive can go from clean to really dirty, pretty fast. And, sunny just makes me smile! 😉


  2. Great list! slit is another word.


  3. Sexy…..silky……lots of s words…..


  4. Wendy



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