Why settle for just one man?

Why settle for one man, when you could have three?

It’s no secret that I love reading and writing ménage stories. My only excuse for this gluttony of multiple men, is that I’m monogamously married to a man whose inner Dom doesn’t share! Alas this means that I must live in fantasy with my multiple men, creating strong women for them to woo, and throwing as many road blocks in their way as possible.

TripleShot-MedIn Sidney’s Triple Shot, the three Dawson brothers were perfectly content to live as bachelors for at least a few more years, but dropping Sidney Rowe into their lap threw them all for a loop. Sidney needed three strong men to rescue her from her own bad decisions, and show her that she was worthy of true love.

So you ask, why THREE men?

Well….why not?

Xavier Dawson gave her the strength and leadership that she needed from a man. A Dominant, Xavier is wary of baring his Alpha side to her, but together he and Sidney discover that even an abuse survivor can find pleasure in certain forms of pain. Xavier is always conscientious of Sidney’s emotions and reactions, but he won’t hesitate to push her out of her comfort zone if it’s for her own good.

In middle brother, Tyce Dawson, Sidney found an escape from the doldrums via laughter and play. Tyce encourages her to follow her heart, and even drags her on to the stage at Triple Shot to prove to her that he supports her completely. Unable to hold his wisecracking tongue, Tyce is the dose of humor that Sidney needs to relax even in a difficult situation.

Rounding off the trio, is sweet, romantic Noah Dawson. Noah wears his heart on his sleeve, and has no qualms about sharing his feelings with Sidney. He wants to wrap her in his arms and buffer her from her pain and the danger that she faces, but in the end he finds that bubble wrapping her won’t work, so he holds her hand as she walks through the fire.

Individually, all three men have weaknesses and flaws. Noah is a pushover, Tyce is flighty, and Xavier can be arrogant and pushy. But together, they light a fire in Sidney Rowe’s heart that can overcome anything.

I hope you will take a chance, and try out my theory that three is better than one.

As always, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori King

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2 thoughts on “Why settle for just one man?

  1. Three different personalities in three loving men wrapped into one package for Sidney to love……it’s like a buffet….you get everything you want….I Agree three is better than one


  2. Laura Horton

    I really like your explanation. My husband is the same way – no share in him whatsoever! I’m anxious to read about Sidney and her guys.


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