Guest Gracen Miller – Does She Do All the Sexy Stuff In Her Books?

When you read sex scenes in a book—whether they’re erotic romances, ménage, BDSM, etc.—do you automatically assume the author has firsthand experience of what they’re writing?

I used to. Some authors write BDSM so well, I’m convinced they’re in the lifestyle. But they could fool me easily since I’ve never participated in that type of relationship.

When it comes to sex, I don’t always write from firsthand experience. Almost all of us can relate to the basic aspects of straightforward lovemaking. It’s when the kinkiness gets thrown in that I begin to wonder about an author’s experience—not that I spend much time pondering this theory. 😉 There are things in my book Taboo Kisses that I’ve not participated in personally. I’ve never been involved in a threesome, but I’ve seen enough ménage porns that I can write it realistically. At least I think I can!

I write fantasies for readers. I also read to escape reality. It’s easy to push the boundaries when you know the scene isn’t real. Living in the moment through the characters is fun, and is equally fun to write. Sometimes just thinking up and writing something as kinky as I can think-up is challenge enough.

Is it disillusioning to discover that some of the sexy stuff I write are nothing more than pure fantasy? Would I participate in some of the kink in Taboo Kisses? Hell yes! Other aspects of it are very doubtful.

So what do you think, do you believe most authors write from experience or, like me, they throw in a little imagination with the reality?

Thanks for hosting me! It was an honor to join y’all!



Gracen Miller

WARNING: This book is for readers 18 and over, contains explicit sexual content, including, but not limited to, m/m, m/f/m, double penetration, anal play, sex-toy play, sex-fruit play, shifter sex, voyeurism, forced seduction, and anything else I might’ve forgotten to list!


Taboo Kisses…where desires and inhibitions collide.

Dispatched to the mortal realm from Atlantis to seek the source of a brewing rebellion, Sameya is thrown for a tailspin when she discovers her fated mates. As a siren her songs entice mankind and immortals alike to their death. She’s stunned to be seduced by a taboo union with a tiger-shifter and vampyr. Mating the pair could complicate everything and threaten her freedom. Fueled by her duty to Atlantis, Sameya rejects fate’s wisdom and refutes her attraction to the men.

Taboo Kisses…when the forbidden becomes irresistible.

Gabriel and Maximus have been searching for their mate for centuries. Neither expected the siren they were hired to find would deliver more than a lucrative payday. Frustrated by Sameya’s aversion to their mating, the men anticipate an empty future if she refuses to complete their union. In a rash move Maximus seizes Sameya and holds her captive.

Taboo Kisses…when the siren is serenaded with temptation. 

Trapped and at their mercy, Sameya is bombarded with pleasure. Can her mates convince her to take a gamble on their taboo union? With danger lurking in the shadows, will the choice be taken from her? 

Taboo Kisses Excerpt:

Maximus captured her hips and tugged. Feeling as gooey as melted butter, she slid off the table and straight into the vampyr’s arms. His cock impaled her so deep they were pelvis to pelvis in a second. Sameya cried out at the rapid penetration. Maximus groaned.

The exquisite bliss of having him inside her turned her world foggy and she struggled to pull herself back from the chasm of carnality. But the effort was useless.

Gooseflesh scattered across her body as Gabriel yanked the T-shirt over her head. The tiger palmed the back of her head and cupped her chin with his other hand. He kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

“I’ll be right back,” he said against her lips and then released her. She collapsed against Maximus, praying he’d begin to thrust forthwith. Praying he’d give her one of those dreaded orgasms very, very soon.

No such luck. He tangled his hand in her hair and drew her head back so he could examine her. “Tell me what you want, Sameya.”

“Let me come.” That request should’ve horrified her, but being exposed in their presence felt natural.

“I don’t think so.” He licked a nipple and rolled it between his teeth.

Sameya grabbed a handful of his chocolate hair and yanked on the strands. His eyes flashed green and a slow playful grin tilted the corners of his mouth. “Maximus! No more dawdling. Please, no more.”

“This what you want, naleah?” He slid his hand between their bodies and placed the pad of his thumb against her clit. He circled the sensitive nub in soft strokes.

“Yes,” she breathed, allowing her head to fall back. That was exactly what she needed. A little faster maybe, that would get her what she wanted quicker.


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14 thoughts on “Guest Gracen Miller – Does She Do All the Sexy Stuff In Her Books?

  1. Vanessa N.

    I believe that authors write from both experience and imagination. It makes the stories more interesting. You’re a new author for me.


    • I love to see what the author can imagine, especially when I can live through it with the characters.

      Good luck on winning, Vanessa!



  2. As a reader I use my imagination to “see” what the author is writing about but that doesn’t mean I want to live it. The same can be said for an author, just because they write it doesn’t mean they always live it or even want to. I means they have a great imagination for writing wonderful stories.



    • I definitely don’t want to live some of my scenes. I can do without living most of my Road to Hell series books. That’d be a scary life to live!

      Good luck on winning, Suzlyne!



  3. wyndwhisper

    as a reader I don’t think much about the authors experience or lack or experience as long as they are writing a good book and it is believable then I usually don’t think to much about it. I do however ask them questions because I know they have at least done research on whatever it is we are discussing.

    as to do I think all authors do what they write> no, but if they aren’t trying out the fun stuff (at least trying it once) then they may think latter on “why didn’t I do that when I had the chance?”. you have to live life to enjoy it and how do you know you’ll hate something if you don’t try it first, right? I’m not saying to go out and get some guy to tie you up because that could be dangerous but maybe you could be in charge of tying up your s.o. 🙂

    for me it is being in a crowd and having someone behind me touching me. takes a lot of trust and patience to make it thru the room and evening that way cause I just want to go home and stay there and I want to s.o. to get the hell out from behind me and stop stroking my shoulders, it doesn’t help! but then about an hour later all I can feel or think about is his hand calmly stroking my skin and his whisper that I’m okay and we will go soon. when I asked him when? he said when you trust me to keep you safe here. amazing right? the thing was I did trust him to keep me safe, I just didn’t trust anyone else in the room. LOL! he knew that I just needed to be reminded about it too, reminded I was safe and not alone and that I was loved, crazy panicky faults and all. soooo cool! 🙂
    tammy ramey
    trvlagnt1t (at) yahoo (dot) com


    • Tammy, thank you so much for sharing that story! If you write, you should so put that into a book. It’s beautiful, I could feel the tenderness through what you described.

      And you’re right, I do believe in trying out the fun stuff and testing limits. Life is too short not to enjoy it to its fullest.

      Good luck on winning, Tammy!



  4. Robin

    I don’t think authors usually write from personal experience. I think most of the time it is fantasy and I like to fantasize so I say GO FOR IT! 🙂 So added this to my TBR list. 😛


    • I love to fantasize! It doesn’t mean I actually want to participate in the fantasy in real life, but sometimes I do write the things I’d do. Coming up with the perfect sexual scene that’s kinky and still be hot, that’s testing my writing limits. And I’m always testing my writing limits.

      Good luck on winning, Robin!



  5. Love it cant wait to read! 🙂


  6. Faith Bates

    I’m not at all disappointed I find imagination is a great tool. I don’t think I’d look at some of my author friends the same if their books were personal experiences lol


  7. Vickie Milizia

    I do believe that authors can write erotica from imagination. I also think some write from experience. I don’t care where they get the information, I just enjoy reading it.


  8. Kirsten

    As a readed, I think writers use both experience and imagination to write. I love it all. 🙂


  9. The two ebook winners of Taboo Kisses are….




    Congrats!! Please contact me via email at


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