Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes?

Hey smut lovers! Today I want to talk about Anatomy. I promise this won’t be like your high-school science class. I want to get to the nitty gritty about what parts of the male anatomy are the sexiest. (In other words-please excuse this gratuitous post featuring scantily clad hot men!

We all know that women are drawn to the perfect chest…..

15576009_s (2)

And sculpted abs….



But many women are also turned on by sexy eyes…

14042608_s (2)


8233562_s (2)

Gluteus Maximus

4161211_s (2)

Even belly buttons are a trigger for some.

10380332_s (2)

The sexiest part of a man’s body for me is the shoulders. I love a broad back that gives me a place to rest my head when I’m holding him from behind. I love that broad shoulders lead to strong arms that wrap me into the soothing shelter of his body.

17926590_s (2)      16306353_s (2)


As with real women, the heroines in my books are drawn to their heroes various features. In Fire of the Wolf, Caroline had a thing for Devin and Damon’s dimples. In Reflections of the Wolf, Tina loved Liam’s strong forearms and hands. Shandi from Legacy of the Wolf, couldn’t seem to stop thinking about Rafe and Ryley’s blue eyes. They distracted her many times throughout that book. In Sidney’s Triple Shot, Sidney was struck dumb by her three men’s rock hard pecks and abs.

So tell me now, which parts and pieces make you melt?

As always, Live Laugh and Love like today is your only chance! ~Lori



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14 thoughts on “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes?

  1. Nice hands and forearms. Sounds weird to some, but there is nothing more sexy than a man in a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. And of course eyes and a nice neck and oh my goodness I love all of them. But the packaging is important. That is what makes a man in a suit so sexy – the undressing. I’d go on, but I have to go find my man now after reading this and um…well, you know.


  2. Crystal H

    I love guys arms. If they have nice sculpted muscles in the arms you know they are strong enough to just lift you up and have there way with you.

    Great pictures Lori!


    • Thank you Crystal! I think strong arm muscles give the impression that the man is “strong” enough to take care of you. I know I find muscular arms sexy!


  3. For me its his eyes and his smile. I also am a leg woman…love long tall guys. Never dated a guy under 6 feet tall. The guys legs usually catch my eye first then I look for the rest of the package.


    • I’ve never found legs sexy, but eyes are a whole different ball of wax! You can learn so much about a person by watching their eyes, and if they are sexy as hell-even better!


  4. Khriste Close

    So difficult to choose one specific answer when the whole package makes the man. But I say eyes and (not mentioned) smile!


  5. I love that cut line along the top of a man’s hips where the bottom of the abs transition to a v-shape. *sigh and pant* Eyes are nice, too, but the most sexy thing a man can have that will really turn my head is a keen mind. Beautiful packaging is a glorious thing, but I need engaging conversation.


  6. ronnie c

    I love a man’s chest and ass! But I agree it has to be the whole package….including a sense of humor!!!


  7. natashamoore

    Oh, my, my, my. Who can choose? I agree with the whole package. And the sense of humor. Thanks for sharing those mouth-watering pics!


  8. You’re welcome Natasha! Anything to brighten your day! 🙂 I know these pics sure brightened mine!


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