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Dirty old men. Who knew they could still get it on?

By the way, this is a true story, and I’m truly wishing I had mental bleach right about now.

A couple of weeks ago, I was leaving Walmart  in a rush to get home. By the time I figured out which row I parked my car in, I crossed the main lane only to hear the following by two men, beyond middle-aged discuss:

Old man #1: “Damn! It’s been long time since I’ve been able to find a piece of ass.”

Old man #2: “Yup. I’ve got the same problem.”

Old man #1: “If it isn’t one thing, it’s another, and they’re mostly dogs.”


At this point I can’t help but do a double take as I’m walking by. Both are overweight, and very unattractive.


Old man #1: … I just need to fuck something wet.”


At that moment, I nearly barfed in my mouth. All sorts of wrong crossed my mind when I heard that last part.


Believe me, I’m not prude. Hell, if I were, would I be so delighted to be in such perverted company? There has got to be a time and place to have those kinds of conversations. The Walmart parking lot, is definitely not one of those places. The last thing I want to hear is two old fogies getting their cock on, or a lack thereof.

So that’s my story, what about yours? Have you walked into a conversation of all kinds of wrong? Please share. I want to know!



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86 Days of Summer…Road Trip

Oh yes my darlings, time is winding down fast. For the next twelve hours I’ll be in a car with my husband, two teenage boys and a cat. Where are we off to? Duke University. The campus is just gorgeous and of course whenever I get out at walk the grounds all I think about is James Patterson’s book ‘Kiss the Girls.’ The are so many trees and hidey holes around the area that it’s hard not to picture some crazy scenario or another.

Hanging out on the campus of Duke isn’t all I’m doing. Writing will be in the mix. There’s nothing like being away from home to really get the muses going and I’m truly looking forward to getting some serious wordage on the page.

Whispers Publishing closes tomorrow June 30. And many of the titles I held with them have been taken down. This saddens me because Whispers was my very first yes and such a fantastic company to work with. Seducing His Wife was my first mainstreamed title published and it’s still one of my best selling novels, even though the cover has been revamped and it’s been released in print as well as ebook. 🙂

So while I enjoy the next twelve hours locked in a vehicle with all males, I’ll do my best to catch up on some reading. How will you spend the next 86 days of summer?

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic.

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Sizzing “S” Words

What is it about those sibilant words? You know. “S” words. Have you noticed how many sensuous (See! An “s” word) words we have at our disposal when we’re writing our smutty (another “s” word) stories?

Some give you a slippery (OMG – another one!) sound – slather, slide, slick, silky, slip…

And then there are those hard sounds – slap, slam, spank, smack, shatter, suck…

What about actions – saunter, shimmy, squeeze, simmer, snuggle, stamp, sheathe, spasm, submit, savor, smolder, spark, stimulate, screw, shudder, shiver, stroke, shimmer, sizzle, satisfy…

And the myriad descriptive words that begin with “s” boggle the mind – silken, seductive, sinewy, sensual, sexy, succulent, smooth, savage, sleek, smoky, spicy, sinful, steamy, stiff, strong, shiny, shadowy, sweaty, swollen, sultry, serene, sassy, sculpted, sinuous, searing, soft, sensitive…

I’m sure there are many more that I’ve missed.

For the record, though it’s hard to pick just one, I admit I love the word “sultry.” It can mean “very hot and humid” like summer weather. Or it can mean “hot with passion/capable of exciting strong sexual desire.” Mmm, sounds like a great “s” word to me.

What’s your favorite “s” word?

Silken Canvas – available now
Voluptuous – coming Sept 6th pre-order now
Playing for Real – coming March 18th

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Excerpt and Contest with Kallypso Masters

I’m so excited to be posting my first blog here at 69 Shades! I’d like to introduce myself to those who haven’t come across me or my books yet. I write the Rescue Me series of gritty, realistic Romance stories with a BDSM Club as a backdrop. While there is kink in the stories and very hot kink and vanilla sex scenes, the main focus for me is telling the Romances. I have a lot of fans who have never read BDSM before mine, but I’m guessing that’s not an issue at this blog.

In the Rescue Me series, which probably will continue for a decade or two, I’ve begun by telling the stories of three military men who have forged a bond on the battlefield, which I shared in Masters at Arms (Rescue Me #1), the series introduction. I also show their experience levels with BDSM and love in that book and introduce two of the men to their future lady loves. To this point in the series, all are m/f Romances. I’m fascinated with the psychological aspects of BDSM and consult with a number of experts and those in the lifestyle who help me with my research.

Adam, Marc, and Damián left the military to open a BDSM club in Denver, but that’s just an excuse for three lost men to a new family of choice with Adam Montague, their Master Sergeant, at the head.

I also write realistic Romance, where Happily Ever After is just the beginning. So I’m going to share an UNEDITED excerpt from the fifth book in the series (coming out by mid September) that shows the continuation of Marc and Angelina’s story, who were the main featured couple in Nobody’s Angel (Rescue Me #2). They only as far as a Happy For Now ending before Adam and Karla hijacked their book and I had to leave them hanging to move on in the saga to Nobody’s Hero (Rescue Me #3). Quite honestly, I had no clue what Marc’s deep-seated issues were until I was well into writing book four, so I couldn’t have told you the rest of their story until then. I don’t plot. The characters talk to me, I listen. And when they don’t talk, I don’t have anything to write.

But Marc’s definitely talking now. Somebody’s Angel (Rescue Me #5) is almost into the first round of edits (the first five chapters are in the hands of one of my editorial team members already.

To help drum up support for my series and Marc and Angelina in particular, I’ve made Nobody’s Angel book FREE for the foreseeable future at most booksellers. As my readers will tell you, you need to read the Masters at Arms introduction (also free) first. I don’t like to rehash backstory any more than my editors make me (for those who have long breaks between installments and have to be reminded of something they missed). You can find my buy links here

I’d also like to give away a copy of one of the e-books in the series.  I also want to give away a “Master Marc can put me in culinary bondage anytime” Tee (Small to 4XL sizes available) OR an apron of the same design from my Kally Swag Store. I’m having a 10% off sale at the store July 1-7, so if you don’t win here, you can get your own on sale!

Now, enjoy this sexy scene with Marc and Angelina—before things go terribly wrong during their New Year’s weekend in Aspen (the one readers saw through Damián and Savannah’s eyes in Nobody’s Perfect (Rescue me #4). Somebody’s Angel follows the same timeline beginning at New Year’s weekend, then continues to about a month later for some of the characters. This is very much an ongoing saga!

Unedited Excerpt:  

Marc cleared his throat to gain Damián’s attention. “Why don’t we all get checked into our rooms and meet down here again in about two hours?” He squeezed Angelina’s hand and grinned at her, then leaned down to whisper in her ear. “That should give us time to relieve some of your tension, Amore.

Angelina’s clit sparked to life, anxious for him to offer her a much-needed release during those two hours. She relaxed a little at the thought of being turned over his knee for an erotic spanking. She’d come to love those and he rarely spanked her as punishment. Only for…stress relief. She grinned. Just what she needed—provided she didn’t scream loudly enough to bring any family members running to the rescue.

She turned and watched Savi brush Marisol’s bangs away from her eyes. What a beautiful little girl. Savi turned her gaze toward Angelina and Marc. “Perfect. Mari’s been so wound up about this trip, she could use a little rest before we take to the slopes, or whatever it is you all want to do.” She looked at Damián who only nodded.

While Damián had said skiing wasn’t an option for him, the proud new papa insisted that Marisol take a lesson or two on the bunny slope.

Twenty minutes later, they were upstairs in their suite. Angelina released a huge sigh. Everyone in the lobby seemed to be watching her. She was uncertain which were members of Marc’s family and which were staff or guests. Apparently, the family hadn’t been alerted about their time of arrival. Odd, but it wasn’t as if they had shown up at his family’s middle-class, single-family household unannounced. This resort was huge. They could probably hide out for a week without being found.

Enough fantasizing. She’d have to face them sooner or later. Dinner tonight, Marc had said.


Angelina looked up at Marc, furrowing her eyebrows. “Enough what?”

“Enough worrying. They are going to love you as much as I do, cara. This tug-of-war in your head has to end. Now.”


“The only butt I want right now is yours over my knee. Strip.”

Her heart thudded and she let her coat puddle at her feet. “Yes, Sir.”

She pulled the heavy sweater over her head, hearing the static crackling her hair. He’d insisted she go braless this morning—and he’d copped a few feels on the drive to Aspen. So, in seconds, she was half naked. His gaze lowered to her breasts and her nipples puckered.

Marc reached out to touch one nipple and the static electricity discharged, causing her to inhale sharply and pull away from the pain. He laughed. “We’ll have to explore the violet wand in the playroom or club sometime.”

While not on her list of hard limits, she’d never liked the idea of his using electricity on her body. If that tiny spark to her nipple had hurt that much, imagine what it would feel like with currents coursing through her entire body.

Angelina shuddered and reached for her pleated skirt’s waistband, until he stayed her hand. “Leave the skirt. Lose the tights.”

Her pussy muscles tightened. Mio Dio. As she anticipated his bare hand on her equally bare butt, her breathing became rapid and shallow. She needed this so badly after stressing over meeting his family since Christmas. Well, after Christmas maybe. That day had been wonderful and they returned home to enjoy a special treat in the upstairs playroom, complete with candy canes. She’d never look at those giant candy sticks or their curved smaller counterparts the same way again.

Reaching up under the skirt, she snagged the waistband of her black tights with her thumbs and quickly shimmied them down over her butt to her knees before she sat on the bed to remove her shoes and take the tights the rest of the way off. She wore no panties, another of Marc’s commands this morning cluing her in that they would be playing at some point today. But on cold days like this one, he allowed her to wear tights if they’d be outside.

He always seemed to know how uncomfortable and unsteady she was in fuck-me stiletto heels, though, and only required them in certain playroom scenes at home that required little or no walking. A very considerate Dom.

When she dropped the tights onto the floor, his gaze roamed over her bare breasts and calves, heating her.

“Stand and present yourself.”

Angelina stood, cast her gaze to the floor in front of her, and planted her feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Her hands grasped her elbows behind her back, causing her breasts to jut out. Marc’s warm hands cupped her breasts and he pinched her nipples until she gasped.

“I love your tits.”

So I’ve noticed. “Thank you, Sir.”

He lowered his mouth to one, taking the nipple between his teeth and tugging until she nearly lost her footing.

He stood and sighed, as if regretting he didn’t have time to continue exploring her breasts, and then he went to his toy bag and unzipped it. When he pulled out one of his paddles, she almost took an involuntary step back. The paddle? Why? She hadn’t been bad.

Marc sat down on the edge of the bed and laid the wooden paddle on the bedspread beside him. The turquoise-colored bedspread enhanced the mirror image of the word “MINE.” That word soon would be imprinted in red on her butt. She hated the sting of that paddle. Damn Luke for making it, even though he had given it to Angelina so that she would be the one to present it to Marc, if she chose to. She could have withheld it, but the sentiment seemed sweet at the time. She’d get her revenge on dear, sweet Luke some day.

“Kneel.” He tossed a pillow from the bed in front of him, between his knees.

She was permitted to use her hands to get into a new position, so she released her elbows and used her hands on his knees to ease herself down onto the pillow. Once steady, her hands returned to clasp her elbows at her lower back.

“Remove my shoes.” She untied and removed the Guccis he had pulled from the back of the closet this morning. He didn’t usually wear them at home. She set them beside her discarded coat and sweater.

“You need to take your mind off dinner tonight. Please me with your mouth.”

Releasing her hands again, she eased down the zipper of his black Armani pants. Reaching inside the opening, she pulled out his penis. She’d never grow tired of the sight of him, large and stiff for her. He leaned back on his elbows and she looked up at him.

Marc grinned. “No hands.”

Angelina scooted a little closer, knowing she’d need to support her chest if she wanted to have any control over the depth he could penetrate her mouth. As if licking a melting ice-cream cone, she let the tip of her tongue trace the engorged vein along the length of him, then returned to the head. His hiss and the bobbing of his penis told her she’d pleased him. He had been a little tense about this visit, too, so perhaps he needed this time as much as she did.

Releasing all thoughts of meeting his family, Angelina leaned as far forward as she could and wrapped her lips around the head of his penis, pulling him toward her, taking him deeper. At this angle, it was difficult to take him into her throat, so she concentrated on the head, flicking her tongue around the rim and the notch on the underside. He bobbed again and she tasted his salty pre-cum. She grew wet thinking about having him inside her. Soon, she hoped.

“Your mouth is so hot, Amore.

Emboldened by his words, she sucked the head harder and he hissed again, pumping his hips up until the tip of his penis hit the roof of her mouth. She loved pleasing her Dom this way and he loved it, too.

Suddenly, he placed his hands on either side of her face and pulled her away. Puzzled, she looked up at him.

“I don’t want to come in your mouth or on your face. We don’t have a lot of time to clean up. Stand, pet.”

She maneuvered herself to her feet and took a step back before resuming her presentation position, unsure what he wanted her to do next.

Marc stood as well, kicking the pillow away, and unbuckled his belt. He released the button. “Remove my pants.”

Unclasping her hands, she reached out and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of his pants and lowered them. As usual, he went commando and his penis stood out, fierce and erect, surrounded by tufts of dark curly hair. Impulsively, she placed a kiss on the tip as she continued to pull down his pants.

“You did not have permission to do that, pet.”

Marc sat down so she could pull the pant legs the rest of the way off. She fought the urge to straddle him. They were being formal now and she needed to do as she was told. She’d learned a lot about discipline living with him these last few months. She needed to remember her training and not let her impulses get the better of her, or she probably would pay for it. She glanced at the paddle again.

“Across my lap. Now.”

Angelina swallowed hard and lay across his lap with his penis poking into her stomach and her body evenly distributed on either side of his thighs. Her hair hung loose and curtained her face—not that he could see her anyway. She felt herself grow wet, anticipating the sting of his hand on her butt.

“Hands on the floor.”

Shit. She didn’t like that position, because it left her with very little control—so open and vulnerable. However, she did as he’d ordered and placed her hands flat on the floor. His penis now pressed against her pubic bone and each swat of his hand would send a jolt to him, as well.

He lifted her short skirt and his warm hand caressed her butt. She squirmed when his fingers traced the crack to the swollen folds of her pussy.

“So damned wet for me, pet. Thank you.”

“No, thank you, Sir, for making me wet.”

His finger slid inside her opening and she squeezed him in welcome. They hadn’t made love this morning and she wanted him inside her so badly. However, it wouldn’t happen for a while at least. Perhaps not for hours—even days. Sometimes he preferred to leave her wanting and needing for long periods before he gave her the relief she so desperately needed. He pulled out his finger and she hoped he’d touch her clit now and give her some relief.


Not expecting the spanking to start so suddenly, her breath hitched in surprise.


His hand came down on her other butt cheek equally hard and she squeezed her cheeks together. Several more swats rained down on her in quick succession and she held her breath as the familiar warmth spread over her bottom.

“Open wider for me, pet.”

Oh, no. She hated when he struck directly on her pussy or clit. Knowing it would only be worse if she didn’t respond quickly, she angled her left leg toward his knee, exposing herself to him fully.


“Oh, mio Dio!” His hand struck directly on her clit and she jerked, trying to avoid the next blow. Swat! No such luck. Tears ran down her nose. The release of tension as he continued to spank her left her sobbing, then the familiar euphoria she’d come to experience left her floating. Bliss.


The paddle landed on her left cheek and surprised her, stinging her sore skin and bringing her back to the present with a vengeance. How long had she zoned out?


The pain burning in her butt from the “Mine” paddle caused her to clench her cheeks, which only made the fire burn even hotter. New tears flowed.

Cool air blew over her burning cheeks; Marc was finished with the spanking. His cool breath only caused gooseflesh to break out, increasing her pain level. He knew it, too. She jumped as the cold aloe he used after spanking her made contact with her sore ass, but soon it helped take the sting away.

His hand stroked her back in a soothing manner as he waited for the ointment to dry. She hiccupped.

“Shhh, pet.” Marc helped her off his lap and she went into his arms as he sat her on his lap and enfolded her in his arms. Her butt stung, but she only wanted to be held. He stroked her hair and she laid her head against his shoulder, accepting his gentle ministrations.

“You’re mine, pet.”


A peaceful calm came over her; she let her eyes drift shut and relaxed her body.

“No sleeping.”

“I’m sorry, Sir.” She tried to sit upright, felt the sting in her butt, and his hand held her still.

“Talk to me. How are you feeling now?”

“Better. Relaxed.”

“Good girl.”

“Just one problem left.”

He grew tense. “What’s that?”

“How am I supposed to sit down through dinner tonight? You really walloped me.”

“Brat. You know you loved every stroke.”

“Yes, Sir. I did. Thank you for taking such good care of me.”

“I can’t imagine what my life would be without you. You have given me something I didn’t even know was missing.”

“What’s that?”

He thought for several moments. “I had a need to…be needed. You need me.”

Angelina smiled. She’d never really thought of herself as being needy. She’d fought so long to gain independence from her big brothers only to let this man steal her heart away. She didn’t want to think about life without Marc.

“But it’s mutual, Angelina.” He leaned away and gazed into her eyes. “You also take excellent care of my needs, Amore. You filled a void in my soul I didn’t even know what there.”

For him to acknowledge that she’d connected with him in that way warmed her heart. She’d tried to give Marc what he needed—well, as much as she could fathom what that might be. He still remained very private and closed off emotionally. Angelina couldn’t understand how he could have grown up male in a big Italian family and felt empty and unloved. Yes, his family was very different from hers. Thoughts of his family sent another flurry of “What ifs” through her mind. What if she couldn’t impress them and…

“Why did you tense up again just now?”

Merda. She really could have no secrets from him. He read her body like someone might read a book. “I’m sorry, Sir. I let my mind wander where it shouldn’t.”

Marc sighed, stroking her cheek. “Mio angelo, please stop worrying. My family will love you.”

“Yes, Sir.” But she still had a niggling feeling of doom. If they didn’t accept her, she could lose Marc. So much was riding on this meeting with his family.

She couldn’t wait for this dreaded dinner to be over.

* * *

“Marco! Marco D’Alessio!”

Angelina turned to watch as a curvy Italian woman approached, long black hair fluttering loose over her shoulders, and enormous boobs arriving half a second before the rest of her. Something in the way she devoured Marc with her eyes caused the hackles at the back of Angelina’s neck to rise. The woman was drop-dead gorgeous, but her eyes were empty, cold, and calculating when she cast a disdainful glance Angelina’s way.

Marc tensed, causing Angelina to turn her focus to him. His nostrils flared as he narrowed his gaze. Angelina curled her fingers around Marc’s elbow, then realized she was being territorial. Not to mention more than a bit insecure. Oh, like that’s something new. She reminded herself that Marc might know this knock-out of a woman, but he wasn’t with her now. He was with Angelina.

She looked back at the woman and caught another cold glare aimed at her.


The word popped into Angelina’s head, not one she would normally use, but it was more as if the woman had telegraphed it to Angelina. However, it was this woman who exuded the bitch factor.

“Melissa. How are you?” Marc’s cold response and stiff body told Angelina all she needed to know. He didn’t like this woman, whatever their history might have been. Angelina’s gaze went to the perfect globes protruding from the woman’s chest. Definitely silicone.

Okay, now who was being the bitch?

Angelina plastered a smile on her face and squeezed Marc’s elbow. As if suddenly remembering her presence, he looked down at her, but didn’t smile as he made the introductions.

“Angelina Giardano, meet Melissa Russo, Gino’s fiancée.”

Gino’s? With the emotion sizzling between these two, this woman definitely meant something more to Marc than his dead brother’s fiancée. Would he be honest with her when they were alone? He’d lied to her once before to protect her feelings, but Angelina needed to know who this woman was and what she meant to Marc.

Wait. Did she really want to know that?

Yes. She wanted Marc all to herself. She’d already met some of the bottoms he’d played with at the Masters at Arms Club. None had indicated he had been anything more than someone to scene with. Angelina had never felt she’d been in competition for him with anyone…before this woman.

What the hell was she to Marc?

When the woman moved in to kiss Marc, he turned his face away and her red-slathered lips branded his cheek. Angelina released his arm and started to pull away, but he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

“If you’ll excuse us, Melissa, we have dinner plans.”

Melissa glared at Angelina again, then dismissed her and spoke to Marc. “Mama asked me to join the family for dinner tonight to welcome you home.”

Marc’s arm jerked reflexively against her back, before he relaxed it again. Angelina wished the floor would just open up now and swallow her whole if she was going to have to sit through this meet-the-parents meal from hell not only with Marc’s intimidating family, but with a woman who might be an old flame, too.

Ever polite, Marc held his arm out indicating that Melissa should precede them across the lobby. Angelina got the full impact of Melissa’s perfectly shaped ass and fuck-me stilettos as the woman undulated toward the elevator alcove in the luxury apartment building that adjoined the resort. Melissa didn’t wobble at all on the heels. Angelina would have fallen flat on her face.

Brass-encased, filigreed mirrors on three walls of the elevator alcove made it impossible to look anywhere without seeing Melissa’s absolutely stunning body. Tearing her gaze away from the woman’s perfection, Angelina looked up at the floor numbers above the elevator doors, watching as one of two cars made its way slowly to the first floor.

She wished she’d gone with Damián and Savi to dinner at the lodge. She did not want to be here. The red floor numbers blurred, and she blinked away the tears of frustration and trepidation. When the bell dinged and the door opened, Melissa walked into the elevator with her head held high, as if she owned the place. She turned and pushed the button for the floor she obviously knew by heart, then gave Angelina a look that clearly stated, “I belong here. You don’t.”

When Angelina would have followed her into the elevator, Marc’s arm around her waist held her back. Puzzled, she looked up at him and he grinned at Melissa.

“Tell Mama we’ve been detained a bit, but will be there shortly.”

The doors began to close on a glaring Melissa who realized too late she’d been outmaneuvered. Angelina smiled back at her, just before the doors closed.

“Come, cara. We need to talk.”

Oh, Dio. Maybe she wasn’t ready to find out what this woman had been to Marc.

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Coming Soon – Hot BDSM Novella, Testing Tom

Hi everyone,

Testing TomI recently signed a contract with Secret Cravings Publishing for a m/f BDSM erotic romance novella, called Testing Tom. I had great fun writing this femdom story, and even shocked myself with some of the naughtiness. *gasp*

What do you think to the cover? I love it!

Here’s the (unapproved) blurb:

When Katrina’s ex, Tom, turns up on her doorstep, he’s literally the last person she was expecting to see. After dumping her and running off with a vanilla chick, Tom broke the Domme’s heart and left her seriously hurting. So when he returns, begging for another chance, Katrina is understandably very confused and protective of her bruised feelings. She finds it very difficult to believe that he’s turned his back on a vanilla lifestyle for good and wants to be with her, a professional dominatrix. Rather than letting her head or her heart figure out what to do, whether to forgive him, she decides to put Tom through a series of challenges that will prove his devotion to her—or not. Testing Tom is not something she’d ever expected she’d have to do, but to her, it’s the only way she can be sure whether he’s back for good.

And here’s an unedited snippet:

Katrina was halfway through an episode of her favorite drama series when her doorbell rang. She jumped, gasping as her heart lurched painfully, then pressed ‘pause’ on the remote control. Wincing slightly as she unfolded her legs from beneath her bottom—she’d been watching the program back-to-back for a couple of hours and she was stiff—she moved to the window and peered out through a gap in the curtains, careful not to let the mystery visitor see her, should she need to ignore them. Cold callers were common in her area, and drove her crazy. If she wanted to buy something, she’d contact them, not the other way around.

As it happened, it wasn’t a salesperson. She ducked back from the window, clenched her hands into fists.

“What the fuck is he doing here?”

He was literally the last person she’d expected to see standing at her door. Prince William or George Clooney would have been less of a shock.

For there, outside her house, stood the man that had broken her heart several months ago. Thomas Black. She hadn’t seen hide nor hair of him since, and now, totally out of the blue, he’d turned up.

Katrina contemplated ignoring him, going back to her show and pretending she wasn’t in. But apparently that wasn’t an option.

“I know you’re there, Katrina,” he yelled through the letterbox, “your car is on the drive, and I can see the glow of the telly through the curtains.”

Katrina decided it was time to get thicker curtains. Not wanting to cause a scene, which her nosey neighbors would no doubt adore, she moved to the front door, unlocked it and flung it open.

“Get in,” she said, quickly closing the door behind him, then turning to face her unwanted visitor. “What the hell do you want?”

He held his hands up in supplication, then spoke. “Look, I know I’m probably the last person you expected to see—wanted to see—but I have to talk to you. Please?”

He adopted the puppy-dog look he’d long-since perfected. Katrina sighed.

“You’ve got five minutes. Sit down.”

They moved over to the sitting area, and Katrina deliberately sat in the chair, so Tom couldn’t sit next to her. Settling onto the end of the sofa nearest to her, he clasped his hands together, presumably to summon his courage, and began.

“Kat, I’m here to say I’m sorry, all right? I was wrong, so wrong, to finish with you the way I did and go off with Alicia.”

“She dumped you, has she?” Katrina clenched her teeth, and felt the rage beginning to build inside her. If Tom thought he could come running back to her because his bimbo had ditched him, then he had another think coming.

“No,” he said firmly, and, she suspected, honestly. “I finished with her, actually. When I realized that I wasn’t happy with her. She never made me feel the way you do, Kat. Not once. And I know, I know it’s my fault. I wanted something… different from what we had, or at least I thought I did. I couldn’t help thinking at the time that what we did was wrong, was weird. Abnormal, even. So when Alicia started flirting with me at work, I started thinking perhaps I should try for something normal. Like everybody else out there.”

He fixed her with his soulful gaze, and continued. “But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Yes, Alicia offered me normality, a vanilla relationship, but I soon discovered it couldn’t satisfy me. Sure, she could make me come in all the usual ways—”

“Ugh, I don’t want to hear this, Tom. I don’t want to hear about your sex life with someone else!”

“Sorry, Kat. Please, just let me finish?”

When she gave a curt nod, he carried on speaking.

“Alicia could make me come in all the usual ways—I am just a man, after all—but it wasn’t the same. Wasn’t as good. It wasn’t long before I started to miss you, miss what we had together, both in and out of the bedroom. I ignored it for as long as I could, forced myself to make the effort with Alicia, but it just got to the stage where I couldn’t do it anymore. Couldn’t ignore what I was, what I enjoyed, what I needed. And that’s you, Kat. I need you, and everything that goes with you.”

As a Domme, Katrina had become an expert in hiding her feelings, whether she was aroused, angry, happy, sad… it was all stuffed behind a stern facial expression. Now, though, she almost faltered. When Tom had left her, she’d remained cool and silent until the door had slammed. Then she’d broken down. She’d been deeply in love with him, and his decision had left her devastated. Months down the line, her love for him hadn’t faded, not one bit, and the fact that he was here, right now, apparently trying to get her back, was something she’d never expected. She didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or throw something at him.

She didn’t do any of those things. She kept her face straight, her thoughts whizzing through her head at a hundred miles per hour. Eventually, after letting him squirm in his seat for a minute or so, she replied. “So what exactly are you saying, Tom? What do you want?” She knew the answer, but she wanted to make him suffer, the way he had done to her after ditching her for something, someone, that could never satisfy him.

Watch this space for a release date – it’s probably going to be the end of July, but I don’t yet know precisely when.

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Why settle for just one man?

Why settle for one man, when you could have three?

It’s no secret that I love reading and writing ménage stories. My only excuse for this gluttony of multiple men, is that I’m monogamously married to a man whose inner Dom doesn’t share! Alas this means that I must live in fantasy with my multiple men, creating strong women for them to woo, and throwing as many road blocks in their way as possible.

TripleShot-MedIn Sidney’s Triple Shot, the three Dawson brothers were perfectly content to live as bachelors for at least a few more years, but dropping Sidney Rowe into their lap threw them all for a loop. Sidney needed three strong men to rescue her from her own bad decisions, and show her that she was worthy of true love.

So you ask, why THREE men?

Well….why not?

Xavier Dawson gave her the strength and leadership that she needed from a man. A Dominant, Xavier is wary of baring his Alpha side to her, but together he and Sidney discover that even an abuse survivor can find pleasure in certain forms of pain. Xavier is always conscientious of Sidney’s emotions and reactions, but he won’t hesitate to push her out of her comfort zone if it’s for her own good.

In middle brother, Tyce Dawson, Sidney found an escape from the doldrums via laughter and play. Tyce encourages her to follow her heart, and even drags her on to the stage at Triple Shot to prove to her that he supports her completely. Unable to hold his wisecracking tongue, Tyce is the dose of humor that Sidney needs to relax even in a difficult situation.

Rounding off the trio, is sweet, romantic Noah Dawson. Noah wears his heart on his sleeve, and has no qualms about sharing his feelings with Sidney. He wants to wrap her in his arms and buffer her from her pain and the danger that she faces, but in the end he finds that bubble wrapping her won’t work, so he holds her hand as she walks through the fire.

Individually, all three men have weaknesses and flaws. Noah is a pushover, Tyce is flighty, and Xavier can be arrogant and pushy. But together, they light a fire in Sidney Rowe’s heart that can overcome anything.

I hope you will take a chance, and try out my theory that three is better than one.

As always, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori King

Find Lori @

Website          Siren-Bookstrand

Amazon          Barnes and Noble

Facebook          Twitter

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What’s Your Fantasy?

I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night thinking about the fantasies that run around in people’s heads. I have quite a few, I’m proud to say, some of them kinkier than others, but all of them give me happy tingles.

I’ve used my fantasies to write books, too. Double Her Fantasy (see, I even used the word in the title!) was based on a dream I had which I cultivated into a full blown daydream. One that I’d think about at night before I fell asleep…and at other times, too. *giggle*


I read a book once by one of my favorite authors. In it, the heroine has an anonymous blog where daily she posts her sexiest fantasies, happy endings and all. I asked the author if she had done that, or ever thought about doing that herself, but she hadn’t.

That’s when I started thinking about doing it. Just writing a naughty fantasy scene every day – like while I’m finishing my morning coffee and watching the morning talk shows. 😉

If people enjoyed them, I’d even be willing to put them in book format and giving it away free.

Here’s where I need your help. What are your favorite fantasies? The ones that give you the sweet-tinglies? To protect your reputation (heehee) you can start the comment with, “I have a friend whose fantasy is…”

Share your hottest daydream, and it may end up as a story!

Have a fantasytic day!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
-Double Her Fantasy is available in digital format at Amazon (available exclusively at Amazon until August 2, 2013)
-Free Read! A Gentleman and a Cowboy is available at Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, Diesel Ebook Store, Barnes and Noble
-Cowboy Jackpot: St. Patrick’s Day is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.
-Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
-Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
-Turn Up the Heat, Chase and Seduction, and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
-Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback from Createspace and Amazon
-Cowboy Lust is available in paperback and digital format at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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Dallas Nights and a Steamy-Hot Contest!

A big howdy to my friends! I’m showering you with contest dust today! That’s right. All you have to do is read a smoking-hot excerpt of my latest release DALLAS NIGHTS–available from Loose Id. Then comment. Voila! You’re entered to win one of these two prizes:

1. $10 GC to Amazon or Barnes and Noble
2. a goodie bag stuffed with Em Petrova swag!

 photo EP_DallasNights_coverlg_zps52d3649d.jpg

To get her truck out of the Texas mud, he might have to throttle her—if he can keep from ravishing her.

When hardened cowboy Dallas comes across an abandoned truck on his land, he’s shocked to find that the driver is his first love that crushed his heart. He plans to get her back on the road as quickly as possible before he breaks his resolve to trust any woman again, let alone her.

Ellie never expected to lose control of her truck or her emotions. Coming back to her hometown after all these years was a bad idea, especially since the one person who will always hold her heart wants her to leave. Can she keep running from her mistakes, or will owning up to the transgressions that hurt Dallas return his love to her?


“Dallas.” She threw herself at him. Wrapping her arms around him and hitching her legs around his waist, she crushed her mouth to his. The sweet flavors burst on his tongue—vanilla and sweet Ellie.

A groan ripped from his chest as he held and kissed her, letting the tension build. For long heartbeats they were still, learning the contours of each other’s lips again. He cradled her face, angled her head, and plunged his tongue deep.

She opened to him at once, gasping around his invasion. The velvety-hot feel of her tongue against his fanned flames of desire that had never been doused. But six years later, he wanted more. And he wanted it on his terms.

He backed her against the truck, pinning her. Locking his hands under her ass, he rocked his erection into her mound.

A ragged sigh left her, and he devoured it. Scooped it out with his tongue and fed her a growl in return. She wiggled against him, and he slipped his hands over the curves of her upper thighs. Out of his head with need, he jerked his hips, digging his cock into her pussy.

The desire to erase all trace of Nathan Rafferty or any other man since Dallas drove him on. She might not be his now, but he was damn well going to show her that she should be.

She knocked his hat off and tangled her fingers in his hair. Small squeaks erupted from her. Bracing her between his body and two tons of steel, he peeled off his flannel, then her tank top. The tiny triangles of lace covering her full breasts made his cock ache.

She pinched the cloth between his shoulder blades and hauled his T-shirt off over his head. He caught her gaze before slamming his mouth over hers again.

Violence welled within him—not the need to hurt her, but to claim her. Grinding a thigh between her legs, he sucked her tongue. She skimmed her hands over his chest, arms, and the planes of his back.

Long ago, he’d whispered, “I’ll go gentle, Ellie-girl.”

Now he groaned, “This isn’t going to be gentle. I can’t wait another minute for you.”

“Mmm.” She bit at his lower lip, which only drew his beast to the surface.

He whirled away from the truck with her and spread her on the soft grass around the pond where they’d been lovers years before. Her hair tumbled around her face, her ponytail elastic lost. Staring up at him, she smiled.

Could he allow himself to feel for her again? He shoved down the emotion and palmed her breasts. The weight in his hands was like coming home.


Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win! Thanks for stopping by~
Em Petrova
~hardworking heroes—in bed and out~ Continue reading

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Guest blogger Elodie Parkes and giveaway

Elodie Parkes is a British author writing contemporary erotic romance.

Elodie’s new release with Hot Ink Press is titled The Winter Girl, and was released June 14. It’s erotic romance with a twist of magic. It’s a fun book, loaded with sex, and a happy ending.

 photo bannerWGone1RGB_zps27b91100.jpg

The Winter Girl, a June 14 release from Hot Ink Press, and author Elodie Parkes

Lily Prescott is only just over a relationship break up when she decides to take up residence in a house left to her by her recently deceased grandmother. Her corporate law job takes a back seat as she licks her wounds in the small country town. She looks around the main shopping street and discovers people who will befriend her, but she also runs into the town’s most eligible bachelor and secret bad boy, Starr Forrester.

Loved for his lifelong association with the town, Starr hides his methods for staying single well from his friends. He’s nearly thirty, gorgeous, a designer, owns a business and on the lookout for his ‘Winter Girl’….

Will it be Lily? What is a ‘Winter girl’?

Fun, sex, romance and a little twist of the paranormal, makes this a must read erotic romance. 18+

Today we have a visit from Lily Prescott, the main female character in The Winter Girl

Hi Lily, Welcome to the blog, firstly tell us a little about the book you feature in.

The Winter Girl is really the story of me moving to the country, into a house that I have been left by my grandmother when she died last August. It’s a very sexy love story. I don’t leave my job. I’m a corporate lawyer. I still have an apartment in the city where I work, but I make that leap to move myself away from an unhappy situation. I take some vacation, and work a few days commuting. I get to the country town thinking I’ll have a little peace and quiet, and wham run into this gorgeous guy.

I can’t say much more as it would be a spoiler but it’s a fun, sexy story, and you’ll love Starr Forrester, the lead male character. I mean who wouldn’t?

Most of us want to be different, so what is the one thing you wish the author had done differently with you?

I like who I am. I can’t think of much I would want to change. I like to dress for my lover…well undress might be a better word. I like stockings and there’s a few hot scenes in the book where I wear them. I’m strong, intelligent, not afraid of my sexuality and sensuality. I like my job that the author gave me…can’t think of anything more…

If you could have added something to the story, and the author would have let you, what would that have been?

My friend and she’s a colleague at the law firm too, Mia is her name. I would have liked the author to write a little more about her and especially towards the end of the story when she hooks up with someone. Maybe I can convince the author to write another book with Mia in it.

You get the chance to have the author change your name what will it be?

I like Lily Prescott, and there’s an especially nice touch from the author in the name of my house that my grandmother has left me. I’ll leave you to read that in the book. I might tell you here that Starr my gorgeous and so sexy lover has a nickname. I’ll leave that for the book too.

Thank you for dropping by. Before you leave, can you share one of your favorite parts of the book without giving too much away and tell us why you chose it?

This is hard because I love the whole book, but I’ll choose a love scene, it’s so yummy to read about making love. It’s R 18+ rated.


“Lily get your bra off now before I tear it off you.”

She pulled the bra up over her head smiling.

“It’s a pull on.”

Ash levered off his boots and pushed off his underwear, jeans and socks. His cock was twitching. ‘It’s been too long Ash. Take it slow.’ He told himself that, but he was desperate to plunge into Lily, and feel her tight and wet surrounding his cock.

Lily gazed at him.

“Ash I just want to look at you for a moment.”

She ran her hand over his thighs and then between them, tracing her fingertips under his balls. She ran her hands over his stomach and his hips. She kissed the head of his cock when it bumped against her chin, and then she took the length of it into her mouth again.

Ash moaned. “Lily I need…” He didn’t finish. He was gentle but firm and took her head away from his cock. He sat down onto the sofa pulling her to straddle him. She sank onto his cock, deep, deep, deeper and moaned throatily the whole time against his lips.

“That feels so good.”

He agreed, but he couldn’t get the words out. He started to rock her and she thrust her hips. She rode him until he took hold of her hips and thrust hard into her.

They lost themselves in the sensation until with their mouths against each other’s face they both groaned out their orgasms.

Ash held her against him. His arm around her neck, he kissed her deeply.

Lily was tracing his shoulders and his back with her fingertips.

They stilled against each other, and their kisses were gentle, loving, sweet, and addictive.

Ash felt better. ‘Things were working out after all. Lily had thrown herself at him when she opened the door.’ His sigh of relief was gentle on Lily’s ear and she nestled against his neck.


 photo 1_zps4d609453.jpg

Elodie is running a giveaway to celebrate the release of The Winter Girl, enter the draw with the rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Find Elodie online:!elodie-parkes/cio5

Find Elodie’s books:

Barnes & Noble




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Lori Foster Get Together!

The Lori Foster Get Together is one of the best conferences around, and this year’s was no exception!

Even though it didn’t officially start until Thursday, hubby and I got there on Wednesday. After checking in, we headed over to our favorite restaurant PF Changs where we talked books, then went back to the hotel and hung out.  We got to sleep in the next morning, which was bliss, then did some writing before going over to IKEA, where we promptly lost ourselves in the wonders of home decor and furnishings for a couple hours.  If we didn’t have dinner reservations that night, we might still be there! Yeah, we love that place!

That night it was back to PF Changs (told you it was our favorite restaurant!) for dinner with Monette Michaels, whom we met the first time we went to Lori’s and have been good friends with ever since.  Dinner with her at Changs has become a tradition.  After that, it was back to the hotel to regsiter and get our badges, then hang out at the meet and greet.  It was the first time Lori had something on Thursday like that, and hope she does it again because it was so much fun!  Hubby and I hung out with the fangirls from my Street Team – Brenda Wheeler, Janet Juengling-Snell, Cindy Overton, Kimberly Radicy-Rocha and Barb Ledbetter – as well as fellow Romance Divas Maddy Barone and Robyn Bachar, and their friends Jessica P. and Diana B., along with Kathryn M. Oh, and there was a DJ for dancing.  Yay!

Surprisingly, we didn’t stay up too late that night.  Mostly because we had to be up early the next day to help stuff goody bags. You get to meet lots of new people while doing it, so it’s always fun!  It took most of the day, though, so we didn’t get to hang out much until dinner.  Then it was time for the book signing.  It’s one of the highlights of the conference because I get to meet so many people. Even recruited some new members for my Street Team! Love it!  Afterward, we met Desiree Holt and her daughter in the bar, which rocked!

We slept in again on Saturday, then spent the day hanging out with everyone until crazy late that night!  Man, were we tired the next day!  But it was worth it!

Can’t wait until next time!

I have pictures on my FB page, so hope you’ll stop by!



Sexy Romantic Fiction!

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