Excitement of an impending release

We’ve all been there (if not shame on you and your partner too). It starts as a relaxed feeling. You’re finally on your way. Things are looking and feeling good.

There’s a little flicker and you get excited because you know this is how it begins.

A spark builds from that flicker and begins to grow and my does it feel real good. If things keep moving in this direction you know what’s going to happen next.

That spark grows into a flame. That flame grows into a wildfire. Your body is humming with energy. There are so many emotions and feelings that you can’t seem to categorize them until finally you explode.

Your entire essence seems as though it was shattered into a million pieces.

You’re riding a high like no other.

Yep…I’m talking about a new book release.

What else did you think I was talking about?

My sci-fi erotic romance sequel to Dangerously Mine will be available from Ellora’s Cave on May 24th!

Dangerously Yours



The steamy standalone sequel to Dangerously Mine.

Kane Epps divides his life into two distinct parts—before the alien invasion and after. Before the invasion, he had a pregnant wife and a high-powered job. After the invasion, he’s left with only himself and his hatred for all things alien. He channels his bitterness by captaining a vessel of renegade humans—space pirates who don’t think twice about taking what they need.

Princess Sa’Mya is on the run. She and a few trusted advisers fled her home planet, only to be captured by the sexy, dangerous Captain Epps. He claims to hate aliens but can’t seem to resist touching her or kissing her…everywhere. As Kane introduces Sa’Mya to ever-increasing, unimaginable realms of pleasure, the princess becomes determined to earn his trust. She’s used to getting what she wants. And this time, what she wants is Kane Epps.

Inside Scoop: This space-opera romance contains male/male sex scenes, girl-on-girl action, group sex and some good old-fashioned voyeurism.


“Princess, we will enter Tolanis airspace within the hour.” Nebin’s deep voice came through the speaker by her headrest, loud and clear.

“Thank you, Nebin.” Princess Sa’Mya Lacolil of Laconia did her best to contain her excitement. She had never been to Tolanis. In honesty, the only other place she’d ever gone to besides her home planet was the moon Sonis.

She couldn’t wait to explore Tolanis, a midsized planet known for its advances in fashion. The condition for that small luxury? She would have to keep her name and royal origins a secret from the natives. Uncle Umar had posted a notice describing her as a distraught runaway. Every species looking to increase the number of credits in their accounts would be after her to claim the reward.

Nebin had assured her she would go undetected if she obeyed him. Nebin was the only person she took orders from. He was her trusted guard, the guard her deceased father had appointed to watch over her since birth. Of all those in her life whom she had loved, Nebin was the only one still living.

Nebin sat next to Moira, her personal assistant, at the controls in the front of the five-seat transporter. Neither provided her a backward glance as they focused on guiding the transport to Tolanis. From Tolanis, they would rendezvous with the luxury vessel that would take them to Prysvinta, their final destination.

Sa’Mya sat in one of the uncomfortable seats in the rear. She had instructed Nebin to get a large vessel, one with all the amenities befitting a princess. Since she was the sole owner of the largest shipping and hauling company in the galaxy, he had thousands of vessels to choose from. But he had opted for a small, inconspicuous vessel, which was not appropriate for her…status.

In Nebin’s defense, they had been trying to sneak off Laconia and away from her uncle. According to Nebin, a larger vessel would have alerted her uncle’s guards with a quick recapture to follow. She had agreed, albeit begrudgingly.

Sa’Mya scanned the stark white walls of her cramped surroundings.


A painting of Laconia’s unspoiled lands on the hull walls would have really perked up the space. Ancients, even a view port would be welcome because at least then she could see the stars.

Against her better judgment, she initiated the intercom again. “Has there been any more communication from my uncle?”

“I have not seen any indication,” Nebin said. “Moira, have you caught anything?”

“No, Umar has not made contact,” Moira replied.

“As if you would tell me if he had,” Sa’Mya whispered. It’s because of you that my uncle knows my every move.

Sa’Mya narrowed her eyes as she watched the back of Moira’s head. The severe bun Moira always wore reflected her personality. Moira was traitorous to say the least. Her uncle had promoted Moira from a menial factory position to serve as her personal assistant.

Two cycles ago Moira had “appeared” in Sa’Mya’s private rooms. Where is Medina? Sa’Mya had asked. Huffing, Moira had replied that she was Sa’Mya’s new assistant. Sa’Mya hadn’t seen Medina since.

Although she and Moira were the same age, Moira looked ten times older. Wrinkles outlined Moira’s features. Her nose resembled a bird’s beak and her eyes were too small and too close together to be considered attractive.

Moira’s upgrade in lifestyle and expensive clothing did nothing to disguise her hard disposition. Sa’Mya couldn’t remember if she had ever seen Moira smile. Laugh? Definitely not.

Sa’Mya squeezed her eyes shut and gave her head a slight shake. Sensing the change in her mood, Yazmine, her new maid, whispered soothing words in her ear. In the short time she had known Yazmine, Sa’Mya had come to count on her in more ways than one. Yazmine had also whispered words of comfort after King Taio had reneged on his and Sa’Mya’s bonding contract.

She hadn’t exactly minded that there wouldn’t be a match between herself and the fierce warrior. She’d understood the bond would have been in name only. King Taio would have gotten the much-needed financial support his thriving new world needed and she would have gained safety and protection from Uncle Umar. But it had hurt nonetheless. Her composure had remained intact while he gave her the news, but behind closed doors she had wept on Yazmine’s shoulder.

Sa’Mya was grateful King Taio had agreed to let Yazmine leave Sonis. It was the least he could have done for sending Sa’Mya on her way while he trounced around the galaxy trying to find his pregnant human slave, Eva.

Yazmine, in a word, was beautiful. Every time Sa’Mya looked upon Yazmine, she found something new and appealing.

While they were both the same height, Yazmine was slender compared to Sa’Mya’s own curvy frame. They both shared waist-length hair. Where hers fell in uncontrollable waves of deep gold, Yazmine’s hung straight in a fall of glossy black with gold streaks. And while they shared the same golden tone the inhabitants of the sand planets in the Zaronna system were famous for, Yazmine’s skin was brighter compared to Sa’Mya’s.

“Yazmine.” Sa’Mya hooked her leg across her right armrest. She’d chosen the perfect dress for the trip, the one with slits that ran up both sides to mid-hip.

From her seat next to Sa’Mya, Yazmine initiated the semi-privacy screen that separated the back from the front. Over the hum of the transporter engine came the click of Yazmine’s safety harness. Yazmine’s deft fingers sliding in and out of her would be the welcome distraction she needed and the one thing that could possibly make the short trip bearable.

Nothing else relaxed her quicker. And after what she’d been through these past lunar cycles, she needed some relaxing. King Taio had reneged and Uncle Umar pursued her relentlessly, not intending to shower her with hugs and gifts either. She was running for her life.

Yazmine kneeled in front of her, positioning herself between Sa’Mya’s open legs. Sa’Mya watched as Yazmine lifted her gown to expose her bare pussy. Normally Sa’Mya wouldn’t have dared let Yazmine expose her in such an open display of wanton need. But no one watched, so she would allow Yazmine to pleasure her any way she pleased.

With a light touch, Yazmine spread Sa’Mya’s folds with one hand and slid a slender digit into her pussy up to the knuckle.

Inhaling deeply, Sa’Mya leaned back into her seat. “Umm.”

Yazmine’s finger caressed Sa’Mya’s walls, gliding effortlessly in her wet sheath. Yazmine added another finger to the first, stretching her. “Princess?”

Even as Yazmine was busy massaging and teasing, Yazmine’s focus was on Sa’Mya’s breasts that spilled from the top of her red, low-cut gown. Sa’Mya smiled at the hunger in Yazmine’s bronze-colored slanted eyes.

Sa’Mya lazily teased her hardened nipples through the expensive fabric. She inhaled with a hiss of pleasure. “Do you want to touch my breasts?”

Yazmine moaned softly and extended her free hand. “Yes, please.”

Sa’Mya laughed and slapped Yazmine’s hand away. “But I didn’t say you could.” Sa’Mya gripped and pinched each nipple and gave a small choke of pleasure.

Yazmine’s tongue darted across her top lip and Sa’Mya’s stomach fluttered. “I can think of one thing that would feel better than a finger,” Sa’Mya moaned.

“Princess,” Yazmine whimpered softly. “Join me.” Yazmine pressed on Sa’Mya’s safety-harness release.

Sa’Mya stilled Yazmine. “No. You want me, your princess, to lie on the floor?” Not to mention, the idea of being unrestrained in a transporter traveling through space at light speed made her pale.

“Then let me…” Yazmine fluttered her eyelashes and sucked her lower lip in her mouth.

“Let you what?” Sa’Mya asked, recovering her breath.

Sa’Mya lowered the stretchable fabric of her gown below her breast. The harness crossed her chest, making her breasts stand up in perfect mounds. Yazmine whimpered again as Sa’Mya trailed one red-manicured nail in a circular path from one golden globe to the other.

“Lick them.”

“Lick them?” Sa’Mya asked. Yazmine’s finger slipped deeper into Sa’Mya’s slick valley. “Umm.”

“I won’t disappoint. I never disappoint.”

The smell of Yazmine’s sweet scent of arousal mixed with her own began to fill the small space.

“You may.”

Yazmine groaned and leaned forward, pulling her nipple between pouty, pink lips. Sa’Mya cradled her head closer, scraping her nails across Yazmine’s scalp. Yazmine’s tongue swirled and prodded, lapped and licked.

Sa’Mya opened her legs wider and rotated her hips in slow, circular motions. Yazmine’s fingers played on Sa’Mya’s miltori, her pleasure spot, teasing the highly sensitive, ridged area just inside her pussy.

Yazmine twirled her tongue, teasing, before grazing her teeth over Sa’Mya’s ultra-sensitive nipple.

Sa’Mya hissed. “Do not bruise me.” She gripped Yazmine’s hair.

A smile played on Yazmine’s lips as she let go of one nipple to graze her teeth across the other. Sa’Mya hissed again. The sensation of pain mixed with pleasure intensified the heat and wetness coming from Sa’Mya’s pussy.

When Yazmine massaged her miltori again, Sa’Mya arched her back. “Ohh, I will make you pay for being so naughty.” In disregard of the undignified position, Sa’Mya swung her other leg over the adjacent armrest, opening herself fully.

Sa’Mya rolled her hips, meeting Yazmine’s fingers. Yazmine probed farther, sliding in and out of Sa’Mya’s dripping sheath. Sa’Mya palmed Yazmine’s full breast, massaging and tweaking her nipple. Yazmine flicked her eyes up to Sa’Mya’s and twirled a sinful tongue around her nipple.

After a throaty giggle, Yazmine latched onto the other nipple, making sure to give both equal attention. This is exactly why I brought her from Sonis, Sa’Mya thought with a satisfied moan. Nothing felt better than Yazmine’s fingers…or tongue.

Grabbing a handful of Yazmine’s hair, Sa’Mya plucked her from a swollen bud.

“Princess?” Yazmine asked.

Sa’Mya angled Yazmine’s head so that she looked directly up to her. “You will now lick my pussy.” When Yazmine smiled, Sa’Mya gripped her hair tighter. “You will make me come.”

Yazmine’s eye’s sparked with lust. “As you wish.”

Sa’Mya pushed Yazmine down her abdomen. Yazmine nipped and licked as she descended. Finally reaching her treasure, Yazmine placed light kisses on Sa’Mya’s soft folds. Sa’Mya held Yazmine’s hair away from her face, wanting nothing to get into Yazmine’s way.

Yazmine watched Sa’Mya with heavily lidded eyes. She used her thumbs to spread Sa’Mya’s plump folds and swipe a sinful tongue across Sa’Mya’s wet pussy.

“Yazmine,” Sa’Mya whimpered. A thin line of pearly fluid ran from her pussy to the tip of Yazmine’s tongue. Sa’Mya shuddered and her pussy throbbed.

Yazmine used a finger to scoop the trailing liquid into her mouth. “Umm…sweeter than the juice of zangola, Princess.”

Sa’Mya’s shallow breathing was now audible. Her stomach quivered in anticipation. Sa’Mya wrapped her legs tightly around Yazmine’s shoulders. Yazmine would make her come as promised.

Without warning, the vessel slowed abruptly. The safety harness constricted, locking Sa’Mya in place. As it bit into her torso, air was forced from her lungs and Yazmine tumbled from between her legs.

Sa’Mya’s eyes flew open as she began to gasp for air. Her vision swam in front of her, pain coursed up her spine. They had stopped. What’s going on? Tracking beam. Uncle Umar?

Sa’Mya’s heart slammed against her chest as she fumbled for the harness release lever. She grasped and pulled. Nothing happened. Strangling, she struggled for another breath. None would enter her gaping mouth.

She tried the release lever again. Her lungs were on fire. In total panic, Sa’Mya yanked with all her might.

Finally, with a click, the lever released. Sa’Mya fell forward to her hands and knees, gasping for air. Her hair framed her face. She tried to focus. Sounds of alarm bells rang in the background.

Sa’Mya closed her eyes and fought the blurriness. She inhaled and her lungs burned. The second breath cooled the sensation of the first, but not by much.

A throbbing pain magnified across her skull. Her head spun slightly.

With a shaky hand, she stabilized her arm against the seat. Even though her harness no longer restricted her, she still struggled to breathe. Her gaze darted around the compartment. Yazmine slumped, unconscious, by the wall.

Lead filled her limbs as she crawled to Yazmine. Sa’Mya pushed aside locks of Yazmine’s hair to check the side of her neck for a pulse. It was there, but weak and thready. Yazmine’s breathing was too slow. Sa’Mya straightened Yazmine and leaned her against the wall. She was sure the only reason Yazmine was alive was because her legs had been locked around Yazmine’s body.

She focused her attention to the front, where yelling voices sounded distant although they were mere steps away. Sa’Mya staggered to her feet and pushed the privacy screen to the side.

“Princess, stay fastened.” Nebin snapped his head to look at her. His gray-colored eyes scanned her from top to bottom before turning.

She ignored his command and entered the cockpit. Nebin could scold her later. Her legs threatened to buckle underneath her more than once. Sa’Mya made the last wobbly step with outstretched hands and grabbed the back of Moira’s chair for support. She made it by sheer determination.

“What in blazes is going on here?” Sa’Mya dug her nails in the leather headrest. She feared her legs would no longer support her weight. “Yazmine’s injured, she needs medical attention.”

Preoccupied with tending to the lights, sirens and beeps that filled the control console, neither Nebin nor Moira answered her. Sa’Mya opened her mouth to ask them again, but nothing came out.

Sa’Mya gripped the headrest as her vision swam. The contents of her breakfast crept up her throat. Her lungs still burned. With every breath she took, she fought for air.

Moira whipped around. “Princess, we are losing air pressure. Sit down.”

“Don’t you dare speak to me that way,” Sa’Mya mumbled.

“We can’t get away from them.” Nebin’s voice seemed far away.

Get away from whom? Uncle Umar?

Stumbling, Sa’Mya reached out, but caught empty air. She tried again. Her mind clouded and her vision closed in. She thought she heard the distant sound of Moira’s scream before everything went dark.

Available May 24th

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  1. All I gotta say is WOW … that is definitely a hot read 🙂 ❤


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