Melt in your mouth sexy…

Sidney's Triple Shot Apache Crossing

Sidney’s Triple Shot
Apache Crossing

I wanted to give you Smut Lovers a peek into the town of Apache Crossing, the setting for my most recent book, Sidney’s Triple Shot, so I took a quick trip to Texas to check in with one of my three heroes Xavier Dawson. He is a former Marine, and currently the owner of the only bar in town, Triple Shot.

Xavier is also the oldest of the Dawson brothers at 36, standing at 6’2” tall and built like a brick wall. Trust me he is melt in your mouth sexy. He has coffee colored hair that he still wears in a short military cut, and artic blue eyes set in a chiseled face with a square jaw and just the hint of a dimple in his chin. Add in the gold earring in his ear, and the black tribal tattoo on his bicep, and then set him up on his Harley, and I can barely think straight. That’s the condition I was in when I pulled up to the bar and saw him climbing on his bike…

Pulling into the parking lot of the bar, all I could think about was stretching my legs, and getting a drink of something ice cold. The drive wasn’t so bad, but that Texas heat is killer. Just like always, when I spotted the oldest Dawson brother as I pulled in and parked, my heart started racing, and my brain went fuzzy. He saw me immediately, and a wide grin spread over his face. Throwing his long leg back over the bike, he met me at my car door, and helped me stand up before he swallowed me up in a huge bear hug. “Hi there, doll! It’s been awhile since I’ve heard from you.”

Reluctantly, I pull back to look up into his face, and I can’t help but return that sexy smile. “I know, but the Gray pack boys have had me all tied up.”

Xavier let out a big guffaw, “Yeah I’ll just bet, and I’m sure you were fighting hard to get out of those ropes too. I’ve met some of those Gray boys and I know you pretty well. You were probably clicking the handcuffs to your own wrist and begging for it.”

I widen my eyes innocently, and try to look surprised, “Who, me? Mr. King would paddle my ass if I even suggested letting one of those boys cuff me, but it’s damn tempting. Speaking of tempting, you’re looking like love and wild sex have been good for you.”

His chest puffed out and he chuckled, “Meeting Sidney changed my life.”

We’re both silent for a moment and I can’t help but remember the trials and tribulations that Xavier and his brothers went through before they could settle into a happy existence with their fiancé, Sidney Rowe.  Sidney came to Texas from South Carolina after her then boyfriend’s abusive nature cause her to miscarry their baby. Her ex tracked her across the country, taunting her and threatening to take her back, but ultimately the love of the Dawson brothers prevailed over the nastiness of his abuse. I know Sidney will never forget what she had been through, but the bruises were healed, and the scars were fading under the TLC of her men.

“Where is Sidney?” I ask him, as he walks me towards his bike.

“She’s down at the diner with Anna, Kara, and the new newspaper editor, Bryna. They all spent the morning at the salon getting pampered by Marie Anderson. Girl’s day they called it. I was just heading out on the bike since Tyce and Noah have the bar under control. Want a ride?” His sexy full lips quirk up in a smirk as he tempts me with what he knows is a weakness of mine. I love the feel of a motorcycle under my ass, and a big hot man between my thighs.

Even with heaven on a string in front of me, I hesitate, “Sid’s not going to get pissed at me is she?”

“Nah, she knows I love her more than life itself, and she has a soft spot for you. You did bring us together after all.” He helps me buckle a helmet on my head, and then takes his seat on the bike.

“No I didn’t, I just wrote the story! You guys did all the work, and you know, now that I think about it, Sidney was the one that got to have all of the fun too! I think I will definitely take that ride. But I’m supposed to have dinner with the Blake brothers later, so we can’t be out all night big guy.” He helps me onto the bike, and I don’t hesitate to wrap my arms around his lean waist. I can feel the muscles in his abs ripple as he starts the bike.

“Shit! The Nathan, and Jaxon are in for it, aren’t they?” He says into the microphone of the helmet, and I laugh.

“Yep, they are next on the chopping block. They have already met their woman, and I’m working on the details now.”

“Another one bites the dust.” He mutters, as he pulls out onto the highway, and my laughter trails behind us with the wind.

Xavier is absolutely right. Apache Crossing hasn’t told all of its stories yet, and Nathan and Jaxon Blake are walking their own road to love. I can’t wait to bring them back and share them with you when I finish their book-Cowboys Need Angels. Until then, I’m headed off toward the distant horizon on the back of a huge black Harley Davidson, with a hot man between my thighs. Pure Heaven.

Don’t forget to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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8 thoughts on “Melt in your mouth sexy…

  1. Cherie Clark

    Woo hoo I wanna visit there so badly. Please Tell me you will be writing from here again soon. I am super excited. Love ya.


  2. holy hell, what wouldn’t I give to have a hot man between my thighs!!! DAMN!! Love your books 🙂


  3. Lisa

    Awesome blog, cant wait for the next book!


  4. I can’t wait for our next adventure in Apache Crossing….the Blake brothers won’t know what hit them….and that is always an amazing read….love catching up with Xavier….he always has a way about him that turns you on with just a look…can’t wait to catch up with the four of them to see what’s been going on…..


  5. Thanks Lisa! You’re right, Xavier exudes sex. I love visiting the Dawson three, but even more yumminess is to come in Apache Crossing 2!


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