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A lot of you probably know that I got divorced last year. Now I’m starting on this scary new venture called dating, something I haven’t done in a very long time. It’s scary and weird and fun and scary. I don’t know the rules anymore and I’m not really sure what I want out of life. Do I ever want to get married again? Probably not. But what the hell do I want?
And then there’s this whole romance writer aspect to deal with. I know that the perfect man, like the ones I write about in my books, doesn’t exist. I know. I make them up. I also know there has to be compromise and that I have to figure out what’s most important to me or I’ll end up single forever. (A lot of the time this doesn’t seem like such a bad option…)
Here are my lists and random thoughts and I would love to hear your feedback on the topic. Really, I would love to get some second and third and fourth opinions because I’m struggling to figure this damn thing out.
The must have qualities: honest, generous, caring, fun, smart, good looking (not necessarily cover model, but I wouldn’t date a man I didn’t find attractive)
Is that too much to ask for already? How about intellectual conversation and shared goals and hobbies? I like a guy that can make me laugh, not that that’s a difficult task because I never take life too seriously. What about toe curling sex. If you have that is it okay to overlook some of the other things?
What am I missing? What should be the order of importance, and what should I be willing to compromise on?


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9 thoughts on “Dating…

  1. James Platt

    I am an 80 year old, still working, widowed man, single almost 8 years since my wife passed. I dated a couple women with “no-big-deal,” feelings. Then I met an old friend of some 50 years whose husband had died some 4 years ago. We date, we do lunch, we do breakfast, we have sex, (thought it’s “fingers and toes, tongue and nose, when it comes to coming anything goes,” due to prostate cancer. We have a fun life, but strictly dating. She lives in her home, me in mine. Absolutely no plans for marriage, tho sometimes when together it feels as if we are. LOL I think the two most important things for you to consider. Does he let you be YOU…do you feel you are FREE, even when together. Dont let him run your life, so much as share it….you must always remember YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR LIFE….and you share that, you don’t dedicate it to him…just my humble thought.


  2. As I am just starting to go through this divorce process, I’m courious too, LOL. But like you, I highly doubt I’ll get married again, but yes, I know, never say never. I like all of the comments on your list. I like your “toe curling sex” comment, cause I havn’t had any for several years already! Good Luck with your dating.


    • Sky Robinson

      Thanks Tiss. Good luck to you too, and go find some of that toe curling sex!


  3. siobhanmuir

    James made some good points. Here’s my take on it. You’ve made a list on what you want (and yes, he should be attractive because even now you shouldn’t settle for just anyone – love isn’t a one-time thing), but the biggest thing is, can you be you with him? Don’t change yourself to be with some guy. Find out what you like about yourself, what’s important to you about you, and be that. Any guy who finds THAT attractive is worth the look. Be honest about what you want to yourself and to him – the right one will show up, but you have to make it clear you know yourself well enough for him to be right for you. 🙂


  4. WOW….I am married have been most of my life (yes to the same man). I can tell you if something happens to him I will not get married again. That being said I would like to be able to find someone I could love. As for your question here is what I would want, he has to let you be you, he shouldn’t want or try to change you, and he needs to be kind. If you have children he would need to get along with them, he isn’t their father but he could be there friend. I agree “toe curling sex” is a must. He would need to be romantic and do all those little things that go with being romantic. Mainly he would need to be in love with you just not obsessive about it. Hope this helps…..


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