Wanted: Input from fellow smutters and dirty birds.

So did that subject line catch your attention or what? LOL Well if it did, then mission accomplished. I really do need your input, so here are the details.

As you some of you know, I have the Pleasure Garden Follies trilogy launching this summer with Secret Cravings Publishing, and I hope to share some other news soon, but haven’t been given the thumbs up yet. In the meanwhile, I do have a novel I have planned to finish writing, and another series to begin writing. Now this is where I need you.

I’m in the process of outlining a new project tentatively entitled the Morning After series. These books are going to be hot-to-trot, and probably the most scandalous thing I have ever written to date. Be prepared for office romance, kink–lots of kink, and menage scenarios. One of the things I’m struggling with is the names, and I thought I’d engage my readers by offering you the opportunity to help me come up with some not so ordinary names.

To be clear, I’m in the market for two female and two male names. Got any ideas on what I should call my guys and gals?

To make this fair and perhaps a little more fun, for any of the names I wind up using, I’ll give away a $5 Amazon gift card. That means you have four chances to win. So what do you say, are up for this? I’ll leave this contest open until my next post on May 30th and announce the winners then.

I look forward to reading your suggestions.

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20 thoughts on “Wanted: Input from fellow smutters and dirty birds.

  1. Hahaha. I always put my name because someday I will see a character in a book who is smart and sassy and the heroine and not the villain or the evil chick like my name seems to always get. I have only seen it in a couple books but, usually never in a good connotation.


  2. Layla. Tiffany, Rachel, Nicki, Prudence, Harriet,
    Gideon, Gerard, Mac, Cole, Andre Clay


  3. Sally Max

    Drucilla::Mighty, Strong; Italian
    Vesta:: Goddess Of The Hearth; Latin

    Duff: Dark ; Irish
    Laertes: Shakespeare’s Hamlet


  4. Guys: Striker, Bryce, Marc, Bastian, Rider, Christian, Tony, Derek, Ashton, Charlie, Quade, Sage, Ryan, Stephen, Stephan, Michael, Jax, Jackson

    Girls: Jasmine, Kally, Katrina, Martika, Toni, Larissa, Sabrina, Kandice, Kristen, Kayla, Jodi, Jackie, Angelina, Kelsey, Monica,

    Just trying to give your a variety 🙂 Hope you like at least one of them, LOL.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com


  5. Ashley

    Gal: Adeline June
    Guy: Memphis, Tomas, Rian


  6. Becky

    Girls: Acacia/ Persimmon/ Amarylis or Amarylia/ Hadassah/ Willow/ Narcissus/ Hyacinth/ Saffron/ Chai/ Ansynthe/ Anise/ Cassia/ Ambrosia/ Miracle/ Maybeline/ Charisma/ Aspen/ Sequoia/ Journey/ Halen/ Siri

    Guys: Montana/ Colby/ Erickson/ Turner/ Sheperd/ Wellington/ Benedict/ Kale/ Bartlett/
    Cobb/ Carlton/ Braxton/ Oakley/ Crispin/ Thorn/ Lindin/ Branch/ Birch/ Atticus/ Skid/ Dokken/ Dodge/ Winslow/ Berkley

    Ok, I’ve used everything from trees to the iPhone, but I seriously like every name that I chose.


  7. Becky

    Ansynthe should be Absynthe…don’t know how I missed that.


  8. Forgive this moment of silliness….the first ones which popped into my head were: Dick, Jane, Sally, Ducky. (Yes, a kinky version of ‘Fun With Dick and Jane, lol!)


  9. Becki Wyer

    Caleb, Garth
    Shayle, Jayme


  10. Stacia

    I have never read a book with my name in it. Haha!


  11. Amanda

    Dovid, Jesper, Rikard

    Karina, Clara, Marina, Tasha


  12. JennaferLynn

    Here are some names that have interested me.

    Girl Names—Aaliyah, Jaslynn, Analeigh, Sidney, Rozlyn, Cheyenne, Krrysten, Abagail, Olivia, Savannah,Destiny, Rayna, Sophie, Lorelei, Genevieve, Sabrina, Brittney, Kyla, Angelina, Phoebe, Taylor, Mickalia, Mia, Lylliana, Danica
    Boy names—Maxwell, William, Alexander, Blake, Trenton, Bryce, Karter, Liam, Kade, Hunter, Damien, Aiden, Braydon, Caleb, Camden, Declan, Laurence, Lance, Carson, Rodney, Rory, Josh, Mason, Owen, Chase


  13. janeholl2013

    girls: Avallone, Thea, Kitty, Tegan, Ripley, Ava, Gabby, Suzi, Jayne

    boys: Kian, Keelan, Chance, Liam, Lucan, Dante, Byron, Gabe


  14. Female names: Ravyn, Riley, Orchid
    Male names: Cameron, Bruce, Trevor

    I hope these names are helpful. if not by being used, maybe by helping to eliminate them from the list. 😀
    Good luck. Can’t wait to see what you decide to use.


  15. Love to share this kind of help! Thanks for asking! 😉

    Men: Grayson, Blaze, Tanner, Emery, Forrest, Garon, Braeden, Braxton, Brooks, Dallin, Parker, Rylie, Reagan, Reece

    Females: Gillian, Paris, Wynter, Danyell, Ella, Piper, Brooklynn, Sharee, Siouxsie, Kenzie, Sela, Emmerson, Emme, Elle. These are some of my favorite French names: Giselle, Helene, and Therese.


  16. Female: Tulah (pronounced too la),
    Adora, Ciara, Violett, Iris, Cheyenne, Crystal, Tabitha, Catarina, Dhalia, Skye, Ivory, Jayda, India, Emmylou, Gemma, Indigo, Rayna, Raven, Alexus, Teresha, Cara, Leigh, Valerie, Gail, Bailey

    Male: Sebastian, Snyder, Mickey, Ira, Mykel, Oral, Franklin, Zeth, Shamus, Caleb, Jake, Rod, Wilson, Phoenix, Marshall, Percy, Jamarie, Monty, Alonzo, Clayton, Joel, Harley, Kaisie, Gunther, Crowe, Hawke


  17. Armenia

    Male: Thovas, Halston, Sean

    Female: Rae Dean, Brin

    armiefox at yahoo dot com


  18. Well, I was going to suggest some, but you have a quite a list going.


    • Layna

      LOL Well you just never know what other random names are out there. 😉


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