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Hello my lovely smutters! I’m in the middle of a crazy deadline and getting my butt in gear for RT week, so I’m recycling a post that I wrote last year. But I’m offering a contest, so hopefully that redeems me. *puppy dog eyes*

I thought I’d talk a bit today about what inspires me to write a love scene. It’d be easier to list what doesn’t inspire me to write hot sex. For those wondering, my high school algebra teacher and Steve Buscemi top that list. But let’s get back to what does go into creating those sexy times.

For me, it always starts with the characters. If I’ve done my job right, the sexual tension between the hero and heroine should be at the boiling point before the clothes start coming off. I want them to be panting with the desperate need to get  nekkid and busy between the sheets, on the kitchen table, the bathroom sink, the garden shed, the drive through at McDonalds (Would you like that orgasm supersized? Yeah, you know you do.)

So what might be some of the sexual stimuli responsible for getting my hero and heroine hot and bothered?  Sometimes it’s as simple as a touch. A teasing brush of his fingers across the heroine’s nape. Add to that maybe a certain look in his eyes. You know the one. That ‘Baby, if we weren’t standing in the lawn tractor aisle at Home Depot right now, I’d mow your turf six ways to Sunday’ sparkle in his eye. In case you didn’t know, the potent combination of lawn equipment, power tools and fertilizer fumes does lusty things to the male brain. Call it the perfect trifecta of horniness, if you will. But back to our hero and heroine. By now, she’s experiencing that delicious, shivery anticipation of more skin on skin contact with her hero. She starts imagining the glide of his fingers along more intriguing places than the nape of her neck. Maybe there are more tactile sensations involved as well. The rasp of his beard stubble across her breasts, her stomach…lower…


Yeah, right there—

Attention shoppers, all hanging geranium baskets are currently half off!

Don’t you hate it when the perky sales announcer interrupts just when things are getting good? This of course mimics what my characters frequently go through during their constant dance of seduction. Instead of dirt cheap geraniums, the culprit for nookie blocking might initially be the hero and heroine’s own stubbornness. Or maybe we’ll blame it on the pain-in-the-ass neighbor who always picks the worst time to borrow a cup of sugar.  Just you wait, pain-in-the-ass neighbor. That cup of sugar won’t mean diddly squat in chapter eight when the zombies get you.

But I digress. Back to our poor heroine. It’s safe to assume that her anticipation isn’t the only thing quivering at this point. Thanks to her lusty thoughts and the sexual cues coming from our hero, every nerve ending in her body is primed and ready. Each breath she drags in is saturated with the sultry promise of sex. She can already feel his strong, powerful body over her, inside her, and the wanton ache of needing him is both tormenting and oh so delicious.

There’s only one thought in her mind now.  You know the one. Goes something like this–Honey Buns, if we weren’t standing in the lawn tractor aisle at Home Depot right now, I’d rock your world better than a Toro 12 amp variable speed electric blower.  That’s right. With variable speed. Oooh mama.

Gratuitous shot of inappropriately placed leaf blower

The above scenario is just a brief glimpse into the process that goes into setting the mood for my characters. As you can see, inspiration can strike from unlikely sources, and what might not be immediately perceived as sexy.

So how about you? What are your sexy mood triggers? Leave a comment, and I’ll put you in the running for a $10 eGiftcard from Samhain Publishing. Because we all know nothing says sexy like ebooks. Contest closes on Midnight, Friday, April 26.  And while I have you quivering in anticipation, make sure to also check out the fun and aptly named Name Mr. Hot Stuff! contest that I’m running over on my blog.

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6 thoughts on “Sexy Inspiration

  1. Trix

    Never thought about the erotic implications of leaf blowers before…wow. I read a lot of m/m, so I’m helpless before a good shower room or locker room. That dovetails nicely with my hockey fixation, which is a game of love, not hate, when done right. Nothing like sexy guys (of varied but fit body types) in lots of (rather kinky and androgynous) gear hugging each other after goals and bumping helmets with the goalie after a win while gazing gratefully into his eyes…lovely!


  2. A sexy, steamy story in a book always puts me in the mood. I love M/M and M/F/M. Nothing hotter than seeing two guys kiss or get it on. Even hotter with the girl watching or in the room participationg. Love your books Jodi and will forgive the post. Jealous and wish I could go to RT.


  3. Laurie P

    Sexy is a state of mind, so anything can trigger the mood.


  4. Romance Reader Enthusiast

    Love seeing a guy get physical. It might be a workout, working in the yard, etc. There’s just something about a guy who is not afraid to get hot and sweaty.



  5. flchen1

    Sexy is seeing someone doing something they’re really good at–quiet competence is pretty hot, whether it’s shooting a bad guy, flipping an omelet, or changing a diaper, Jodi! 😉 Hope your writing flies and your packing’s smooth!


  6. jodiredford

    Hi everyone! Thanks to all of you for sharing your sexy mood triggers with me. 🙂

    Random.Org has helped me pick a winner for the giftcard, and it’s Lynn! Congrats!!! Lynn, you’ll be getting an email from me shortly.


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