Hot Hauntings by Guest Blogger Jezebel Jorge

I’m thrilled to be able to drop by and smut up Sunday with such a deliciously talented group of authors. As a bit of an introduction, I like to call my genre of choice, Witch Lit ~ Sizzle and Spice and some things Not so Nice. I’m a practicing witch and medium with a very close bond to my spirit guide, Odessa.

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When Odessa isn’t off playing with her snakes she loves to tell me naughty stories about her escapades with Graham and Roger, the two men she loved in her past life. After recounting her stories and having the pleasure of channeling both them I’ve developed a rather intense dead guy crush on both these men.

An visit from Roger starts with being enveloped in an intoxicating scent. I don’t don’t know how to describe it other than he smells like sex. I get lightheaded and have to stop whatever I am doing. He wants my undivided attention in much the way he first seduced Odessa. She was only sixteen and he was the forty year old world wrestling champion. She claimed to be eighteen and professional working age was listed as thirty-three.

Roger was a platinum blond with bronzed skin and a muscled body. He had a voice to rival Frank Sinatra’s, right along with a cocky personality to match his top status in the wrestling business. On the other side, as in his previous incarnation he’s quite the manipulator. He was a master of using his sexual poweress to get his way with the women he found worthy of his affection.

Odessa definitely qualified as worthy. She was a five foot ten willowy strumpet, all legs and pale flawless skin, with long red hair that fell to the curve of her ass. Everyone I’ve spoken with who saw Odessa as a living person tells me she was breathtakingly beautiful. Both men and women stopped and stared when she walked into a room.

‘Pussy Power’, was a term Roger coined with Odessa in mind. She was the one woman he was never fully able to control and that is probably why he always carried a torch for her.

Odessa always refers to Graham as her beloved. He was there to pick up the pieces when Roger ended their relationship, leaving her stranded in Florida with less than a month to find a way to get by without being the great Roger Rohde’s plaything.

Graham was a ruggedly handsome man with a dimpled smile that lit up his face most every time he looked at Odessa. She was drawn to his powerful charisma and the way he was always there to take care of her. He was the very air she breathed.

Yet, there was always Roger lingering in the shadows. Just when Odessa would think she was over him, he’d melt her resolve and get her back in his bed. Graham knew of her flings with Roger and for the most part tolerated it because that is how much he really loved her. And I suppose he knew all along that he was the one who had her heart.

If you’d like to see more sparks flying in this fated love triangle, Odessa and have two short erotic novellas priced at only $1.99.

Under My Skin ~ Roger once again shows up when Odessa is the most vulnerable and seduces her with some light bondage and promises of their finally being together. Graham, as usual, picks up the pieces when he finds Odessa still bound to her bed. She begs for forgiveness by offering up one of his favorite treats, her ass for his taking.

The Lady Is A Tramp ~ A young Odessa is overwhelmed by her first visit with Roger to an underground burlesque club in New York City. Especially after she learns of both Roger and Graham’s connection to the club’s voluptuous owner and performer, Katie Hurst. |
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